Season of the Lost

How to get Lorentz Driver (Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle) plus Catalyst in Destiny 2

Lorentz Driver is the new seasonal Exotic weapon in Season of the Lost. This is great timing due to the major buff given to Linear fusions this season with the artifact mods, specifically particle deconstruction. This weapon is surprisingly popular in PVP as well as PVE, so today I am going to check out how to get the weapon, plus look at the stats and also the catalyst, so you can supercharge this weapon to make it even more deadly.

Lorentz Driver

Lorentz Driver is an Exotic Energy Linear Fusion Rifle. Checking out the perks we have:

Lagrangian Sight – This weapon marks targets with an automated targeting system. Final blows on marked targets generate a telemetry pattern. Picking up telemetry patterns grants bonus ability energy. Collecting 3 telemetry patterns without dying grants this weapon bonus damage for a long duration.

EM Anomaly – A precision final blow with this weapon creates an implosion that pulls in nearby targets and damages them with an additional detonation.

Looking at the stats we have Impact 41, Range 44, Stability 52, Handling 32, Reload Speed 35, Charge Time 533, Magazine 6.

How to get Lorentz Driver

To get this Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle you have two ways. For season pass holders in Season of the Lost you can unlock this immediately on the paid track of the season pass. If you are a free-to-play player then no worries, you can unlock this at rank 35 of the season pass.

In the future, if you are watching this and it’s not Season of the Lost, then it’s very likely this will go to the Monuments to Lost Lights in the Tower, and you’d have to Select Beyond Light, then find Lorentz Driver. We don’t know 100% this is going to happen in the future, however, it’s reasonable to assume, given the other seasonal exotics have ended up in the exotic kiosk in the Tower.

How to get Lorentz Driver Catalyst

Once you have the Lorentz Driver, then head to Banshee-44 to pick up the catalyst quest called Revision 7.2.2.

Step 1

  • Defeat 50 challenging combatants
  • Defeat 50 enemy Guardians
  • Defeat 15 champions or high-value targets

Season pass owners do get a little help here at ranks 11 and 22 on the season pass with a booster, so there’s another incentive to get the season pass, rank 11 doubles and rank 22 quadruples the progress, which is very nice indeed. The best thing to do here is jump into Gambit as there’s plenty of challenging and High value targets, this is going to make this step quicker. You also have your Guardians too, with invasions or invading, so you can pretty much complete this step in Gambit if you want. However, saying that going into Crucible is going to help you get those Guardian Kills done too.

Step 2

  • 200 Calibration data generated
  • Defeat 50 enemy Guardians with Lorentz Driver
  • 100 Combatants defeated with Lorentz Driver

Calibration is gathered from playlist activities. Non-season pass holders will get 1 point of progress per activity like Strikes, Cruicble matches and Gambit. Season pass holders will get 4 points per activity at Season Pass rank 22, and then 5 for high-tier Nightfalls or Gambit and Crucible wins.

For defeating Guardians, I would head into Crucible. Momentum Control is a good playlist to get this done nice and quickly due to the quicker time to kill.

The final step is nice and easy, simply get 100 kills in PVE with Lorentz Driver.

Step 3

  • Get kills with Lorentz Driver anywhere to calibrate the catalyst

You can do this anywhere you think is best. I like the Shuro Chi location in the Last Wish raid, or you can do the Shattered Throne Dungeon Thrallway or something with a lot of enemies like Blind Well on the Dreaming City. You’ll need 400 kills in total to complete the catalyst.

What Lorentz Driver Catalyst does

The catalyst increases the range where the radar marks random enemies for players to get the Lagrangian Sight feature active. You also get an improved EM Anomaly that works for non-precision final blows, this means Lorentz Driver creates more black holes reliably and often. This works when Lagrangian Sight is active. It also improves Lagrangian Sight, extending the duration and refreshing the 30sec timer.

Particle Deconstruction

THE meta this season is either a Fusion Rifle or Linear Fusion rifle with the artifact mod Particle Deconstruction. This can be found in the final column at the bottom, and it’s going to make melting bosses with Fusion or Linear Fusions VERY EASY this season, and I think Reed’s Regret is going to be one of the most sought after weapons, so I would prioritize getting hold of it ASAP.

Let me know what you think of Lorentz Driver down in the comments.

That’s it for this guide on how to get Lorentz Driver in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.