New Farm for Spectral Pages and Candy in Festival of the Lost (Not Expunge or Wrathborn Hunts)

Festival of the Lost has been going on for just over a week now, and in classic Destiny community behavior, we all found the fastest way to farm Spectral Pages and Candy within hours of the event going live. Bungie put a stop to that pretty quickly, and today I’m going to go over the patch as well as some new farms for Spectral Pages and Candy, so you can get all the loot and pages for the lore book during Festival of the Lost 2021.

Before we get started today, let me know in the comments what you think of Bungie nerfing these methods of getting spectral pages and candy. Do you think they were right, or are they just nerfing the fun? I’d be keen to know what you think.

Festival of the Lost 2021 went live on the 12th of October, and almost immediately we ran to known farms for materials like Wrathborn Hunts, Expunge missions, and also Lake of Shadows.

Wrathborn Hunts was probably the worst-case scenario for Bungie, and the best case for us the players. You could do a Wrathborn Hunt, keep the lure active and as long as you didn’t damage the boss, then you could re-run the second part of the Wrathborn Hunt and get 300 Candy and 5 or 6 Spectral Pages per activity. All in all, this took about 2 mins, meaning people who farmed this technique a lot in the first few days, pretty much completely the Festival of the Lost objectives in only a few hours.

Expunge was slightly different, you still had the run through the whole Expunge Mission, but much of Tartarus can be skipped, and then it was a race to the final boss. Upon killing the boss, you got 300 candy and 5 Spectral Pages. This took about 4-5 mins if you got into a good rhythm.

Lake of Shadows was the strangest nerf for me, it happened to be the weekly Nightfall last week, and players were speedrunning through the whole thing pretty effectively. This week we have a different Nightfall and Bungie’s planning on reverting the change. I think it’s Exodus Crash, meaning no one is going to want to run through that activity…

So all these methods were found, the Destiny Community farmed like crazy and then late last week Bungie limited the farms for Wrathborn Hunts, Expunge and Lake of Shadows Nightfall.

That brings us to new farms.

New Spectral Pages and Candy Farms

Public events are by far and away from the best farming method in the game at the moment, and you want to find a destination where you have a lot of public events, so the EDZ immediately springs to mind. These can be done in a few minutes and you can travel around and do as many as possible. This isn’t as efficient as any of the previous methods, but it’s going to be faster than doing other playlist activities.

The EDZ is the location with probably the most active public events, plus you can double dip by completing the activity and then loading back into the activity at the nearest spawn point, and then racing back to the chest. If you get there quick enough, then you have the chance to get more loot.

Another decent farm is Crucible. You want to keep an eye out for playlists that are quick for the most efficient farm for example Team Scorched or Mayhem.

You can of course play other activities and playlists in the game, although they aren’t going to be as fast as the public event method mentioned before. Strikes are good, especially if you can run through the shorter strikes like Lake of Shadows, plus if you get a stacked team them Gambit would be decent too. Astral Alignment does give you decent rewards, but that’s going to take a fair amount of time.

Should Bungie nerf FotL activites?

One question I have been thinking about a lot this week is if Bungie were right to nerf the farms. I can see the argument for nerfing Wrathborn Hunts, given that you simply load into the activity, wait and get rewards (if you have a team). Out of all three that one was probably the most suspect method, although I do think that has been in the game for a while, and it’s interesting it was left in for the Dawning event last year, and Bungie decided to do something about it this year.

Expunge is a little different because it takes more skill to run through that quickly (not much more, you can get decent runs after about 30 mins practice). Personally, I like this method the most because you are running the activity all the way to the end, however, if you want to speed run Expunge then you can. It still took around 3-4 mins to get decent runs.

Nerfing Lake of Shadows is te really strange one for me. This just so happened to be the nightfall, and Lake of Shadows has been a famous Strike in Destiny 2 for some time related to how quickly you can run through it. The whole community breaths a sigh of relief, or rubs their hands together when Lake of Shadows is the Nightfall, especially when there are either double loot rewards or something like Festival of the Lost where you are getting a currency for activities. Strictly speaking, the community wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary here, so I think nerfing this one was a little bit strange.

I can certainly see Bungie’s point of view. They want players to play the game the way it’s meant to be played, and on the flip side, the community will go to extreme lengths to get loot as fast as possible. Bungie probably looks at the playtime in activities to determine whether something has been a success or not, for example, they may be looking at the effect Festival of the Lost has on the other activities and may use this data to determine whether or not they should invest as much, more or less into it next year. When we’re finding shortcuts then it’s tricky to see through that in the data analysis. I may be way off the mark here, and Bungie could have nerfed for different reasons, but if I had to guess, then I’d start here.

Anyways, we have about 2 more weeks of Festival of the Lost. I think this year is a MASSIVE improvement over previous years. I prefer the Lost Sectors to the Haunted Forest, the Dino armor is cool, and getting the community involved in the decision was a smart move. The Spider Sparrow has to be one of the best Sparrows ever made, so I think there’s plenty of positives to come out of the Festival this year. it’s good to see them change things up a little, and hopefully, we’ll see some improvements in the other seasonal events too.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the new farms, and let me know if you have found anything faster!

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