How to get The Other Half (Legendary Sword) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

The Other Half is a rare Sword void recently added to Destiny 2 as part of the 30th Anniversary pack. This is based on Halo’s Energy Sword, although it looks like it’s been split in half with this one and Half-Truths. Today I am going to check out The Other Half, the stats, the god rolls to chase for PVP and PVE plus how to get The Other Half in Destiny 2.

The Other Half

The Other Half is a Legendary Void Power Sword with an Adaptive Frame where you can launch a heavy uppercut attack. Heavy attacks are stronger with full energy. Looking at the stats we have Swing Speed 46, Impact 60, Range 40, Charge Rate 32, Ammo Capacity 61.

This is part of the Halo-inspired weapon set you get from Dares of Eternity, with this sword being modeled on the Halo energy sword, however, it seems to have been split in half between Half-Truths and The Other Half. Even the lore text on the weapon states “If only there was a way to put them together”… well, indeed.

It seems like this one is much better though, as it can roll Vorpal Weapon, Frenzy, Whirlwind Blade, or Surrounded as a second perk, with Eager Edge or Duelist’s Trance as a first-column choice. That’s much better than Half-Truths.

The Other Half can also roll with Eager Edge. This is where you get extra lunge distance immediately after swapping to the weapon, which is great in combat or you can use this for Sword Skating. Equipping the weapon mid-air and rapidly swinging the sword provides you with the extra distance, bringing back classic sword skating to Destiny 2.

The Other Half God Roll Guide

For PVE Jagged Edge, Burst Guard, Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade is a good combo. Jagged Edge gives you an increase in damage, and Sword Guard maximizes efficiency and high resistance. Relentless Strikes will grant you sword ammo after three light attacks and Whirlwind blade increases the sword’s damage for a short duration. Another decent roll in PVE is Duelist’s Trance and Frenzy. Duelist’s Trance improves the weapon charge rate, efficiency, and defense bonuses as long as the sword is kept equipped, while Frenzy increases damage and handling during lengthy combat sequences.

For PVP Eager Edge and Vorpal Weapon would be a decent roll. Eager Edge is where you gain increased sword lunge distance immediately after switching to the weapon, which makes it very much like the Halo energy sword. Vorpal Weapon is great for taking out Guardians in their super.

How to get The Other Half

To get this one it’s a random drop from opening up loot chests in Xur’s Treasure Hoard on Eternity. You can also get it to drop during Dares of Eternity too. To be able to open these chests you are going to need keys, and they drop from Dares of Eternity… so do a few runs of Dares, build up some keys and then go to Xur’s Treasure Hoard and open some chests, and keep your fingers crossed.

The drop rate on this sword has been talked about a lot since the 30th-anniversary pack came out, given this one seems a lot rarer than it’s counterpart, Half-Truths. It’s not clear at the moment if the sword is supposed to be very rare, or there’s a bug somewhere. Personally, mine dropped from Xur’s Treasure Hoard chests one day.

Let me know in the comments what you think of The Other Half.

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