How to get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst And Level It Up FAST in Destiny 2

Gjallarhorn is back in Destiny 2, and its catalyst is essential for improving this rocket launcher beyond anything we’ve seen before in the history of Destiny. The catalyst gives this extra ammo, plus increases the damage, so you’ll want to prioritize getting this one ASAP.

How to get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst

Step 1 – Get Gjallarnhorn

First of all, you want to get your hands on Gjallarhorn. This involves picking up a quest from Shaw Han, running the new Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, and then a few remaining quest steps. I do have a full guide on the channel and I’ll link that at the end, and also here for you.

Step 2 – Unlock the Catalyst

To be able to unlock the catalyst for Gjallarhorn you’ll need to go back into the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon and interact with 3 chests. You will only be able to open these chests with the Burdened by Riches debuff, so let’s run through how to do that now.

Chest One

The first chest is just after you make your way into the Dungeon, near where you see the first Shrieker. The chest is above you to the left, and the Vandal you want to damage to pick up the engrams is over the other side, near the steel pylons. Damage the Vandal, get him to drop the engrams for the Burdened by Riches debuff, then turn around, up the beams, and jump up to the platform to open the first chest. Follow along on the screen to find the chest.

Chest Two

The second chest is up the stairs just before the first Ogre boss, near where the barrel rolls down the stairs. This is the room where we get taught about the scorch cannon mechanic. Near the containers there, there is a vandal which you can damage to get the engram. Then you want to head up the stairs, and instead of jumping over the gap, you want to go to the right and you’ll find the chest. Follow along on the screen to find the chest.

Chest Three

The final chest is probably the trickiest one to collect, given the amount of time you have from picking up the engram to getting to the chest. After you destroy the big shield at the encounter with the Servitors, you’ll want to go to the middle island and then head up to where the waterfall is.

The vandal will be at the location near where you land, and you’ll want to get that Burdened By Riches debuff, and then use the cannon to shoot yourself over the gap, and then run and jump onto the building and open the final chest. As mentioned, it’s tight, so it helps to have someone else there who can help you activate the cannon for you, so you can focus on the getting to the chest as fast as possible.

Once you get the final chest, the catalyst will drop for you, and next you’ll be able to power it up.

Complete the Gjallarhorn Catalyst

To complete the catalyst you need to get kills with the Gjallarhorn. You can do this in a number of places in the game, ideally where there are a lot of enemies. You’ll need about 400 kills with Gjallarhorn.

First up, you can head to Dares of Eternity, and if you can get the Star Horse Favour Buff, then you’ll get more heavy ammo to play with. Another good place is the Altars of Sorrow, which can be found on the moon. The main issues with these locations are that other fire team members are going to be there, and they may be stealing your kills. Ideally, you want to be somewhere solo, so you can maximize your kills and get it done quickly.

I think the best place to go is the Shuro Chi location in the Last Wish Raid. To get there quickly you can enter wish 4 at the wishing wall, and teleport to the Shuro Chi location. Once you are there you can use Gjallarhorn to kill hundreds of Taken in minutes, also you can use raid banners to replenish your heavy ammo.

There’s a new farming location added to the game too, with the start of the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon. Here you have multiple enemies, constantly respawning, which makes it nice and easy to power up catalysts.

Once you have killed the required amount of Taken, the catalyst will complete and it’ll drop for you.

What the Gjallarhorn Catalyst Does

The Gjallarhorn catalyst is very powerful indeed. Let’s have a look at the perk

More Wolves – Increases magazine size. Final blows with Wolfpack Rounds spawn a faster, more powerful missile at the target’s location.

Not only do you get an extra rocket in the magazine, but also you’ll get a faster and more powerful missile at the target’s location when you trigger wolfpack rounds.

All-in-all, Gjallarhorn is already powerful, but the catalyst is going to make it even more powerful, and I would prioritize getting it ASAP.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Gjallarhorn Catalyst.

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