New World XP Farm (Quests, Portals, Expeditions, Elite Areas)

Getting XP and leveling up in New World should be your priority as you make your way through the game. Gaining levels open up more game modes, plus you will be getting better gear and overall becoming more powerful. Today I’m going to run through some of the best ways to farm XP in New World, so you can level up nice and quickly.

Before getting into the main topic of the guide, you don’t have to level up quickly if you don’t want to. You can do it at your own pace, so take the elements from this guide you want to take on board and don’t feel like having to do everything fast. Much of New World is about exploring, going on adventures either solo or with your friends, so it’s best you enjoy the process. Personally, I’ve been using a combination of these tips and methods today, rather than getting stuck in a single place in the game. There’s a whole world out there to explore.

Let’s get into the best methods for farming XP, which is going to help you level up in New World.


When you are first starting out in New World and you are leveling towards the early level 20s, then quests are going to be your main go-to. Main story quests are going to give you the biggest amount of XP, but then you want to be picking up Town Board quests and also Faction Quests too. Side quests are supplementary to the main story quests and these can be found with the yellow diamonds on the map.

You’ll want to construct a loop, located around 2-3 areas close to you. For example, my home base is Everfall, and close by is Windsward and Monarch’s Bluff. Ideally, you want to be picking up quests in similar areas, grouping them together, and efficiently running through them to gather XP fast. Pick up quests from one location, complete them and then rotate to the new region and repeat the process.

Main story quests are going to give you a big boost, and as you approach level 25 you’re going to hit a barrier where you have to do other things and level up through a combination of side quests, faction quests, and town board quests. These non-main story quests are going to give a boost in XP, but a combination of the next few tips is going to help too.

Portal Farming

Corrupted Portals appear all over the map and these are indicated by the red diamonds. Farming these portals is going to be a pretty good method of getting XP. Each time you complete one of these you’ll get 3000 XP, plus they are relatively quick to do.

The best thing to do is try and get a group of people together to run portals. Either put out a message in Global Chat or head to the portals and see if you can find an existing group and just join in. At the moment this is a popular way to level, and given many of us are going through the leveling process, it’s not difficult to find a group of people wanting to do this activity.

Ideally, you want to be running portals that are similar to your level score, for example, if you are in the low 20s you don’t want to be running level 35 portals, as you’ll get squashed. If you are a few levels below that tends to be OK.

To get this done nice and efficiently for speedy XP gains, try farming a few portals, fast traveling around Aternum. There are 2 sizes of portals for farming, plus there are varieties of portals too, which keep things fresh. Spending an hour or so on portals should net you somewhere between 20,000 – 30,000 XP, which is going to help you level up nice and quickly.

Expedition Farming

Expeditions are New World’s Dungeons. You get introduced to these in the main story quest at around level 25 when you need 5 players to take on Amrine Expedition. Once that is complete then there’s a new Expedition every 10 levels until level 55, then you get access to two-level Dungeons at level 60.

Expeditions are instanced content, and you’ll have to gather a group with four other players to go in. Expeditions are filled with elite enemies, which means a good amount of XP and excellent loot drops, plus you get some great weapon mastery too, so there’s plenty of benefits of getting to Expeditions as fast as you can. If you can get a good group together with a mixture of healers, tanks, and DPS, and work on your efficiency, then runs can be between 10-15mins, therefore gaining XP nice and quickly.

Eventually, you’ll outgrow the content in terms of power levels, therefore you are going to get less XP each time you go in, and that’s the time to move onto the next one. You can repeat Expeditions, so try and maximize the amount of XP you are getting out of them.

If you aren’t quite level 25 yet, then keep doing the main story quest until you get offered the quest. It’s possible to go in under level 25, but be aware it’s going to be tough going, and you’ll probably die a lot. However, getting into the Expeditions content is going to really boost your XP grind.

Elite Area Farming

Elite areas are like Expeditions, but they are out there in the wild. Players can team up and take on a bunch of Elite enemies, which means these activities are great for XP farming, loot drops, and weapon mastery once again. Elite areas also have the chance to drop rare items like weapons and armor, plus Elite areas have bosses which you can get some specific loot drops.

Fighting against Elite enemies close to your level is going to help you get plenty of player experience and weapon mastery points too. Once you hit level 30, then Elite Quests will start to pop up through your quest log via meeting NPCs, which will open up more Elite areas and farming opportunities.

Early on in the game (at around level 20-25) you’ll want to head to Monarch’s Bluff and Dead Man’s Cove. This is particularly good if you hit a blocker in the main story quests, this will help you get loads of XP, and some great loot too which includes some Pirate-themed loot (blue T2 rapier and musket).

Here’s a list of Elite areas and bosses:

  • Deadman’s Cove – A cove at the south of Monarch’s Bluff filled with level 25 elites. – You can get a blue T2 Rapier and Musket drop – pirate-themed weapons from the enemies in the area.
  • Benjamin the Unbound – Level 32 elite found on the bottom left island in Cutlass keys. He drops the Stormbinder’s Great Axe.
  • The Azoth Tree – Level 32 Angry Earth enemies with Ceran, an elite boss guarding the Azoth tree in Brightwood.
  • Misanthrope Broadbin – Found in Pond Scum Fort on the Haunted Isle surrounded by level 35 enemies.
  • Brightwood Isle – Level 34 elites.
  • Soddenswale – Soddenswale is an area in Weaver’s Fen, containing two major enemy NPC landmarks. Both Perivale and Karburg have dense mob locations, with Perivale containing level 40 mobs, while Karbug has level 38 enemies. Note that Karbug has plenty of T2 chests, while Perivale has two Tier 4 elite chests guarded by bosses
  • Stone Skull Fort – Three level 40 elite bosses called the Executioner, Tax Collector, and Goldstein the Equalizer guard two Tier 4 Elite chests at the Stone Skull fort in Cutlass Keys.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and let me know your XP farming and leveling tips.

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