How To Get To Level 50 Fast In Lost Ark – Lost Ark Levelling Guide

The endgame in Lost Ark starts at about level 50, and there are lots of endgame activities to enjoy once you are there. On one hand, it’s good to enjoy the journey to level 50, however, you might be the kind of player who wants to get there quickly. Today I’m going to look at how to get to level 50 fast, so you can start enjoying the endgame activities in Lost Ark ASAP.

When you first start out in Lost Ark all characters start out at level 10, and there’s the process of going through the main story, completing dungeons, and traveling across multiple continents, leveling up as you go. Given this is an MMO, the game doesn’t end when you get to level 50, it’s quite the opposite – plenty of fun activities open up for you including Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids just to name a few.

There are a couple of levels in Lost Ark, you have your character level and your roster level. Today I am going to be focusing on character level, and this is specific to your adventurer for example your Warrior or Assassin. There is also the Roster level, which is focused on your total number of characters, but I’ll go into that in more detail at a later date.

How to get to level 50 quickly

With that context out of the way, let’s dive into a few ways to get to level 50 nice and fast.

Focus on main story quests

This is going to be your primary way to get to level 50 fast. Completing the main story quests will give you loads of XP, much more than side quests, and as you make your way through the story these will scale as you progress. If you want to level up fast, don’t get distracted with side quests, or anything else, focus on the main story quests and don’t deviate from that. You can always come back and explore all of that content later on, when you are nearer level 40-50.

Don’t waste time with smaller enemies

Quests can be distracting, with so many NPCs to speak to and side quests to explore. However, there’s also a bunch of little enemies which are going to try and get in your way as you travel across Arkesia. Try and ignore them the best you can and get from A to B without stopping and killing these smaller groups. These things can be time-consuming, and although it may be fun, if you want to level up fast focus on your main objective and ignore these little guys. They will always be there for you later on if you want to come back and dish out some pain. The only exception to this rule is if it’s part of the main story quest and you are required to kill a bunch of enemies out in the open, then by all means take them out. Otherwise, ignore them and move on to your next objective ASAP.

Ignore Side Quests

Lost Ark is huge, and that also means there are plenty of distracting things to do. Occasionally you’ll come across exclamation points, indicating side quests. These are not only time-consuming, but you’ll get little XP compared to main story quests. If you are a completionist and want to explore as you go, then by all means do the side quests, but if your focus is getting to level 50 in the fastest time possible, then I would ignore these until later.

Do dungeons on normal difficulty

It may be tempting to raise the difficulty of Dungeons as you are working through the main story campaign, however, this is only going to slow you down. There are plenty of chances to get better loot as you progress, plus when you get to endgame you’re going to be getting lots of better loot, plus an array of other dungeons. As you progress through the campaign you are going to be leveling gear anyway, so on your way to level 50, there isn’t too much point in doing hard dungeons.

Switch up to World Quests when Finding the Arks

Once you get to the Finding the Arks, which is later in your leveling process, you’ll want to switch to World Quests. Around this time you’ll unlock sailing, as well as Finding the Arks quest. Once these things pop up for you, switch over to the World Quests to continue leveling up towards level 50.

Use movement tricks to go faster

There are a few ways to get around the environment faster. This includes using your mount when you can, you can also press T to auto move. Also, while on your mount you can jump to move around the terrain faster. There are also Triports all over the environment, so make sure you are opening those up as you go. These are really valuable in terms of getting around faster, so use the Triports where you can.

These are some tips in terms of leveling. Lost Ark is huge, and personally, I’m enjoying the main story quests and set pieces. However, if you do want to get to level 50 quickly, then hopefully some of, or a combination of these tips will come in useful.

Let me know in the comments if you have any further tips for leveling up quickly in Lost Ark.

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