How to get Spectral Pages and Candy quickly during Festival of the Lost 2021 in Destiny 2

During Festival of the Lost, you’re going to want to gather 2 things quickly and efficiently and that’s Candy and Spectral Pages. Today I’m going to cover 2 specific farming methods, one for solo players and another if you have a fireteam. Both methods are fast, and you’ll have thousands of candy and will max out your Spectral Pages in minutes.

Candy can be pretty much gained from any activity during Festival of the Lost 2021, you simply need to be wearing a mask and you can play the game, then in activities, you’ll get candy to drop by killing enemies and also at the end when you complete the activity.

How to get Spectral Pages

Spectral Pages are a new item in Destiny 2, which you’ll want to collect before going into the Haunted Sectors because these can be converted into Manifested Pages by killing Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors. Manifested Pages can then be taken to the Book of the Forgotten in the Tower (Next to Eva), and converted into Lore pages.

One of the main benefits of unlocking the lore pages in the Book of the Forgotten is that loot drops are increased in Haunted Sectors. The more pages you convert, the more loot you are going to get meaning more Festival of the Lost loot like Jurassic Green, Braytech Werewolf, and the Horror Story Auto Rifle.

The key to these farming methods is going to be activity completion, so I am going to be selecting two activities we can complete quickly. For each completion, we’re going to get around 300 candy and 5/6 Spectral Pages. The activities take between 3-5 minutes to complete, so you are going to max out your candy and Spectral Pages in no time at all.

Farming Method 1 – Expunge Tarturus

This first method is good for solo players. Expunge Tarturus can be found on Europa and was an activity in Season of the Splicer. Most of the Expunge mission itself can be skipped, so it’s a race to the boss and then try and kill him as quickly as possible, and then simply repeat the process.

When you start you want to race forward and make your way through the jumping puzzle, being careful not to fall off and die or get hit by the laser barriers. Make your way to the end and jump through the portal.

When you get into the Vex network, make sure you trigger the first node, otherwise, the man cannon won’t be enabled, and will make this slower. Jump over the area, again being careful not to die, and then use the man cannon to get to the next area. Jump up to the pillar and then jump onto the glowing square orb. You’ll want to use this to run and jump over the barrier to the next zone, without having to complete it normally.

When you have jumped over this part, then just race to the end where you will meet the boss. Melt the boss as fast as you can with a combination of heavy weapons and your super and kill any of the vex that get in your way.

it should be doable to complete this in under 5 mins, nearer 3 mins if you get into a good rhythm. You will be rewarded with 300+ candy and at least 5 Spectral pages. You can repeat this process as many times as you need.

Farming Method 2 – Wrathborn Hunts

The next method is for Fireteams, as you’ll need one fireteam member with the Wrathborn Hunt Lure who doesn’t do damage to the boss, and then you’ll need at least one other who can kill the Wrathborn on the hunt.

What you want to do here is load up the Wrathborn hunt with a Lure for Savek, he can be found on the Tangled Shore. Load up the Cryptolith Lure with the Prey Mod: Savek ad then add the other mods you want to add, it doesn’t really matter.

Once you have your fireteam, head down to the Tangled Shore and complete the first part of the Wrathborn Hunt as normal, damaging the boss to get his energy down to nearly 0. The servitor will then go on the run, and you’ll want to chase after it. Find your way to the Hunt Lure and then start the activity.

When you load into the activity by selecting ‘Continue Hunt’, the Guardian with the Lure will want to hang back and not to any damage to the boss. By not doing any damage to the boss you get to keep the Lure, allowing you to easily repeat the activity over and over. The Guardian with the Lure can hang back in the Spawn, or watch as their fireteam members kill the Wrathborn boss, and for completion, you’ll get 300+ candy and 5 Spectral Pages.

After the Wrathborn is killed, you can repeat the second part of the encounter over and over. You’ll be taken back to the Tangled Shore, then find the Hunt Lure again and start the activity. Repeat the process with your fireteam member killing the boss, and you’ll get another 300+ candy and 5/6 Spectral Pages.

This process takes approx 2.5 mins to complete.

Those are the two fastest methods in the game at the moment for farming candy and Spectral Pages. You can just play the game naturally, like Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Public events, etc and you’ll get Candy and pages. However, if you want to efficiently gather the currencies, so you can get your hands on more Festival of the Lost loot, then I’d recommend either of these two methods.

The Expunge Mission takes a little time to learn and master to get the runs down but can be easily achieved solo if you don’t have a fireteam. Wrathborn hunts on the other hand are pretty ridiculous, and definitely the most efficient way to farm. The only drawback with the method of the Wrathborn hunt is you need a fireteam, but people can easily be found on LFG websites like the Bungie Companion App, and look under fireteams > Wrathborn Hunts. You’ll likely find someone there who is farming for Candy and Pages.

Let me know in the comments your top farming methods for Candy and Spectral Pages.

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