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How to Farm Dawning Weapons in Destiny 2

There’s just under a week left of the Dawning 2021, so it’s time to get your skates on and get those god-roll weapons you should be chasing from the Dawning. Today I’m going to look at how to farm weapons, so you can get that perfect roll of the Dawning weapons before they go away.

A couple of the Dawning Weapons are worth keeping around, especially The Glasioclasm and the Cold Front. Glasioclasm is a great Fusion Rifle, which is very strong this season, and Cold Front is a useful submachine gun if you can get the right roll. I have a feeling submachine guns are going to get a buff next season, or may benefit from the artifact mods given the Witch Queen Exotic is a submachine gun, and they could do with a buff, so a good roll of Cold Fron now would put you in a good position come February time.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  1. Gather the neccessary materials and ingredients
  2. Allow ourselves to focus farm Dawning Weapons
  3. Gather Gifts
  4. Trade them with Eva for Dawning weapons

There’s a couple of things we want to do before we farm for the weapons to make things easier, and maximize your chance at god rolls.

Prepare for the farm

Before you start farming for the weapons, you’ll want to do a couple of things. There’s a quest at Eva Levante called ‘Rite of Dawning’, this is a quest that will open up the ability to focus gifts at Eva. This is going to narrow down the loot pool for you, so you’ll have a 50% chance of getting the weapon you want. The Rite of Dawning quest doesn’t take too long, you have to do a couple of strikes and it’s all about bringing the Cabal into the Festivities for the Dawning.

Another good thing to do (but it’s not essential), is to open up the multiple perks on the Dawning weapons by picking up the upgrade at Eva Levante called Perkier Perks.

You’ll want a good stash of Dawning Spirit. You can get this from completing Dawning bounties, also by baking cookies and delivering them to vendors around the planets and the moons.

How to farm for Dawning Weapons

What we are looking for are Gifts in Return. We then take these gifts and trade them with Eva for Dawning loot. You can get these as random drops from vendors when you give them baked Dawning treats, however, this is a rare drop. You might get one out of five vendors to give you a gift in return. Therefore we’re going to want a faster way to get these. This comes in the form of Boon of Friendship.

Boon of friendship

Eva hands out ‘Boons of Friendship’ every day during the Dawning, and this is like a log-in bonus. Hopefully, you’ve been picking these up as much as possible, as ideally, you want to have a stack of about 5-10 of these in your inventory. This is going to help the farm speed up. If you don’t have any boon of friendships, don’t worry… The Dawning is still on for 7 more days, so you have 7 more opportunities to pick these up.

Gift in Return Farming

If you pop a boon of friendship in a playlist activity, then you have a chance for a gift in return to drop for you at the end of that activity. If more than one member of a team pops a boon of friendship, then the more gifts you are going to get.

You can jump into Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit to pop the boons of friendship. What I’ve been doing at this point is giving people a heads up, and checking to see if people have boons and want to use them. If you have a team you run with on the regular then this is going to be much easier, as you can communicate, however, I’ve been playing solo. Sometimes people oblige, sometimes they don’t.

In strikes you have a fireteam of 3, Gambit you have 4 and Crucible you have 6. I’ve been playing Gambit as the matches are quicker, but crucible matches are going to be the most efficient way of getting loot. I was looking for the fastest, so Gambit was working for me as a solo player.

What you want to do is play a few matches and build up a good stash of Gifts in Return, before you head back to Eva Levante in the Tower.

Trade in the Gifts to Eva

Now you have a good stash of Gifts, head back to Eva and pick the weapons you want. There’s a couple of trading options, you can get 50/50 for Glascioclasm or Avalance, or there’s Cold Front and Zephyr… the choice is yours. I’ve been looking for a god roll Glascioclasm, so that’s where I have been focusing my gifts.

Now we’ve had a look at farming methods, let’s have a look at the god roll weapons to chase.

Dawning 2021 God Roll Weapons

Zephyr (Sword)

This is the new weapon for the Dawning 2021. Zephyr is a Legendary Power Sword with an Adaptive Frame. Launch a heavy uppercut attack. Heavy attacks are stronger with full energy. For PVE Relentless Strikes and Cold Steel / Whirlwind Blade would be good. For PVP Thresh and Assassin’s Blade would be a decent roll. To get this one you have to complete the quest called The Pidgeon Provides.

Glacioclasm (Fusion Rifle)

Glacioclasm is a Legendary Energy Fusion Rifle that delivers void damage. It’s a High-Impact Frame meaning it’s Slow-firing and has high-damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights. For PVP Killing Wind and Backup Plan would be good, whereas Subsistence and Reservoir Burst would be good for PVE.

Cold Front (Submachine Gun)

Cold Front is a Legendary Kinetic Submachine Gun which is an Aggressive Frame meaning high damage, high recoil. For PVP Dynamic Sway Reduction and Surrounded would be a decent roll and for PVE Subsistence and Rampage would be good.

Avalanche (Machine Gun)

Avalanche is a Legendary Power Machine Gun which is an Adaptive Frame meaning it has a well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy and it deals Solar damage. For PVP Killing Wind and Tap the Trigger would be good and for PVE Autoloading Holster and Vorpal Weapon would be a decent roll.

Let me know what you think of the farming methods, plus which rolls you’ve been excited to get.