Season of the Lost

Six things to do before the end of Season of the Lost in Destiny 2

Season of the Lost is pretty long, given the delay to Witch Queen, however, that does give us some time to wrap up some important things before certain quests and locations go into the Destiny Content Vault. Today I’m going to look at seven things you should be prioritizing to finish up before Season of the Lost ends and the Witch Queen arrives, and you’ll want to complete this shortlist of tasks before they go away for an unknown amount of time, or in some cases… forever.

The Destiny Content Vault is a thing, and content goes in and comes out at fairly regular intervals. This keeps the size of Destiny 2 down to a manageable size and allows Bungie to update the game regularly and quickly. The main push of content into the Destiny Content Vault came when Beyond Light dropped, with many planets, moons, exotic quests, and raids. The Vault of Glass, part of the Cosmodrome, and also some Destiny 1 strikes have come out of the vault.

Related to the Witch Queen there’s more going into the Destiny Content Vault. Including

  • The Tangeled Shore Location
  • The Forsaken Campaign
  • Year 4 Seasonal Content

Let’s dive into the list of things to do before the end of Season of the Lost.

Experience the Empty Tank Lost Sector

With the Tangled Shore going away you want to experience the Empty Tank Lost Sector. This is a strange one, it’s basically a nightclub for fallen, but in the back, there’s an area where Fallen and Cabal fight each other in ritual combat. It’s sad to see this one going away, but get in there and experience it before it goes away.

Visit Spider on the Tangled Shore

Spider has been integral to Guardian lives for a long time, given he’s a trading post for currencies within the Destiny universe. For example, you can trade materials for other materials, and Spider has been a long-term tenant of the Tangled Shore. Given the Tangled Shore is going away, plus Mara and Petra appear to be sharpening their knives in the direction of Spider. We don’t know the fate of Spider just yet, he could be killed, or maybe he’ll escape. What we do know is Spider is handing over a functionality to Master Rahool in the Tower and starting in the Witch Queen, you’ll have to go there for materials trading.

Experience Harbinger Mission and Get Hawkmoon

Hawkmoon is an Exotic weapon returned to us this year with Beyond Light in Season of the Hunt. Hawkmoon is one thing, but there’s also the Exotic mission Harbinger on the EDZ. While the EDZ is sticking around, the Harbinger mission is going away. It’s a great mission, which will take you deep into the EDZ, finishing up with a great boss battle against the Taken. Hawkmoon is also relatively unique because it comes with one random perk slot.

Before the end of the season, you want to get yourself a few random rolls of Hawkmoon. It would make sense for Hawkmoon to go into the Monuments to Lost Lights, but I don’t know what that means for the random perk element. In theory, when you buy the weapon from the kiosk you could get a random perk, but we don’t know. There are two things to do, experience the mission and get yourself some rolls of Hawkmoon.

Seasonal titles for Hunt, Chosen, Splicer and Lost

Titles are a good way to show off in Destiny 2, and 4 new seasonal titles were introduced in Beyond Light. There’s one for each season; Season of the Hunt, Season of the Chosen, Season of the Splicer, and Season of the Lost. You can check out these titles and the requirements for them on your character selection screen on the Triumphs tab. If you complete these Triumphs, then you’ll get a corresponding title which you can show off in-game. I have the Splicer title at the moment.

These seasonal titles aren’t too tricky to get, plus you get to play parts of the game you may not previously be motivated to play. For example, I’ve been working towards the Realmwalker title recently in Season of the Lost, and one of the triumphs is to find all the secrets in each Shattered Realm. I’m not really a completionist, and normally I don’t engage in this kind of activity in games, but I’ve really enjoyed working towards the Realmwalker title, and I’d recommend picking up one, or maybe all of these Seasonal Titles before the activities go away.

Forsaken Campaign

The Forsaken Campaign is being put into the Destiny Content Vault, given a majority of it takes place on th Tangled Shore. This is one of the best campaigns in Destiny history. The expansion takes place in the Reef. The story revolves around a massive Fallen breakout from the Prison of Elders by a house of rogue undead Fallen pirates known as the Scorn, who are led by Uldren Sov, former prince and traitor to the Reef. Cayde-6 has been murdered by Uldren, and it is up to the Guardian to avenge his death.

In the campaign, the Guardian must work alongside Petra Venj and The Spider to hunt down the eight Barons who lead the Scorn, culminating in the discovery of the mysterious Awoken homeland known as the Dreaming City. The expansion’s plot is non-linear, and its missions can be tackled in any order. The missions consist of hunting down the Scorn Barons. After doing this, players receive access to the expansion’s finale, where they confront Uldren.

It’s an excellent campaign, especially the involvement of Cayde-6 and the development of Uldren as a character.

Bungie updated the community in October 2021 related to the Forsaken Campaign by saying

“The Forsaken campaign will be available for free for all players from December 7, 2021, until it enters the DCV in February 2022. If you or your friends have not had a chance to live Forsaken’s epic narrative and experience the origins of Uldren Sov before he became Crow, this will be your chance.”

Deadman’s Tale, Catalyst and Experience Presage

Another fantastic exotic mission, arguably one of the best Bungie has ever produced was introduced in Beyond Light in Season of the Chosen, and this is also going away when Witch Queen rolls around. This is Bungie dipping their toe into horror and it’s a masterful example of storytelling, mixing up the gameplay mechanics and the use of a higher difficulty activity with the timer.

The way this was introduced to the game was great, we were all running through a strike we’d run 100 times, then all of a sudden a new door opened up. Running through the door led us to a signal, which then led up to the presage mission. It was one of those moments only destiny can deliver. Much like finding the original Whisper mission, Presage was another example of the exciting secrets hidden in Destiny 2.

Here’s some more about the story of the mission

The activity takes place aboard the derelict Cabal carrier, the Glykon Volatus; drifting on the periphery of the anomaly left as a result of Mars’ disappearance from the Sol System. The Guardian is tasked by Zavala to respond to the distress signal recovered in the EDZ and rescue Katabasis aboard the ship in exchange for his rifle. Osiris accompanies the Guardian on their outing, with Caiatl lending her assistance as she searches for the whereabouts of Emperor Calus.

Fluorescent spores and Egregore fauna infest the interior of the ship, with the remains of Cabal Legionaries and Scorn Stalkers scattered throughout the various areas. The Glykon Volatus has been overrun with Corrupted Scorn and is being led by the Locus of Communion, the mutated result of Calus’ attempts at communing with the Darkness through the Crown of Sorrow. The team heard numerous voices of the dead several times while navigating through the ship such as Sagira, Cayde-6, and Uldren Sov. Upon reaching the boiler room, the Guardian successfully defeated the Locus of Communion and traversed through further vents to reach the bridge of the ship. Once there, the team discovered that Katabasis had died and his corpse was strung up by the Egregore, slowly siphoning the Light from his body; his rifle was lain on the ground next to the fauna.

After numerous expeditions to the ship and uncover each of the smuggling compartments revealed by the Captain’s Log pieces, the team discovered the Crown of Sorrow underneath the bridge of the ship. Osiris noted that the Crown was ‘listening’ and had been altered from its original design of possessing the wearer to assimilate two entities together. He also wished to recover this and return it to the Tower for further inspection, but Caiatl strongly objected.

Let me know what you think of this list, plus let me know what else we should be doing before the end of the season.