Destiny 2 News Roundup – Heliotrope Emblem, IGN Article, Hotfix and Prime Gaming

Bungie was back this week with their weekly news update, plus we’ve got some other news to cover too including a new free emblem to get, Bungie answers the IGN article, plus we’ve had the Hotfix, plus you can get yourself a Queensbreaker Exotic through Prime Gaming.

Let’s dive into the news.


The Heliotrope Warren Emblem is a new emblem in Destiny 2 that has generated a lot of interest with its code. This is because of the fact that it made its way onto Twitter, and now, players want to claim it and make it theirs as quickly as possible. Players first saw the code hidden in one of the game’s teasers.

The code was hidden across 3 images posted on the Bungie Twitter account, detailing the iconic weapons of the past. Put the code together and we get an emblem.

In order to claim and redeem the Heliotrope Warren Emblem in Destiny 2, you need to enter the code L7T-CVV-3RD. You need to head over to the website and enter this code.

If you enter the code correctly, you will receive a message informing you about the success of your code entry. Now, launch Destiny 2. Go over to the Character menu. Head to Collections, then Flair, and then General. In the General menu, you should be able to locate the Heliotrope Warren. You need to click on its icon to unlock it.


Late last week, an article posted by IGN reported on stories and experiences from several current and former employees here at Bungie. Our CEO, Pete Parsons, responded to the contents that were shared within the article and laid out the significant changes we’ve made and areas in which we will continue to improve. We are nowhere near where we want to be, but we are committed to continue working towards diversity, equity, and inclusion in our studio and the community at large. We believe that an inclusive and diverse team that prioritizes work and life harmony will make Bungie the best studio it can be.

As we celebrate 30 years of creating worlds that inspire friendship, it is also important to recognize and own our mistakes. Any good we’ve done can’t be leveraged to explain away or justify the people who were hurt by inaction. We will learn from our past, not brush it aside—we have to do and be better.

Thank you to all the brave individuals who helped shed light on these instances of mistreatment. Since the publishing of the IGN article, we have heard additional stories of poor experiences at Bungie. We intend to investigate all future incidents should new information come to light.

Thank you for your support over the past 30 years, here is to 30 years more.


Drew: Hi everyone. My name is Drew Tucker and I’m a lead for the Player Support team and the Accessibility at Bungie inclusion club. I believe that my job is to support our players both in-game and outside of it, and that our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

To help our players, and to destigmatize mental health, we’ve been gathering resources together for the past six months to create a mental health resource article. Almost every Destiny region is represented in some fashion, and everyone can visit it at

While the project isn’t complete, we wanted to share it with everyone early with the hope that these resources will help someone who needs them. You can also get a Destiny 2 mental health kit from Guardians Mental Health, who also helped with the article.

For those struggling with a mental health issue, please remember that you are not alone.


Eve Levante has returned to the Tower and brought with her cold weather and warm cookies straight out of the oven. The Dawning kicked off this week!

We have a full article covering the festivities for you here. There are new quests to complete, cookies to bake, and a new Stasis Sword to earn. The Tower is looking magical for the event, snowballs are back, and this time they have extra combat effectiveness.

Talk to Eva in the Tower to get started. The Dawning runs until January 4, 2022.

Here is a look at a few of the cool things you’ll find during the event and in the Eververse store.


This week we rolled out another set of Prime Gaming Rewards. This month you can grab a powerful Linear Fusion Rifle and a good-looking ornament to go with it. If you have an active Amazon Prime subscription, visit this page to learn how to link your account and claim your rewards. After that, they should be available at Amanda Holliday in the Tower. Here’s a look at what you can get this month:

The Queenbreaker – Exotic Weapon
Kingmaker – Exotic Weapon Ornament
Quality Cut – Exotic Ship
October Dash – Legendary Sparrow


Let’s all give a round of applause for our Player Support team. They do a wonderful job of tracking issues and creating important guides with the info you need.


We are currently investigating an issue where players are not being rewarded the Watcher’s Shade shader upon completion of a Gift Sub Bounty in the Destiny 2 Twitch Extension. Players who did not successfully receive the shader along with their other bounty rewards will be able to acquire the shader from Amanda Holliday once this issue is resolved in a future update.


The Taskmaster Triumph for Moments of Triumph will not gain progress when completing bounties from destination vendors. This includes vendors such as Devrim in the EDZ, Variks on Europa, etc. To ensure progress is recorded for the Triumph, players should make sure to complete non-destination vendor bounties, such as those from Xûr, Shaxx, or Zavala.


On December 15, Hotfix was released to the world. This hotfix resolved several issues including:

Players can now reclaim the Strange Key from Xûr if it is deleted.
The Paraversal Prize Triumph will now correctly unlock for players who earn the Forerunner Exotic weapon.
Players who lost their Streetwear Bundles due to a full inventory can now reclaim them from Xûr.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum:
Challenger’s Proving V quest may no longer unlock for players after completing Challenger’s Proving IV.
The Poison Wings Spread ornament for Le Monarque has an arrow permanently nocked while stowed.
We are investigating reports of slow menu and UI load times.
Rally Flags don’t fully fill up Tier I and Tier II Super bars.
Datapads may no longer be able to be scanned in Pressage.
We’re investigating reports of random crashing on the PlayStation platform.