Season of the Lost

How to get Precious Scars (Exotic Titan Helmet) plus Titan PVE Support Build

Precious Scars is an Exotic Titan armor piece, which has been buffed in Season of the Lost and now gives Titan more abilities to play the support role. The Ward of Dawn has been particularly good, but when paired with Precious Scars, you can now roll through PVE, and PVP content provides the best possible support to your team.

First, today, let’s look at the exotic armor in question. Precious Scars is an Exotic Titan Helmet. Looking at the perks we have

Kintsugi – Final blows from weapons with a damage type matching your subclass energy create a burst of healing around you. After reviving or being revived, you gain an aura that provides over shields to you and nearby allies.

Up until now support Titan builds have revolved around using the Ward of Dawn Super. Precious Scars is a great addition here, as a recent buff in Season of the Lost means final blows from weapons with a damage type matching your subclass energy create a burst of healing around you. The reviving buff also means an over shield to you and your allies which is great in Trials and also tough PVE content like Nightfalls.

How to get Precious Scars

Precious Scars is one of the newer Exotic pieces of armor introduced in the Beyond Light update (specifically Season 12). Previous to Beyond Light and these newer armor pieces being introduced, Exotic armor was acquired at random through Exotic engrams or campaign story content.

Now, there’s a way to target farm Exotic armor pieces through Legend and Master Lost Sectors. If you complete these activities solo, then there’s a chance at the Exotic armor to drop for you. Every day the Legend and Master Lost Sectors rotate, with two available each day across the planets and moons.

As well as the location for Legend and Master Lost Sectors rotating, the rewards rotate too with different armor pieces for the head, arms, chest, and legs. If you want to check the location and the rewards, then you can do so in-game by completing the Lost Sectors on the regular difficulty, and then check on the map. The Legend and Master Lost sectors are indicated as a blue shield icon. Another good way to check is a great tool called This will quickly tell you what the location is, plus what the reward is.

To get Precious Scars, you want to look out for the Exotic Chest Reward. Then if you complete the Legend or Master Lost Sector Solo, you’ll have a chance for that reward. If you don’t get it the first time, keep trying and you’ll get it after a few tries. Personally, I tend to get the exotic armor on my 2nd or 3rd try and have had success with a number of Exotic armor pieces, however, you are at the mercy of Destiny’s RNG.

Precious Scars Titan PVE Build

This build is all about support, building on the main perk for Precious Scars.

Exotic Armour

Precious Scars is the focus of the guide.


For this build, I’ll be using Code of the Protector, which is a top-tree void, Titan. This offers further support with the Ward of Dawn.

Defensive Strike – Defeat an enemy with this melee ability to create an overshield around you and nearby allies. Final blows grant melee energy when this overshield is active.

Rallying Force – Melee kills restore health for you and your nearby allies.

Turn the Tide – Your overshield from Defensive Strike lasts longer and increases melee damage and reload speed.

Ward of Dawn – When Super energy is full, create an indestructible dome to protect you and your allies. Passing through Ward of Dawn grants you and your allies a temporary increase in weapon damage.

The Ward of Dawn comes in useful here when you get in a tight spot, and need a bubble. Defensive Strike is also good for the overshield generation.


With the weapons, we’re going to be using Void Weapons. This is pretty flexible. As long as you are using weapons with the same energy type as your subclass, then you’re going to get the benefit from Precious Scars. This is particularly good for Nightfalls of all levels, although particularly the harder content where you will be reviving teammates a lot.

Kinetic – Chroma Rush (Anti Barrier)

For the Kinetic weapon I’m using Chroma Rush, this was from Season of the Splicer. The reason I am using this is that this week Anti-Barrier shields are active in the Nightfall, but this could easily be swapped out for a Pulse Rifle if you wanted to use Unstoppable Weapons for a Lost Sector or another challenging PVE activity.

Energy – Le Monarque (Overload)

This is an Exotic Bow, which can be bought from the Monuments to Lost Lights exotic kiosk in the Tower. Overload mods this season are on Bows, and you can use any energy bow here like Wolftone Draw or something else, however, this is particularly good because it’s Void, which matches my subclass, so I can take advantage of Precious Scars perk and break the Void Shields in the Nightfall. Mix and match here depending on your subclass, but if you’re going void then Le Monarque is a decent pick.

Power – Threaded Needle

Finally, in the power slot, I am using Threaded Needle. This is a Power Linear Fusion Rifle from Season of the Chosen. Again, it’s void so I am taking advantage of Precious Scars, plus also the Particle Deconstruction mod found in Season of the Lost, which increases the damage on Linear Fusion Rifles. Another decent Void option here would be Falling Guillotine.


  • Particle Decontruction – Gives you increased damage for Linear Fusion Rifles.
  • Anti-barrier Autorifle – To deal with Anti-barrier champions with an auto rifle
  • Overload Bow – To deal with Overload Champions with a bow
  • Melee Wellmaker – Powered melee combatant final blows spawn elemental wells matching your subclass energy type. This works well with the next mods.
  • Well of Tenacity – Picking up a void well reduces the damage you take from combatants for a short period of time. Get this one from the Splicer Servitor in the HELM.

Let me know what you think of the Precious Scars in the comments.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Precious Scars in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.