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Operation Rescue New Lights – How to get the Circumflex Diacritic Emblem in Destiny 2

New players in Destiny 2 are being flung into Dares of Eternity without context or preparation and given they are below the power level needed for the activity, new players are getting messed up. This has led the Destiny community to once again come together, only this time it’s to help out the new players trapped in this loop. Today I’m going to have a look at Operation Rescue New Lights, plus let you know how you can help too and get a nice new emblem from Bungie for your troubles.

This has been happening ever since the 30th anniversary pack dropped in December 2021. It’s new content, so naturally, Bungie wants to introduce it to new players. However, there was a slight mistake here given the power requirements are 1150 for Dares of Eternity, and this activity also includes some champions. Now, 1150 is nice and easy for most of us who have been playing for some time, given the current power cap is 1330.

For new players, who enter the game at 1100, they are facing enemies of 1150 and above in this six-person activity, not to mention trying to understand the context of Xur, Starhorse and everything else Dares of Eternity has to throw at you. Players can simply quit out of the acitivty, but if you are new then this isn’t the most obvious thing to do, and New Lights are getting stuck in Dares of Eternity, barely able to damage enemies.

This is where Operation Rescue New Lights started. What you can do is put on lower power level gear, to reduce your overall power level to somthing like 1100 before you go into Dares of Eternity, then once you get matched up with players and you’re in, you can put on your regular gear again. This means you can focus on crowd control and doing some damage, whilst helping out new players along the way.

How to lower your power level?

You can either go into your vault and find some lower light gear, or you can go into your collections and find the original white armor under the leveling section. If you have taken part in the Festival of the Lost before, then you are likely to have a 0 power level Rahool Mask, or you can pick up a level 21 class item from your collections making it nice and easy to lower your light level. Once you are around 1100, then you can enter the Dares of Eternity.

How did Operation Rescue New Lights start?

Originally this was started by Reddit user u/HateJeong, and the rescue missions have turned into a community ‘event’, with word spreading on YouTube, Twitter, and Tiktok. It’s got to be so big that sometimes you can lower your power level, neter Dares of Eternity, and find 3-4 other ‘Rescuers’ helping out.

What have Bungie said?

Bungie has even acknowledged there is an issue at the moment with DMG taking to Twitter to say

“Players that are lower in power level need some help in the Dares of Eternity activity. How can you assist? Grab some low-power gear from your Collections and hop into matchmaking. You can swap back to your normal loadout after you’ve found a match.

Some have called this “Operation: Save the New Lights” – while this issue impacts some new players, it’s also hitting some who’ve taken long breaks from Destiny 2 and are at low power.We’ve got some fixes in the pipe, but not for this week.

On the community side, we’re looking to spin up a little emblem to earn. Won’t be overly restrictive in how it’s handed out, but would love to give thanks to those who lend a hand (and also apologize to those who were caught in the crossfire!). Stay tuned for announcements.”

The Destiny 2 Twitter account then revealed yesterday the emblem we’re going to get for this. The emblem is pretty cool, and spun up very quickly, given the team are heads down on deliverying and polishing the final few features of Witch Queen at the moment.

How to get the Circumflex Diacritic emblem?

All you have to do to get the emblem is run a version of Dares of Eternity between now and January 18th, 2022, and Bungie will issue the emblem at a later date.

DMG explained a little more about the emblem:

“We aren’t being overly restrictive with qualifications here. Just hop in and play! Cheers to those diving in to assist New Lights. This wouldn’t be happening without you. Want to make sure everyone, whether they be New Light or someone looking to help out, gets the emblem.

We did discuss a few options, some being “is there a way to only grant this to people lowering their power? Issues arise in detecting players who lower their power for matchmaking. If they increase their power by match end, they wouldn’t qualify.

Also didn’t want a situation where players lowered their power as much as they could, but then ended up 10 over the threshold for detection. This way, everyone will get the benefit, and we can all celebrate together.”

Yes, Bungie could be a little more selective when it comes to how to get the emblem, but the work it would take vs the reward isn’t quite well balanced. So I’m pretty happy with what they are doing here, and the new emblem looks very good.

It’s another one of the those Destiny 2 moments where you can say “I was there”, a little bit like Prometheus Lens in the Crucible for laser tag weekend, which was lots of fun.

I think there’s a couple of good things in here; it’s a good lesson for Bungie not to throw new players into activities with a higher power level then they are ready for, plus it’s a good opportunity for the community to come together and help out new players. The new player experience is already less than optimal, and throwing new players into an activity with a talking cosmic horse and a gameshow led by a tenactle-faced cloaked man is most likely adding more confusion into the mix.

Let me know if you’ve taken part in Operation Recue New Lights, and share any good stories you have with the community.

That’s it for this guide for Operation Rescue New Lights and how to get the Circumflex Diacritic Emblem in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.