How to get the Vidmaster Title in Destiny 2 (All Triumphs Guide)

The Vidmaster Title is available in Destiny 2, and this arrived as part of the 30th Anniversary pack. This is a reference to Bungie’s days working on Halo 3 and ODST, but now you can proudly display your Vidmaster Credentials in Destiny 2. Today I’m going to run through all the triumphs you need to obtain the Vidmaster Title, plus give a few tips and tricks along the way.

Title and seals are a great way of showing off your dedication in Destiny 2, whether it’s focused on Trials of Osiris, a particular raid, season or event, like this one. With the 30th Anniversary drop recently, we’ve got a new title to chase, and once we’ve completed all the Triumphs for this associated title, then we’re going to know the ins and outs of the 30th Anniversary pack very well.

As well as the title itself, we also get another benefit from completing this one. We get access to “Thy Fearful Symmetry”, which is a helmet ornament for all three classes, and this bursts into flames when you are near enemies. As well as showing off your Vidmaster credentials with the title itself, you also get this nice cosmetic effect.

We don’t know at the moment when the 30th-anniversary content will expire, although Joe Blackburn did take to Twitter recently to say “it’s not going anywhere anytime soon…”, so you probably have a little bit of time to complete the Vidmaster set of Triumphs. It’s not been announced to leave when Witch Queen drops in February 2022, however, I would try and get the title ASAP, as it could be removed at anytime throughout 2022 and you don’t want to miss it.

You can find the available titles in the Triumphs tab, and you can see them there along the bottom. Inspect the 30th Anniversary title, and you can see your Triumph Ojectives, plus your progress against them.

Here are the 10 Triumphs you are going to need to complete

  • Let’s See What You’ll Be Taking Home — Spend 20 Treasure Keys in Xur’s Treasure Room of Eternity
  • Fateful Spin — Face each of the Wheel of Adversity’s challenges in Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty
  • Repeat Winner — Defeat final bosses in Dares of Eternity 20 times
  • Special Guest Scar — Defeat Xur’s Chosen in the Lightning Round
  • Old Friends, Old Couch — Complete Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty with a fireteam of two to four Guardians
  • Daring Displays — Complete 15 Starhorse bounties. Weekly and Legend-difficulty Starhorse bounties grant additional progress
  • Paraversal Prize — Earn the Exotic Sidearm, Forerunner
  • Grasp of Avarice Complete — Complete the “Grasp of Avarice” dungeon
  • And Out Fly the Wolves — Earn the Exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn
  • The Richest Dead Man Alive — Recover all 12 of Wilhelm-7’s messages

Let’s See What You’ll Be Taking Home

This one is fairly straightforward, gather 20 treasure keys from Dares of Eternity (they drop from the chest at the end), and open up the loot chest in Xur’s Treasure Room of Eternity.

Fateful Spin

For this triumph, you need to complete the three variations of Legend Dares of Eternity. This rotates each week on Tuesday, so do be aware you can’t do this in one sitting, it’s time-gated and split over the three weeks.

Repeat Winner

This is another straightforward one, kill the final boss in Dares of Eternity 20 times.

Special Guest Scar

This is one of the most challenging ones. Not because it’s difficult, but because you have to rely on RNG. Sometimes during the final round of Dares of Eternity, you’ll get entered into the Lightning Round, which is similar to triggering a heroic public event. More challenging enemies come in, and one of them is named Xur’s Chosen.

Xur’s Chosen spawns at the start of the second wave of enemies, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for this particular enemy. It’s tricky because it’s a large, invisible Minotaur. For the Vex and Hive encounters, this spawns near where you enter the room, for the Cabal encounter is appears where the boss spawns.

You have to kill them 3 times.

Old Friends, Old Couch

For this one, you have to complete Dares of Eternity on Legend mode, with between 2 and 4 players in your team. If you have 1, 5, or 6 then this won’t count. You can either find some friends or clanmates, which is probably the best option. Or you can use Bungie’s LFG app, and let people know you are trying to complete ‘Old Friends, Old Couch’, I managed to find a team looking to do this in about 5 mins.

Daring Displays

Here you need to complete 15 Starhorse bounties. It’s worth noting you can only hold one at a time. I did a range of daily and weekly, it took a little grinding, but it’s pretty simple, just follow the objectives on the bounties. Given they are Starhorse bounties, you want to have a chat with Starhorse in Xur’s Treasure Hoard to pick up the bounties.

Paraversal Prize

Here you have to earn the Forerunner Exotic Sidearm. This has an exotic quest in its own right, which has its own separate guide. Forerunner is a reprised version of the Magnum Pistol from Halo, and the mission itself takes you through Dares of Eternity, plus you get a very nostalgic mission at the end, where you tread some familiar steps related to Halo and Master Chief. Check out the link to a full guide on screen.

Grasp of Avarice Complete

This triumph is another straightforward one, it’s completing the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon. For this, you do need to own the 30th Anniversary Pack, given the Dungeon is locked behind the paid content.

And Out Fly the Wolves

Here you have to get the Exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn. Again, this one has a specific quest related to it. Gjallarhorn is a returning exotic weapon from Destiny 1, arguably one of the most powerful exotics in Destiny history, and it’s returned in an even more powerful state (slightly unbelievable, but here we are). Check out the link to a full guide on screen.

The Richest Dead Man Alive

Here you have to gather all 12 of Wilhelm-7’s messages in The Grasp Of Avarice. These are little voice messages you can find in the Dungeon. Some of these are fairly obvious, some not so. This can be achieved in one run, albeit you will need to do a little hunting. Check out the link to a full guide on screen.

Once you have completed these 12 triumphs you can pick up the Triumph and proudly wear it.

What is Vidmaster?

Vidmaster is a reference to Bungie working on Halo 3 and ODST. Across the two games, there were seven difficult challenges to complete. If you managed to finish them you got a VERY rare Recon armor that could only be obtained by winning a screenshot contest or beating a Bungie team member on Bungie Day in 2009.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Vidmaster title, and let me know fi you managed to get the Recon armor from Halo 3 and ODST.

That’s it for this guide on how to get the Vidmaster Title in Destiny 2. FOr more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.