How to get Ascendancy (Legendary Rocket Launcher) in Destiny 2

Ascendancy is the new ritual weapon in Season of the Lost, and this one is a useful Rocket Launcher with a decent combination of perks. Today I am going to check out Ascendancy, its stats, and perks, plus look at how to get it nice and fast, you can be causing as many explosions as possible this season.

Each season Bungie gives us a ritual weapon to chase, and you can pick the path to getting it through Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and also The Drifter by playing Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit. The method to get the ritual weapon this season has changed slightly from seasons gone by, and I’ll go into detail about that in a few minutes. First, though, let’s check out the weapon itself.

Ascendancy is a Legendary Power Rocket Launcher is a Precision Frame meaning this weapon fires a small auto-tracking missile. Missiles lock onto targets when aimed.

Looking at the stats we have Stability 48, Handling 47, Reload Speed 34, Velocity 56, Blast Radius 65, Rounds Per Minute 15, Magazine 1

How to get Ascendancy

This season you simply have to rank up at vendors to get Ascendancy, as it becomes available at rank 16 on each of the rank-up tracks from Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and Drifter. This provides a little bit of flexibility, so you can play the game mode you want to play, rather than forcing you down a path in a certain game mode via a quest.

One thing you want to be taking advantage of here is the new streaks feature. This had been implemented for Crucible and Gambit, but now it’s available in Strikes, meaning you can stick to a playlist and get bonus streaks for staying there. When you are successful in a playlist, you gain a streak node, and this stacks up to 5 times, meaning you’re going to get more points in leveling up that playlist. This does mean you’ll want to stick in a particular playlist, gain the streaks bonus and then you’ll get the rank-up rewards much quicker.

This also means you can double up on activities and rewards. For example, this season I focused mainly on the crucible by playing Trials and Iron Banner a fair amount. Given I was already gaining loot and rewards from these playlists, it meant getting to Ascendancy was a much more fruitful experience. Regarding the effect on the points gained related to streaks, you’ll get 135 points per Strike in the Vanguard Playlist with a 5 streak active. Higher-level nightfalls increase the points even further, for example, 261 points for a Legend Nightfall. If you have the 5 streak bonus active in Crucible, then you’ll still get 230 points from a match, even if you lose, so it’s worth spending time in a single playlist and getting up those streak bonuses.

The quickest way to get Ascendancy is to grind out higher-level Nightfalls, for example, Legend and Master. This is a decent path to the reward as you’ll also be getting the Nightfall weapon rewards, as well as prisms and Ascendant Shards too.

Ascendancy Perks

Ascendancy is a precision frame rocket launcher, which is one of the better rocket launchers in the game right now due to auto-locking onto targets. As with all ritual weapons, it comes fully masterworked and you have a choice of perks.

First, you have Impulse Amplifier, and this increases the velocity of the rocket as well as the reload speed, so very useful on rockets. We also have Ambitious Assassin, which could mean two rockets in the magazine after a kill with the weapon.

In the second column of perks, you have Explosive Light, which got buff this season. By picking up an orb of power, you can increase the damage and blast radius of the rocket launcher. The other perk here is Chain Reaction, which causes elemental damage explosions and is a fantastic perk for clearing a path through a bunch of smaller enemies.

All-in-all, some good choices here for perks. Given the buff to Explosive Light, I have been using that a bunch, and it does appear comparable to the damage of Vorpal Weapon.

Finally, let’s look at the lore.

Ascendancy Lore

“When the time comes, make yours one to remember.” —Petra Venj

Petra Venj was hunched over her workbench, reassembling a rocket launcher, when an odor prompted her to raise her head. The acrid smell lurked just beneath the gun oil and textured rubber. It was familiar but forbidding, like an uninvited memory.

She followed her nose into the hallways of the Dreaming City. As the scent grew stronger, she strode with increasing urgency.

She rounded a corner and spotted wisps of bitter smoke issuing from under the door to a long-disused workshop. Fearing yet another calamity, Petra burst into the room. There, she discovered Sjari, seated cross-legged on the floor, amidst a sprawling antique chemistry set.

The new Techeun turned to face her unexpected visitor. “I’m sorry,” she said. “Was I being too loud?”

Petra coughed and waved her hands frantically in front of her face. With the door open, the room began to clear.

“Are you joking?” Petra fired back. “You’re smoking out the whole city. What is that stink?”

“Oh,” the Techeun replied distractedly, “I forgot. Apologies.”

Petra leaned forward to examine Sjari’s face. The new Techeun’s pupils were shimmery and dilated, as if a tiny nebula swirled inside her eyeballs. Suddenly, Petra realized what the smell was.

“Are you trying to brew queensfoil?” Petra laughed.

“I was,” Sjari replied, “but I… got lost.”

“You’re lucky I came,” Petra chided. “Too much of that stuff, and you’ll leave your mind in the Ascendant Plane.”

“We need to find the Ley Lines,” Sjari said, as if suddenly recalling her original purpose. “We need to find Queen Mara.”

“You’re right.” Petra was suddenly somber. “We do. Queensfoil is a good idea. Keep at it.”

“But next time,” she cautioned, wrinkling her nose, “take it to the courtyard.”

Let me know in the comments what you think of Ascendancy, plus which route did you take to get it?

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