How to increase Carry Weight in New World

One of the most frustrating things early on in the game is the lack of inventory space. You’ll take on a boss or a dungeon, pick up your loot, and immediately get encumbered, which means you’ll walk slowly until you get back underweight once again. Today I’m going to show you how to increase your inventory size, so you can carry around more items nice and easy.

How to increase Carry Weight

The first thing you want to do is get your hands on a Coarse Leather Bag. This is going to increase your inventory size by 100 points, allowing you to carry more items. You’ll want to keep your eyes open for an Outfitting Station in your local Settlement, this is where you can craft a Coarse Leather Bag.

The only thing you’ll need to do to get this upgrade is to be level 10, and I’d recommend doing this ASAP once you reach level 10. You do get access to more upgrades at level 30 and level 45, which all adds up to increase your carry weight and help you avoid encumbrance.

To be able to craft the Course Leather Bag you are going to need a few items.

45 Course Leather
25 Linen
10 Iron Ingots
1 Minor Rune of Holding

Course leather can be made at the Tannery using 4 Rawhide, which can be acquired by skinning animals (like boars). You’ll need 180 Rawhide to make 45 Course Leather.

Linen can be made at the Loom, and you’ll need 4 fibers to make a single Linen. To get Fibers you can harvest hemp, and in total, you’ll need 96 Fibers to make enough Linen.

Iron Ingots can be made with 4 Iron Ore at a Smelter. Each Settlement has a smelter and you should be introduced to it during the main story quest. It should be near the forge, woodshop, and stonecutting table.

Finally, The Minor Rune of Holding can be purchased from your faction of choice. During the main story quest, you will align with a faction (Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant). The Minor Rune of Holding costs 1000 Faction Tokens and 250 Gold.

Of course, you can simply buy all of these things at the trading post. Yes, this stuff is freely available out there in the wild, but if you want to save time, then you can buy the items. I wouldn’t recommend doing this all the time, because you probably will run out of money, however, sometimes you simply need to get stuff done fast.

How to increase storage size

If you have too much in your bag, then you can keep it in storage in your local settlement. You will eventually run out of space, so you’ll want to increase your storage space as soon as possible.

To increase storage capacity, you’ll need to increase your standing with the territory. When you level up in areas you’ll get the chance to pick various boons, so if you want to increase storage, then you’ll want to select increase standing.

The main takeaway today is if you want to increase the carry weight then you have to buy a new item called a Course Leather Bag. After level 10, gather some items and then craft the new bag at the Outfitting Station in your Settlement. That way, you increase your Carry Weight by 100 points. You’ll get further upgrades at 30 and 45.

Let me know down in the comments what you think, and if you have any other tips share them with the community.

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