The Best Trials of Osiris Weapons and God Rolls in Season of the Lost Destiny 2

Trials of Osiris came back on September 10th and to a rapturous reception by much of the Destiny fanbase. Trials have been in a tight spot for a while now, and you wanted the loot then you’d either have to get super sweaty (putting up with cheaters too) or take up the undignified jumping off the edge for the 3 win reward each week. Well, Trials is good again and now you can grind Trials for loot, but which loot should you go after? Today I am going to check out the god-roll Trials weapons we have available this season, and I’ll give you a rundown of the best weapons to chase.

Without further delay let’s dive into the Trials weapons and god rolls for Season of the Lost.

Eye of Sol (Sniper)


The Eye of Sol is a great sniper with loads of versatility thanks to its perks. You could call it mainly a PVP sniper, and it’s similar looking to Revoker and sits in the same slot.

Eye of Sol is a Legendary Kinetic Sniper Rifle introduced in Season 10. This is an adaptive frame sniper meaning a well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy. The stats on this one are pretty good, it’s got 70 for impact, 55 range, 54 stability, 51 handling, and 46 for reload speed. It’s a 90 rpm sniper with 4 in the magazine.

PVP: Moving Target and Snapshot sights
PVE: Firmly planted, vorpal weapon

The Messenger (Pulse Rifle)


The Messenger is a Legendary Kinetic Pulse Rifle with a High-Impact Frame meaning it’s Slow-firing and high-damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights. Looking at the stats we have Impact 33, Range 69, Stability 59, Handling 38, Reload Speed 44, Rounds Per Minute 340, and Magazine 31.

Looking at the perks on this one it can roll with some very effective perks, plus there’s a couple of surprises in there too.

In the 4th slot, we have

One for all – Hitting Three Separate Targets increases the damage for a moderate duration
Desperado – Reloading after a precision final blow increases your rate of fire
Headseeker – Body shots landed with this weapon increase precision damage for a short time
Celerity – Gain the following effects when you are the last living member of your fireteam
Kill Clip – Reloading after a kill grants increased damage

In the 3rd slot, we have

Rapid Hit – Rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed
Zen Moment – Causing damage with this weapon increases its stability
Killing Wind – Final blows grant increased mobility, weapon range and handling for a short duration
Outlaw – Precision kills decrease reload time
Moving Target – Increased movement speed and target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights

So there are some very good perks here and some potentially deadly combinations. The one that stands out to me is Desperado, which we had on Redrix’s Pulse Rifle previously. One for all sounds interesting too, but I am going to have to test that a bit more before sharing my thoughts. It sounds like a decent Trials and PVP perk, giving the specific number three being called out in the description.

PVP: Rapid Hit, Desperado
PVE: Outlaw, One for all

Igneous Hammer (Hand Cannon)


Igneous Hammer is a Legendary Energy Solar Hand Cannon which is an aggressive frame meaning it has high damage, high recoil. Optimized for long-distance shooting. Looking at the stats we have Impact 92, Range 68, Stability 42, Handling 43, Reload Speed 37, Rounds Per Minute 120 and Magazine 9.

For PVE Fluted Barrel, Appended Mag plus Outlaw and Rampage would be a good roll or perhaps Rapid Hit and Rampage too. Fluted Barrel is going to help you out with handling and Appended Mag will give you more shots. Outlaw a Rampage is the classic PVE combo. Outlaw increases reload speed and rampage increases the damage and stacks up to three times – it feels very good in PVE.

For PVP Hammer Forged Rifling, Richochet Rounds, Killing Wind and Rampage would be good or Killing Wind and Moving Target. Hammer Forged and Richochet are going to help out with range and stability. The first two perks are down to personal preference but these ones are good on hand cannons, especially the aggressive frame type. The most popular drops out there in the community at the moment are Quickdraw/Rampage, Rapid Hit/Snapshot Sights and Killing Wind/Moving Target. Let me know down in the comments which roll you got.

