How to get Matador 64 (Legendary Shotgun) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Matador 64 is a returning shotgun from Destiny 1, put into Destiny 2 as part of the Bungie 30th Anniversary pack. This is a reward from the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, and it brings back a fan favorite shotgun from the original Destiny. Today I’m going to check out Matador 64, the stats, the god roll guide for PVE and PVP plus how to get Matador 64 in Destiny 2.

Matador 64

Matador 64 is a Legendary Energy Shotgun that deals Arc damage with a Precision Frame meaning this weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. Looking at the stats we have Impact 80, Range 68, Stability 53, Handling 49, Reload Speed 53, Rounds Per Minute 65, Magazine 5

Matador 64 God Roll Guide

For PVE Rifled Barrel, Assualt Mag, Perpetual Motion, and Golden Tricorn. Rifled Barrel increases range and decreases handling speed. Assault Mag increases stability and also the rounds per minute. Perpetual Motion gains bonus stability, handling, and reload speed while the wielder is in motion. Finally, Golden Tricorn is where the final blows with the weapon grant bonus damage. While the buff is active, grenade or melee kills of the same damage type greatly increase damage and duration.

For PVP Full Choke, Tactical Mag, Threat Detector, and Killing Wind would be a decent roll. Full Choke tightens the barrel and projectile spread, tactical mad increases stability, magazine, and reload speed. Threat Detector improves reload speed, stability, and handling when enemies are close, then Killing Wind final blows increase mobility, weapon range, and handling for a short duration.

How to get the Matador 64

To get this Shotgun it’s a random drop from the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, which is part of the paid content in Bungie’s 30th Anniversary pack. That means you have to buy the content to be able to get this weapon.

I got the weapon to drop for me from the first boss encounter in the Dungeon, called Phry’Zhia The Insatiable. At the moment, I don’t know if this is the only encounter where you can get Matador 64 to drop, we’ll find out more in the coming weeks.

At dungeon launch there is a bug, so you can only get rewards once per character per week, although Bungie has said they are looking to fix this bug so you can farm the dungeon, like Prophecy. That should hopefully be fixed around mid-December 2021.

There are a few secret chests in the Dungeon, and they reward weapons you already have, so if you have a drop of Matador 64 already from your first run, then you will be able to get drops of the shotgun again from the secret chests.

Let me know what you think about Matador 64, and what do you think of the Destiny 2 version compared to Destiny 1.

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