Season of the Lost

Destiny 2 News Roundup – Moments Of Triumph 2021, Iron Banner and Armor Mod Cost Changes

Bungie was back this week with their This Week At Bungie update. This is the last update from the team before the 30th anniversary goes live on Tuesday, plus we have LOADS of other good stuff coming next week including Moments of Triumph, Iron Banner, Quality of Life updates and more.


This weekend brings another round of Trials Labs to Destiny 2. While Freelance will be familiar, we also have a minor change to access requirements to get into Trials for the first time. Here’s a quick rundown from the team on what to expect:

Team: Hey all, we’ve got some Trials of Osiris quick hits ahead of the December holidays to share with you! While this will be a brief update before we take an end-of-year break, we’re excited about the upcoming Trials Labs before the end of the year.

This week is Trials Labs: Freelance! A separate node where everyone playing queues by themselves. The mode is perfect if you don’t have a regular team, but may even be a space for you to find other players to party up with for some Flawless success in the Team node.

This week is also a Labs where we do not require the Trials Intro quest to launch into the nodes; the only requirements are owning Beyond Light and being at 1290 Power level or higher. While Trials can be a bit competitive, we hope this variation will open up PvP to more players and introduce them to some sweet rewards, and fuel more desire to give the Crucible a try from time to time.

December 16 will be our last TWAB of the year, so we are announcing this well in advance: On December 31-Jan 3 we will be running another Trials Labs: Freelance. If you’d like to ring in the new year alone, we’ve got the playlist just… for… you? Wait, no! That’s a sad way to look at it. If you’re looking for a playlist that you can enter solo and potentially meet lifelong friends in, we’ve got the playlist just for you!

Expect an additional Capture Zone and Freelance in early February, before The Witch Queen launches. We’ll also be looking at map rotation in the Trials playlist over the next few months, starting with pulling lower-performing maps from rotation. Stay tuned for future announcements!


Ah yes, Moments of Triumph. It’s one of our favorite times of year. Looking back at all our accomplishments of the past year and celebrating how far we’ve come, while knowing we still have so far to go. This year, we hope Moments of Triumph will be the perfect complement to the 30th Anniversary release. Between your Dungeon runs or your adventures in Dares of Eternity, we have a collection of rewards for you to earn in-game, showing your dedication over the last year. Of course, if you complete all required Triumphs and collect all the rewards, you will unlock the MMXXII Seal and Title. Before we do a quick preview of rewards, we’d like to pass the mic to the dev team to explain some of the inspirations behind this year’s design.

Team: Moments of Triumph (MoT) is always a special time for us, but this year it hits different.

Not only are we celebrating your incredible achievements across the solar system (and dimensions) this past year, but we also get to celebrate a Triumph of our own – Bungie’s 30th Anniversary. One might argue that’s twice as much celebration as last year, and you know what? You’d be right.

We’ve channeled this celebratory spirit into this year’s new MoT crest in a few fun ways we thought were worth sharing. Three swords rest in the top right corner in honor of our 30th Anniversary, each a decade of doing what we love and being inspired by you. Flowers spring to life across the crest – honoring heroes lost, embracing change, and symbolizing growth across seasons. The Guardian’s ship lifts off towards new adventure in the lower left corner, beyond the unforgiving cold of Europa to explore the stars once more.

There are other secrets to uncover of course, but we’ll leave that to you.

Now, let’s look at some sweet loot.

If you’re looking to show your Guardian prowess in the real world, we have a new round of Bungie Rewards for you to unlock and purchase from the Bungie Store, if you so desire. With our yearly T-shirt offering, we also have the Moments of Triumph Seal Pin for your Jackets, pinboards, or whatever you may stick these things on. There is one last Bungie Reward that could be unlocked, taking the form of a coin you may remember from years past…

Your yearly quest for the Moments of Triumph T-shirt begins next week when the 30th Anniversary goes live.


Kicking off our list of QOL updates (otherwise known as Quality of Life), the team has been working on a change that many of you have been asking about for a while. Have you ever been tinkering with your armor mods and thinking, “Well, this is taking quite a bit of Glimmer” or even running out in the process? Well, starting on December 7, this will no longer be an issue.

Starting next week, you can swap out your armor mods instantaneously, at any time, with no Glimmer or currency required. The goal of the team is to better enable build crafting on the fly, whether you be loading into a PvP match or prepping for a Nightfall.

We’ve also seized this opportunity to make “free and reversible” socket actions available to all 3rd party Destiny 2 apps starting on December 7. So, in addition to equipping gear and transferring items to/from the Vault, your favorite D2 apps will be able to apply Armor 2.0 mods, weapon perks, shaders, ornaments, and ghost projections on your behalf.

While this may not be a solution to every build craft feedback item, it is a step forward as the team looks to dialing in build crafting and loadout opportunities for Destiny 2 in the future. The team will also be looking at Artifact mod resets and costs in the future, but general armor mod swapping is a great first step.

As we said earlier, this enables third party community apps to change mods at the tap of a finger on your phone screen, or the click of a mouse on browsers. We’re excited for how our community will take advantage of this, as it could open the door to potential loadouts for things like Nightfalls or PvP modes.

Let me know what you think of the latest Destiny 2 news.

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