PVP: Quickdraw, Moving Target
PVE: Rapid Hit, Rampage

Sola’s Scar (Sword)


Sola’s Scar is a Legendary Power Solar Sword. It’s a Caster Frame meaning you can launch a heavy projectile attack. Heavy attacks are stronger with full energy. Looking at the stats we have Swing Speed 46, Impact 60, Defense 60, Charge Rate 32, and Ammo Capacity 60.

Comparing this to Temptation’s Hook, which is another caster frame but with the arc element. Sola’s Scar has the same swing speed at 46, better impact at +14 but slower charge time. This sword is going to be great if you’re into creating solar builds.

Tireless Blade and En Garde is a good roll to look out for, but one of the most interesting features of this sword is that it can roll with Chain Reaction. This is where each final blow with the weapon creates an elemental damage explosion. I think this is the only sword that can have Chain Reaction roll on it, which makes it potentially explosive. Popular rolls out there include Tireless Blade and Chain Reaction, Relentless Strikes, and Vorpal Weapon.

PVE: Tireless blade, Chain reaction

Shayrua’s Wrath (Submachine Gun)


Shayura’s Wrath is a Legendary Energy Submachine Gun with a Precision Frame meaning this weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. Looking at the stats we have Impact 25, Range 63, Stability 50, Handling 34, Reload Speed 32, Rounds Per Minute 600 and Magazine 27.

For PVP Killing Wind and Snapshot Sights would be good. Killing Wind and Celerity would also be a decent roll, given Celerity’s rework this season. For PVE Dynamic Sway Reduction and Adrenaline Junkie would be good or Tunnel Vision and Kill Clip.

PVP: Killing Wind, Shapshot Sights
PVE: Heating Up, Tap the Trigger

Reed’s Regret (Linear Fusion Rifle)


Reed’s Regret is a Legendary Power Linear Fusion Rifle with a Precision Frame meaning it fires a long-range precision energy bolt. This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical. Looking at the stats we have Impact 41, Range 50, Stability 53, Handling 38, Reload Speed, 35, Charge Time 533, Magazine 6.

For PVE Triple Tap and Rampage would be a good roll. Triple Tap is where rapidly landing precision hits will return 1 round to the magazine and rampage gives you increase damage on kills, which stacks up to 3 times.

For PVP Quickdraw and Vorpal Weapon would be good. Quickdraw makes it so the weapon can be drawn very fast, and the vorpal weapon is great for killing guardians in their super.

THE meta this season is either a Fusion Rifle or Linear Fusion rifle with the artifact mod Particle Deconstruction. This can be found in the final column at the bottom, and it’s going to make melting bosses with Fusion or Linear Fusions VERY EASY this season, and I think Reed’s Regret is going to be one of the most sought after weapons, so I would prioritize getting hold of it ASAP.

It’s worth noting the way we get rewards in Trials has changed in a big way since last season. Before I go into the loot, let’s check out the changes because I still see people posting “What’s the 3 win reward?”.

Trials changes in Season of the Lost

Trials’ reputation internal systems have been rebuilt, aligning with that of other ritual reputations.

Reputation gain per match is scaled by the number of round wins on a ticket.
Trials passages are now account scoped (purchasing the same ticket on an alternate character will not reset ticket wins).

Passage of Ferocity is now available from the start.
Passage of Wisdom is no longer available.
Passage of Wealth now requires seven wins.
Unlocking a passage now unlocks it for the rest of the Season.
Replaced the weekly three-, five-, seven-win challenges with a win rounds challenge.

A new seven-win challenge is available on Saint-14.
Removed weekly bounties.

Made changes to rulesets:
Trials of Osiris round time reduced to 90 seconds.
Trials of Osiris — Each round start with fresh special ammo.
Cross-Play must be enabled to participate in Trials of Osiris.

Added Third Person Camera Restricted tooltip and load screen hint to Trials, Elimination, and Showdown.

Trials of Osiris now require the purchase of the current yearly expansion.

Currently, Beyond Light is required to play.
Starting on February 22 2022, The Witch Queen will be required.

Let me know what weapons you are chasing in Trials this season, and let me know what rolls you got.

That’s it for this guide for the best Trials of Osiris weapons in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.