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How To Get A Pet In Lost Ark – Learning About Pets Quest Guide

Lost Ark is finally here and this game is absolutely huge. One aspect of Lost Ark is getting a pet, as well as a cosmetic, they offer practice and useful functions too. Today I’m going to tell you how you can get a free pet in Lost Ark, so you can have a little buddy to help you out as you travel around Arkesia.

Let’s dive right into the details, and talk about how to get a pet in Lost Ark.

What you want to do is play the main story quest, and a few hours in you’ll get a Roster quest called Learning About Pets. For me, this was shortly after Prideholme gets set on fire, and you rescue Varut at the Catherdral. After this showdown, you wake up in the Prideholme Inn, speak to the Innkeeper about Neria‚Äôs Story and you should get the ‘Learning About Pets’ quest pop up for you.

How to get a pet

Once you have accepted the quest, you’ll need to speak to Blueberry either at Prideholme, Luterra Castle or Vern Castle. In Pridehomle Blueberry is located near the Triport, so head on over towards her and kick off the conversation. She asks you to open up the jar filled with rice and this is located just to the left of Blueberry.

Interact with the jar, and loads of items will start coming out of the top like a fountain. Later this is going to teach us one of the useful benefits of having a pet, but poor old Blueberry has been picking these things up manually. Talking of which, you have to pick these items up, which can either be done by hitting G or with the mouse button. Once you have picked up all the items and put them back in the container, speak to Blueberry again.

She’ll then offer you a couple of dialogue options saying “it was a piece of cake” or “I had help from a pet”. I choose, “it was a piece of cake”. After this, Blueberry directs you towards her sister, who is located down the stairs and to the right. She’s called Redberry, and you should be prompted by the quest marker on the screen. if not, just head down the stairs and round the corner and you should find her no problem.

Speak to Redberry and she’ll offer a few dialogue options, and I chose “I want to hear more about them”. You then get directed to Working Achatemeow to learn more about Lost Ark Pets.

Speak to Achatemeow and ask about where to get a pet. Keep talking and eventually, you’ll get your first free pet, a little white bunny.

Now you have the pet, right-click the pet in your inventory to register the pet. The Achatemeow will give you a few hints about this, plus you’ll get plenty of on-screen prompts. You can also select Alt + P to open the pet menu, and you’ll see your pet bonuses.

Now you have your pet, go back to Blueberry and speak to her again, and you’ll go through the same type of conversation, but this time you’ll be able to quickly and easily pick up the rice grains that come out of the pot. This demonstrates one of the main benefits of a pet, in the auto collection. This is going to come in really useful in Dungeons later in the game when you have to pick up loads of loot, and you don’t really have to concern yourself with finding items and clicking them, as your helpful pet will collect everything for you.

How Pets Work in Lost Ark

There are plenty of things you can do with a pet, and they offer much more than just a simply cosmetic function. The auto-looting of items is the main benefit, which we learn about during the quest.

If you want to edit the auto-looting function you can do by hitting Alt + P to open the pet menu, and then selecting the cog icon next to basic stats. There’s a few options which include whether or not you want your pet to auto-pick up currency, island materials, gear and items. There’s also the option to customize the tier, rank, and level of the items. It’s essentially a useful loot filter, which is going to come in useful later on in the game, as you may only want to pick up the loot of a certain level, and leave behind the junk you no longer need.

There is the option to re-roll the bonuses on your pet by speaking to Achatemeow once again. This is going to cost seven crystals, so it’s quite expensive, but the option is there, but remember it’s random, so spend your crystals wisely.

Let me know in the comments what you think of pets in Lost Ark.

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