Season of the Lost

How to get Athrys’s Embrace (Exotic Hunter Gauntlets) Plus a PVP and PVE Hunter build

Athrys’s Embrace is Exotic Hunter Gauntlets, and when you pair these with Dead Man’s Tale, you create a deadly build that allows to chain precision hits, as well as power up your deadly throwing knife. This build is great in both PVE and PVP, and today I’m going to go into detail on Athrys’s Embrace, plus talk about how to get them, and then check out a great all-purpose build you can use in all game modes.

First of all, today let’s check out the armor.

Athrys’s Embrace

Athrys’s Embrace are Exotic Hunter Gauntlets

Skittering Stinger – Weighted Knife gains a second bounce. Rapid precision hits with your weapons grant Weighted Knife a significant damage bonus and the ability to stun unshielded combatants for a short time.

Empowered Weighted Knife is strong against [Stagger] Unstoppable Champions.

This build is going to be focused on two exotics – Athrys’s Embrace and Dead Man’s Tale. We’re going to activate our perk on Athrys’s Embrace with Dead Man’s Tale, creating a devastating throwing knife, which is going to hit your enemies hard. If you are using this in PVP then you get the benefits of the second bounce of the throwing knife, making you very deadly in the crucible.

I’m also going to be charging up the build with Elemental Well Mods and Charged with Light mods, and this is going to give us an extra damage boost in PVE, allowing us to tear through enemies in Strikes, Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, and Raids.

How to get Athrys’s Embrace

Athrys’s Embrace is one of the newer Exotic pieces of armor introduced in Beyond Light. You can target farm Exotic armor pieces through Legend and Master Lost Sectors. If you complete these activities solo, then there’s a chance at the Exotic armor to drop for you. Every day the Legend and Master Lost Sectors rotate, with two available each day across the planets and moons.

As well as the location for Legend and Master Lost Sectors rotating, the rewards rotate too with different armor pieces for the head, arms, chest, and legs. If you want to check the location and the rewards, then you can do so in-game by completing the Lost Sectors on the regular difficulty and then checking on the map.

To get Athrys’s Embrace, you want to look out for the Exotic Helmet Reward. Then if you complete the Legend of Master Lost Sector Solo as a Hunter, you’ll have a chance for that reward. If you don’t get it the first time, keep trying and you’ll get it after a few tries.

Athrys’s Embrace Hunter Build


We’re going to be pairing up Athrys’s Embrace with Way of the Sharpshooter (bottom-tree gunslinger). There are few perks on the tree here that will come in handy.

  • Knife-Juggler – Throw a knife from a distance. Precision knife kills with this Melee Ability immediately recharge it.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Enter a trance with each precision hit, reducing the cooldown of your Super.
  • Line ‘Em Up – Precision hits with Golden Gun increase its damage and extend its duration.
  • Crowd-Pleaser – Enables precision damage with Golden Gun. Precision hits with Golden Gun generate Orbs of Light.

Here we’re going to be using Knife Juggler, and powering up the damage of the throwing Knife with the perk on Athrys’s Embrace.

Skittering Stinger – Weighted Knife gains a second bounce. Rapid precision hits with your weapons grant Weighted Knife a significant damage bonus and the ability to stun unshielded combatants for a short time.

Not only that but Crowd Please enables precision hits with Golden Gun, and that’s also going to help us power up our gauntelts. The key thing for this build are precision hits, so keep that in mind when you are rolling around with your weapons.


Kinetic – Dead Man’s Tale

Dead Man’s Tale is an Exotic Kinetic Scout Rifle. Checking out the perks we have:

Cranial Spike – Chaining precision hits grants bonus damage and quickens reload speed.

You can get this one from the Presage mission on Tangled Shore, however, get it before it goes away in February 2022.

Energy – Cartesian Coordinate

Cartesian Coordinate is a Legendary Energy Fusion Rifle with a Rapid-Fire Frame meaning Deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when the magazine is empty.

For PVE Cleanshot IS, Liquid Coils, Feeding Frenzy, and Vorpal Weapon. Cleanshot IS increases handling speed and slightly increases range. Liquid Coils increases impact damage, then Feeding Frenzy increases reload speed after rapid kills, and finally, Vorpal Weapon increases damage against bosses, vehicles and Guardians in their super.

This one is a random world drop, but you can focus umbral engrams in the H.E.L.M.

Power – Ascendancy

Ascendancy is a Legendary Power Rocket Launcher is a Precision Frame meaning this weapon fires a small auto-tracking missile. Missiles lock onto targets when aimed.

Ascendancy is a precision frame rocket launcher, which is one of the better rocket launchers in the game right now due to auto-locking onto targets. As with all ritual weapons, it comes fully masterworked and you have a choice of perks.

First, you have Impulse Amplifier, and this increases the velocity of the rocket as well as the reload speed, so very useful on rockets. We also have Ambitious Assassin, which could mean two rockets in the magazine after a kill with the weapon.

In the second column of perks, you have Explosive Light, which got buff this season. By picking up an orb of power, you can increase the damage and blast radius of the rocket launcher. The other perk here is Chain Reaction, which causes elemental damage explosions and is a fantastic perk for clearing a path through a bunch of smaller enemies.

To get this one it’s the ritual weapon from Season of the Lost.


Elemental Armaments – Combatant weapon final blows with a damage type that matches your subclass element have an escalating chance to spawn an elemental well.

Elemental Charge – Become Charged with Light by picking up an elemental well. If the elemental well’s element type matches your subclass element, you gain 2 stacks of Charged with Light.

Font of Might – Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type grants a temporary bonus to weapon damage of that same elemental type.

High-Energy Fire – While Charged with Light, gain a bonus to weapon damage. Each defeated combatant consumes one stack of Charged with Light.

Argent Ordnance – While Charged with Light, readying or firing a Rocket Launcher grants it increased damage and reload speed. Damaging a combatant with a rocket consumes one stack of Charged with Light.

Let me know what you think of Athrys’s Embrace and let me know your build tips.

That’s it for this guide on how to get Athrys’s Embrace in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.