Season of the Lost

Trials of Osiris Map and Rewards This Weekend 24th September 2021

It’s 24th September 2021 and Trials of Osiris is back for the weekend, meaning once again you have the chance to get some great weapons and armor from the weekly PVP event in Destiny 2. Trials is around from Friday at reset until reset on Tuesday, so you’ll have until then to hunt down the available rewards this weekend. 

Trials of Osiris is the pinnacle PvP activity. Every Weekend, the best players compete in 3v3 Elimination for one goal: Go Flawless. First of all, head down to see Saint-14 in the tower, and don’t forget to pick up the passage of your choice.

Trials Labs

This week, the normal Trials of Osiris playlist is replaced with Trials Labs: Capture Zone. This new game mode is still Elimination, with the following changes:

  • 30 seconds after the round starts, a capture zone is enabled. Players can capture this zone to win the round – or just eliminate the other team like normal.
  • The capture zone has a waypoint from round start, including a countdown timer, so everyone will know exactly when and where it will be.
  • The capture zone starts in the middle of the map in the first round and changes location each round.
  • The team who just lost gets the advantaged spawn location.

Also for this week, double Trials rank points for every match.

Map & Rewards

For the map this week we have Wormhaven.

Loot is no longer acquired from winning 3, 5, and 7 matches. It’s all about winning rounds, not matches and that helps you rank up at Saint-14 in the Tower for Trials loot. Rank up to earn armor, weapons, and powerful upgrades. Plus you get Trials Engrams while playing Trials.

The Flawless Weapon this week is an Adept Igenous Hammer.

Loot this season

  • Eye of Sol
  • The Messenger
  • Igneous Hammer
  • Solars Scar
  • Shayuras Wrath
  • Reeds Regret
  • Plus the Pyrrhic Ascent armour for all classes

Win rounds and rank up at Saint-14 in the Tower to get more rewards.

Here’s the rank up rewards:

Rank 10 – Eye of Sol
Rank 16 – Igenous Hammer

Let’s have a closer look at the god rolls to chase for the loot.

Trials of Osiris Weapons God Roll Guide

Eye of Sol is a kinetic sniper
PVP: Moving Target and Snapshot sights
PVE:  Firmly planted, vorpal weapon

The Messenger is a legendary kinetic pulse rifle.
PVP: Rapid Hit, Desperado
PVE: Outlaw, One for all

Igneous Hammer is a Legendary Energy Hand Cannon
PVP: Quickdraw, Moving Target
PVE: Rapid Hit, Rampage

Sola’s Scar is a legendary power sword
PVE: Tireless blade, Chain reaction

Shayrua’s Wrath is an energy sub machinegun
PVP: Killing Wind, Shapshot Sights
PVE: Heating Up, Tap the Trigger

Reeds Regret is a Kinetic Stasis Linear Fusion Rifle
PVP: Quickdraw, Vorpal Weapon
PVE: Triple Tap, Rampage

Let me know if you are jumping into Trials this weekend, plus what you think of Labs and the changes to the matchmaking pool.

Changes to Trials This Week (Week 3, Season of the Lost)

Bungie has been experimenting with changes to Trials of Osiris in recent weeks, and here’s a list of the week 3 tweaks and changes based on player population and Bungie’s goals for Trials.

  • We are waiting until the Sunday morning reset(10:00 AM PT) to enable the flawless pool. This serves as a middle ground between Week 1 and Week 2, and as the semi-permanent placement for enabling the flawless pool. As always, we will be looking at both analytics and feedback – so keep telling us what is working and what isn’t!
  • We are working on some deeper matchmaking solutions which we hope lets us remove the flawless pool. Look out for more info in mid/late October.
  • We are turning off matchmaking help until you have played at least two matches during the weekend.

In addition to the previously announced changes:

  • Players will no longer get Special ammo replenished when being revived.
  • Adding “Hold” functionality to purchase gear from Saint-14 to prevent accidental purchases.
  • Weapons received from the Reputation Rank Reward track on Saint-14 will now have their Masterwork Slots active. Previous weapons obtained won’t receive a Masterwork Slot.
  • Unfortunately, while we previously announced that we would be removing the matchmaking counter for this week, this change wasn’t quite able to make the patch.

Looking further forward:

  • We expect to take another swing at matchmaking to keep some of the solo/lower skill protections from Week 2 without strongly negatively affecting flawless players.
  • We are looking at adjustments to rewards for round and match wins on seven-win cards.
  • Other than that, updates and Trials TWAB reports will be less common as we get Trials into a more stable state.

Iron Banner is back next week, so after Trials Labs: Capture Zone, Trials takes a week off and will return October 8!

That’s it for this guide for Trials of Osiris Map and Rewards This Weekend 24th September 2021. For more Destiny 2 content check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.