How to get Le Monarque (Exotic Bow) after the Beyond Light update in Destiny 2

Le Monarque is a very powerful combat bow, which has been in the game since Forsaken, but now it’s coming into its own in Season of the Lost. Rather than go through a complex quest, this is now much easier to get, plus it seems to be a popular pick in Trials of Osiris. Today I am going to go through all the steps for how to get Le Monarque, plus check out the stats too.

Le Monarque

Le Monarque is an Exotic Energy Bow, with some deadly perks.

Poison Arrows – Arrows fired quickly after a full draw become poison arrows. Precision hits with poison arrows spread poison to nearby enemies.

Snapshot Sights – Faster time to aim down sights.

Looking at the stats we have Impact 76, Accuracy 81, Stability 51, Handling 59, Reload Speed 46 and Draw Time 684.

Next, let’s have a look at how to get Le Monarque after the Beyond Light update.

How to get Le Monarque

To get Le Monarque you can buy this from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower, which you can find next to the Vault and it’s called Monument to Lost Lights. At the time of making the guide you do require the Forsaken Expansion to be able to buy this, and all the exotics from Forsaken.

Le Monarque will cost you:

1 x Exotic Cipher
125,000 x Glimmer
200 x Dusklight Shard
1 x Ascendant Shard

You can get an Exotic Cipher from the Season Pass, or you can complete the quest from Xur – he’s around from Friday until Tuesday. I do a guide on Xur’s location each week, so make sure you subscribe and hit the notifications bell to never miss an update.

Glimmer can be acquired from pretty much any activity – strikes, gambit, crucible, public events, patrols, etc. You can also go to Spider and trade in materials for Glimmer, but don’t trade in Dusklight Shards as you’re going to need those for Thorn.

For the Ascendant Shards you can purchase these from Banshee-44 in the Tower, or you can get them from high-level nightfalls as random drops from the final chest.

Finally, there’s the Dusklight Shards. This is a little more in-depth so I will get into how to farm Dusklight Shards next.

How to farm for Dusklight Shards

Dusklight Shards are the planetary material found on the EDZ and there’s a couple of ways to get them. Before you head down onto the EDZ you’ll want to prepare, in particular with your ghost shell. There’s a mod called Wombo Detector which helps you detect caches and resources within a 50m range. Put this on your ghost as this is going to come in use.

Once you’ve done this head down to the EDZ. There are a few farming methods we’re going to combine here. Pick up all the bounties from Devrim Kay, he’s up in his church Tower perch in Trostland. His bounties will reward you with a bunch of Dusklight Shards.

Next, you’ll find to find the caches hidden on the EDZ, you’ll be able to see these on your map and they will reward you with Dusklight Shards. Finally, you can find individual Dusklight Shards on the ground. If you get your ghost out your Wombo Detector Ghost mod will be able to help you find them nice and fast.

It is also worth checking out Spider on the Tangled Shore as he may be selling or trading Dusklight Shards. His inventory rotates daily. Do be careful with Spider though. I would wait for the 5 x Dusklight Shards to be sold for 1 Legendary Shard, rather than 5000 Glimmer. Unless you have loads of Glimmer and Shards, as SPider will fleece you of everything you’ve got.

Once you have all the materials then head back to the Monuments to Lost Lights in the Tower and purchase Le Monarque.

Oathkeeper Synnergy

Oathkeeper is an Exotic Hunter Arms Gauntlets

  • Adamantine Brace – Bows charges can be held indefinitely.
  • Mobility Enhancement Mod – Increased mobility.

Equipping the Hunter Exotic Oathkeeper causes the window to fire a poison arrow to last indefinitely, instead of a few seconds.

History of getting Le Monarque

Previous to being able to buy Le Monarque from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower you could get Le Monarque could be acquired from the Volundr, Izanami, and Gofannon Forges when forging a Radiant Gold Frame. Radiant Frames could only be bought for Ballistic Logs, which gave the player six chances in a total of acquiring the Le Monarque and Jötunn each week, two for each character. With the release of Shadowkeep, players would instead complete a quest that requires defeating Fallen with bows, and the forging of ten Radiant Gold Frames, making for a five-week guaranteed acquisition on an account. Thankfully, it’s much easier to get the bow now, from the Monuments to Lost Lights in the Tower.

Le Monarque Lore

“Wings flutter. Beauty distracts. Poison injects. The butterfly’s curse extends to your enemies. A short life, shortened further by your hand.” —Ada-1

We sit together and stare out into the distance, at the mountains that stretch toward the heavens. There are still vibrant parts of the world, and we must not forget them. To fill her mind with them is to make her human. To connect her to the world before.

Nearby, a flutter of butterflies seek their next batch of sustenance, knowing not what the world around them has become.

She watches them. They are new to her. A wayward butterfly from the flutter lands on her arm. She looks at it, and then to me. “Le Monarque,” she says. I nod and attempt a smile. I watch her. Somehow she reminds me of it. Beautiful and dangerous all at once.

Sadness washes over me. I reach out and rub her back, a fleeting moment of comfort for us both, as the feel of her cold body against my hand causes me to pull away. For a moment, I forgot what she was.

There’s an awkward silence. I steal another glance at her, simultaneously frightened of and in awe of who and what she is.

A product of my own twisted ambition and desperation.

The monarch flies away, unlikely to be seen again.

Let me know what you think of Le Monarque in the comments, and let me know which game mode you use it in.

That’s it for this guide on how to get Le Monarque after the Beyond Light update in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.