How to get the Half-Truths (Legendary Sword) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Half-Truths is a new sword added to Destiny 2 as part of the 30th Anniversary pack. This one is free for all players too, so whether you own all expansions, or you play for free, you can jump in a get this Halo-inspired Sword. Today I’m going to look at the stats, the god rolls to chase for PVE and PVP, plus how to get Half-Truths in Destiny 2.


Half-Truths is a Legendary Power Sword with an Adaptive Frame meaning you can launch a heavy uppercut attack. Heavy attacks are stronger with full energy. Looking at the stats we have Swing Speed 46, Impact 60, Range 40, Charge Rate 32, Ammo Capacity 61.

This sword is based on the Halo Energy Sword, although it does appear to have been cut in half, which is indicated through the name Half-Truths. We do have ‘The Other Half’, which is a void version of this sword. Many in the community have been speculating that we’ll be able to put the two halves together, to create the original energy sword. However, no one has any evidence for this at the moment, and it’s likely just something we want to do, rather than something that will actually happen. Although we do have weapon crafting coming in Witch Queen, so we’ll see…

Half-Truths God Roll Guide

For PVE Hungry Edge, Balanced Guard, Relentless Strikes, and Eager Edge would be a good roll. Hungry Edge gives you increased sword ammo and Balanced Guard has overall balance defenses. Relentless Strikes will grant you sword ammo after three light attacks and the Whirlwind blade increases the sword’s damage for a short duration. Eager Edge is where you gain increased sword lunge distance immediately after switching to the weapon, which makes it very much like the Halo energy sword.

For PVP Enduring Blade, Burst Guard, Tireless Blade, and Assassin’s Blade would be good. Enduring Blade gives you increased sword ammo, Burst Guard maximizes efficiency and high resistance. Tireless Blade grants sword ammo for every other powered sword kill and Assassin’s Blade boost movement speed and damage.

How to get Half-Truths

To get this one it’s a random drop from Dares of Eternity. You can either get this one from the activity itself, as a random drop from boss encounters, or you can use the keys that drop from the chest at the end to open in Xur’s Treasure Hoard. Open up the chests and you’ll have a chance at this weapon, plus all the other Halo weapons too.

Let me know what you think of Half-Truths in the comments, plus let me know your top rolls.

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