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How to get Whisper of the Worm (Exotic Sniper Rifle) after the Beyond Light Update

Whisper of the Worm is an Exotic Sniper rifle that goes down in legend of Destiny 2 players. The gun was a DPS monster until it was nerfed a while back in Destiny 2. That is all about to change, however, with a buff coming down the pipeline as the perfect holiday gift from Bungie. Today’s video is all about how to get Whisper of the Worm, where to get it, plus how to get all the materials needed to trade for it, plus a little history of the weapon itself.

Before we jump into how to get it, let’s have a look at the weapon itself:

Whisper of the Worm is an Exotic Power Sniper Rifle. Checking out the perks we have

White Nail – Higher base precision damage. Rapidly landing three precision hits will refill the magazine.

Mulligan – Missing a shot has a chance to return ammo directly to the magazine.

Looking at the stats we have Impact 100, Range 78, Stability 24, Handling 35, Reload Speed 42, Rounds Per Minute 72, and Magazine 3.

If you have never used Whisper of the Worm before, then it’s all about White Nail, and being able to chain those precision hits together, which then refills the magazine, making it a potential boss killer for endgame PVE content like raids, nightfall strikes plus Legend and Master Lost Sectors.

There’s talk among the community that Whisper of the Worm will get a buff in the December update coming in only a few short weeks. If this is true, then we could see Whisper of the Worm shoot back up to the top of PVE weapons. It’s been a minute since Whisper of the Worm was relevant in the current meta, it’s since been usurped by Sleeper Simulant and One Thousand Voices.

Whisper of the Worm will cost you:

1 Exotic Cipher
150,000 Glimmer
250 Baryon Bough
2 Ascendant Shard

You can get an Exotic Cipher from the Season Pass, or you can complete the quest from Xur – he’s around from Friday until Tuesday. I do a guide on Xur’s location each week, so make sure you subscribe and hit the notifications bell to never miss an update.

Glimmer can be acquired from pretty much any activity – strikes, gambit, crucible, public events, patrols, etc. You can also go to Spider and trade in materials for Glimmer, but don’t trade in Baryon Bough as you’re going to need those for The Last Word.

For the Ascendant Shards you can purchase these from Banshee-44 in the Tower, or you can get them from high-level nightfalls as random drops from the final chest.

Finally, there’s the Baryon Bough. This is a little more in-depth so I will get into how to farm Baryon Bough next.

How to farm Baryon Bough

Baryon Bough is the planetary material found on The Dreaming City and there’s a couple of ways to get them. Before you head down onto The Dreaming City you’ll want to prepare, in particular with your ghost shell. There’s a mod called Wombo Detector which helps you detect caches and resources within a 50m range. Put this on your ghost as this is going to come in use.

Once you’ve done this head down to The Dreaming City. There are a few farming methods we’re going to combine here. Pick up all the bounties from Petra, her location rotates each week.

Next, you’ll find to find the caches hidden on The Dreaming City, you’ll be able to see these on your map and they will reward you with Baryon Bough. Finally, you can find individual Baryon Bough on the ground. If you get your ghost out your Wombo Detector Ghost mod will be able to help you find them nice and fast.

It is also worth checking out Spider on the Tangled Shore as he may be selling or trading Baryon Bough. His inventory rotates daily. Do be careful with Spider though. I would wait for the 5 x Baryon Bough to be sold for 1 Legendary Shard, rather than 5000 Glimmer. Unless you have loads of Glimmer and Shards, as Spider will fleece you of everything you’ve got.

Once you have all the materials then head back to the Monuments to Lost Lights in the Tower and purchase Whisper of the Worm.

Whisper of the Worm is a heavy sniper rifle, unlike its predecessors Black Hammer and Black Spindle. The weapon shares the White Nail perk of the Spindle as it functioned after the release of The Taken King, pulling ammo from reserves. It focuses on sustained boss DPS without reloading, heavily competing with D.A.R.C.I. and Sleeper Simulant.

The Catalyst grants Whispered Breathing, which, after aiming down sights for three seconds, will increase precision damage and range until de-scoped. Unfortunately, the method to obtain the catalyst was removed from the game with the Beyond Light update, with the removal of Io. The Whisper mission was the original way to get the weapon, and this was a hidden mission on Io, which included a timed battle deep into the depths of Io, to fight against Taken and a series of bosses. With Io removed from the game, Whisper ended up in the Monument Lost Lights in the Tower.

History of Whisper of the Worm in Destiny 2

To obtain the Whisper of the Worm, one must complete a secret mission called The Whisper. As of January 29, 2019, the mission can be started on any day of the week, with any Public Event in the Lost Oasis on Io, by killing one of three Taken lieutenants. These lieutenants are called Drevis, Aspect of Darkness, Urzok, Aspect of Hate, and Ta’aurc, Aspect of War.

Upon entering the anomaly, the player is taken to the Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector location and will have to navigate through mazes and dark caverns as well as fight through hordes of Taken that spawn through numerous blights, which will wind up in a large boss encounter featuring the lieutenants from before.

This mission runs on a timer that is set to exactly twenty minutes, and given the sheer amount of enemies as well as the toughness of the bosses, it is highly recommended to be at an incredibly high Power level and bring a full Fireteam that matches or surpasses the activity’s level. If the mission is completed before the timer runs out, the player is finally awarded the Whisper of the Worm.

Let me know what you think of Whisper of the Worm in the comments, and let me know what you want to see from the buff. If you are watching this in the future, and we’ve got the buff… then let me know what you think!

That’s it for this guide for how to get Whisper of the Worm in Destiny 2 after the Beyond Light update. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.