How to get Zephyr (Legendary Sword) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Zephyr is a returning sword, although it’s been upgraded with Stasis, and it’s been added to the game as part of The Dawning 2021. Today I’m going to check out Zephyr, plus the god rolls to get for PVP and PVE and how to get Zephyr in Destiny 2.


This is the new weapon for the Dawning 2021. Zephyr is a Legendary Power Sword with an Adaptive Frame. Launch a heavy uppercut attack. Heavy attacks are stronger with full energy.

Zephyr God Roll Guide

For PVE Relentless Strikes and Cold Steel / Whirlwind Blade would be good. Relentless Strikes is where you land 3 light attacks within a short timeframe to get sword ammo. Cold Steel is a new perk where Powered Sword hits slow enemies. Whirlwind Blade on the other hand is where rapid sword strikes increase the damage of the sword, which is always good for bosses in PVE.

For PVP Thresh and Assassin’s Blade would be a decent roll. Thresh gets you a small amount of Super Energy with a kill and Assassin’s Blade is where kills boost movement speed and damage.

How to get Zephyr

To get Zephyr it’s a reward at the end of the quest called The Pigeon Provides, which can be picked up from Eva Levante during the Dawning 2021.

Complete the ‘Dawning Begins’

Quickly finish up the introduction quest, and then go back to Eva and pick up The Pigeon Provides.

Speak to Saint-14

In the Tower, go down to the Hangar and have a chat with Saint-14. He’ll then send you off to Europa for a few tasks.

Complete The Lost Splicer

First of all land at Eventide Ruins in the North of Europa. Almost immediately turn around and you’ll see a white marker in a cave. Inspect it, and then it’s onto the next step.

Create Swaddled Etherdips

Here you’re going to need to gather some ingredients.

Pure Ether Extract – Earned from lost sectors on Europa.
Harpy Eggs – Earned by defeating Vex Harpies.
Glacial Starwort – From nodes and chests on Europa.

For this step, I went to Perdition, and completed a few runs to get these objectives done. You have Harpies, Glacial Starwort and it takes 3 runs to get the Ether Extract.

Make Swaddled Etherdips

You are going to need a few things to create Swaddled Etherdips including Dawning Spirit, Etheric Spiral and Kellsdough.

Dawning Sprit – For this step of the quest we’re going to need 15 Dawning Spirit to exchange with Spider for Kellsdough. The quickest way to do this is completing Dawning Bounties from Eva Levante. The objetives are nice and easy, and you should be able to complete this quickly. You can also complete Dawning Triumphs and deliver Dawning Gifts to get this done too.

Etheric Spiral – From nodes and chests in The Tangled Shore. The Wombo Dectector Ghost mod is vry usefl for this.

Kellsdough – Purchase from Spider for 15 Dawning Spirit.

Speak to Saint-14

Now you have everything you need, head back to Saint-14 in the Tower and talk to him again.

Deliver the Holiday treats

Now go to the Elikni Quarter, which you can access from the HELM, and it’s down in the bottom let hand corner. Once you are there, walk around and deliver 10 treats. You have to find Fallen, and interact with them, once you have done 10, go back to the Tower and speak to Saint. Speak to Saint-14 once again in the Tower.

Speak to Eva Levante

Finally, speak to Eva and she’ll give you Zephyr.

Once you have it head out in to your favourite actvity and give it a try. I recommend Dares of Eternity and getting Star Horses favour, as you then have infinite heavy ammo, and can run around with the sword without having to worry about ammo.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Zephyr and let me know your top rolls.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Zephyr in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.