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How to get the Ager’s Scepter Catalyst (and what it does) in Destiny 2

Ager’s Scepter is the newest Stasis weapon to be added to the game, and Bungie has really nailed this one. Ager’s Scepter catalyst was released into the game on 21st September 2021, so it’s now dropping for those who have the new Stasis Trace Rifle. Today I’m going to check out how to get the catalyst, plus how to level it up quickly, and also dive into what it does and how it improves Ager’s Scepter.

Ager’s Scepter was introduced into the game on 14th September, and it’s a new Stasis Trace Rifle. Yes, stasis has had a pretty bad rap until now, but this exotic is great fun in PVE, allowing you to dish out plenty of stasis by slowing and freezing enemies. This catalyst though really turns it up a notch and improves Ager’s Scepter a lot. Before we get into what it does, let’s check out how to get it.

How to get Ager’s Scepter Catalyst

To get the Ager’s Scepter Catalyst you’ll need to run the Astral Alignment activity. It has a chance to drop at the end from the Wayfinders Trove Chests, which are the chests on the right-hand side of the rewards. This is a random drop. I’ve seen reports of people getting it the first time, also I’ve seen reports of folks getting it after 40 runs. This is a bit of a yikes, but hopefully, it won’t take that long for you… but I am interested to know (for science), how many runs it takes you. Let me know in the comments.

How to unlock the Ager’s Scepter Catalyst

Once you have the catalyst, you’ll need to upgrade it. There are a few ways you can do this including killing enemies with the weapon, and it’s worth noting precision kills get this done faster. You can also destroy the sparkly dark rocks in the Shattered Realm with Ager’s Scepter for bonus progress, although this does appear to be bugged at the moment so killing enemies with the weapon is the way to go.

As with other catalysts, you’ll have to get kills with the weapon to level up the Ager’s Scepter Catalyst. The best thing to do is try and go to locations solo, as you don’t want other guardians stealing your kills. You can always just into the Altars of Sorrow on the moon as you’ll get a good amount of ammo there. However, I think there are a couple of better options.

First, there’s the Shuro Chi area in the Last Wish Raid. This is pretty much a go-to location for all catalysts, and this one is no different. You can load in there solo, and teleport to the Shuro Chi location using Wish 4. Check out the pattern you want to enter into the wishing wall here and check out the route to the wishing wall at the end of the guide. Once you have teleported to Shuro Chi, place down a raid banner to get full ammo and proceed to take out as many enemies as possible with the Ager’s Scepter. You can repeat this as many times as needed to get the catalyst done. The Thrallway in Shattered Throne is also a good place to go.

Battlegrounds is a good option too, which you can select from the Vanguard menu. Battlegrounds is the activity introduced as part of a season of the chosen and you’ll get a good amount of heavy ammo crates to spawn as you go through the activity. Plus the density of the enemies is a lot, meaning there are more enemies to kill with the Ager’s Scepter. The only drawback here is this is a matchmade activity, and you’ll need to watch out for fireteam members stealing your kills.

It’s entirely up to you where you go, whatever is easiest and quickest to get those required kills.

What does Ager’s Scepter Catalyst do?

The catalyst adds a new perk called Will Given Form. When you have a full super you can fire in an alternate firing mode by holding down reload, and that overflows the magazine plus provides a damage boost to the weapon. It also slows and freezes targets. Before you had to get a kill for this to happen, and now you have these stasis abilities on demand, which makes it very powerful indeed.

Regarding the damage increase, this gives you approximately 80% damage increase, which turns a pretty good exotic weapon into a must-have exotic weapon.

Let’s remind ourselves about Ager’s Scepter

Ager’s Scepter

Ager’s Scepter is an Exotic Kinetic Trace Rifle. Let’s check out the perks:

  • Ager’s Call – Final blows with this weapon generate a slowing burst around the defeated target.
  • Rega’s Refrain – Stasis final blows transfer ammo to this weapon’s magazine from reserves.

Looking at the stats we have Impact 6, Range 72, Stability 81, Handling 57, Reload Speed 60, Rounds Per Minute 1000, and Magazine 97.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Ager’s Scepter catalyst and let me know how many runs of Astral Alignment you had to do.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Ager’s Scepter catalyst. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.