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New Witch Queen Exotics Trailer Released Early Via Google Ad in Destiny 2

Some new Witch Queen Exotic info has been released seemingly early, in a snippet of what seems to be a Bungie trailer. It’s only roughly 20 secs long, but it’s jammed packed full of interesting info, and today I’m going to run through all the details we currently have.

Before we take a closer look, let’s have a look at the snippet of the ad. This could be considered as spoilers, so consider this your warning, and click off the video now if you don’t want to know.

Now you’ve seen the footage, let me know in the comments what you think of the design of these new exotics.

In the build-up to expansions and seasons we often encounter early releases of info, but this one is new to me. Previously we’ve had spoilers from Silver Ads, before Season of Arrivals, but this looks like it’s going to be a video ad from Google AdSense, which ideally should have been released at the same time as the presumed trailer.

Let’s have a look in a bit more detail at what we know.

First of all, we see looks like some kind of Arc Machine Gun or Railgun. It appears to be shooting lightning and has a visual appearance similar to that of Ruinous Effigy. I’m not 100% convinced this is a machine gun, given we already have Thunderlord. At one point in the trailer, we see the text “Season Pass required” which could mean this is the seasonal exotic.

The second weapon appears to be a Hive Grenade Launcher that shoots Hive Larvae or baby Hive. We have a grenade launcher, which appears to have hive runes covering the weapon, then we get a clear shot of a Hive Worm being shot from the main cannon. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens when you get hit by one of these. We don’t have much of an indication as to what element this is, apart from the yellow streak left behind when the weapon is shot, so it could be solar.

Then we see more of the Osteo Striga Submachine Gun. We’ve seen this in action before briefly in trailers. Apparently, this is corrosive, similar to Thorn, and is going to be in the Kinetic slot. I look forward to this being paired up with Necrotic Grip. Given this one has been announced already, this is likely to be the campaign exotic you get once you have run through the campaign, probably from the vendor (which could be Eris Morn, or Savathun herself, depending on how the campaign goes).

Finally, we see a Glaive that appears to be firing mini-supers. The glaive appears to have different colors for different contexts. We see a Void-colored Glaive shooting out a Ward of Dawn, which appears to then cover one of our fireteams and protect them. In another shot we see the Glaive shooting our Arc bolts. Rather than being a single Glaive, this may well be 3 light-based Glaives, and they interact with our Light subclasses to fire off supers in some yet-to-be-announced feature. Perhaps when they are fully ‘charged up’ they have additional capabilities.

We also have some hints at Exotic armor too, and we can clearly see the Titan Exotic Helm when the 3 Guardians are facing the camera near the end.

Last year, just before Beyond Light we got an in-depth trailer detailing exotics like Cloudstrike, Mask of Bakris, No Time To Explain, etc. This was a few minutes long and was a hype trailer detailing some of the upcoming exotics, which in turn should highlight some of the reasons why fans should buy the new DLC. It looks like we’re going to be getting the same kind of trailer with Witch Queen, and this ad is a shorter version, which will be used on other websites via Google Ads.

We haven’t seen that trailer yet, but I assume we’re going to get that this week or next. We’re about 3 weeks now from the release of Witch Queen DLC and you could imagine the timeline looking something like

  • Season 15 Story Wrap (1st Feb or the Feb)
  • Witch Queen Promotion (15th Feb)
  • Witch Queen Release & Season 16 Launch (22nd Feb)

The Google Ad appears to be surfacing in specific regions, and there’s no 100% way to go and find it. Although the video contents have since been ripped and put onto imgr and shared.

Ideally, this ad and the impending trailer should have been released at the same time, with a specific region firing off early and revealing some of the biggest Witch Queen Exotics weapons before the official trailer. While this is less than ideal, it still has the internet’s jaws on the floor, especially when it comes to the crazy design nature of some of these exotics (looking at you Hive Larvae Launcher!).

No doubt we’ll get an official follow-up trailer very soon when it’s hard to say. Normally in these circumstances, it’s pretty soon after, so I would expect it either today or tomorrow… but definitely this week.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the design of these new exotics.

That’s it for this early look at Witch Queen Exotics. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.