How to get Pardon Our Dust (Legendary Grenade Launcher) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Pardon Our Dust is a new grenade launcher added to Destiny 2 as part of the 30th-anniversary pack. This is a decent grenade launcher, plus it sits in the kinetic slot and it can roll with some very good perks. Today I am going to have a look at Pardon Our Dust’s stats, the god rolls to chase for PVE and PVP, plus how to get Pardon Our Dust in Destiny 2.

Pardon Our Dust

Pardon Our Dust is a Legendary Kinetic Grenade Launcher with a Lightweight Frame meaning it’s a one-shot handheld Grenade Launcher with remote detonation. Fire; release to detonate. Looking at the stats we have Stability 35, Handling 71, Reload Speed 72, Velocity 76, Blast Radius 55, Rounds Per Minute 90, Magazine 1.

Regarding other kinetic grenade launchers we do have Ignition Code, however, that was locked behind seasonal content. This one is free for all players, so if you have been missing a kinetic grenade launcher, now is a great time to pick one up.

Pardon Our Dust God Roll Guide

For PVE Volatile Launch, Blinding Grenades, Auto-Loading Holster, and Vorpal Weapon would be a good roll. Volatile Launch greatly increases blast radius, although slightly decreases handling and projectile speed. Blinding grenades greatly increase blast radius again. Auto-Loading Holster is where the weapon is automatically reloaded after a short period of time, and finally, vorpal weapon is great for big damage against bosses. Given the buff to Pulse Monitor, it’s also worth looking out for this perk too.

For PVP Countermass, High-Velocity Rounds, Killing Wind and Rampage is a decent roll. Countermass greatly controls recoil and also improves stability and handling. High velocity rounds increases the projectile speed and reload speed, and is always good getting the grenade in your enemies face quicker, especially in PVP. Killing Wind is where final blows grant increased mobility, range and handling for a short duration and finally Rampage increases damage after a kill, which stacks up to 3 times.

How to get Pardon Our Dust

To get this one it’s a reward from the Dares of Eternity, which is part of the 30th Anniversary Pack. The good news is this is free for all players, meaning everyone can get the weapon. This can either drop from the activity itself, or from loot chests in Xur’s treasure hoard. Run through Dares of Eternity and pick up keys at the end, and then use the keys to open the loot chests with Xur, and hopefully the weapon will drop for you.

Let me know what you think of Pardon Our Dust and let me know your top roll.

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