How to get Wolftone Draw (Legendary Bow) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Wolftone Draw is a new Bow added to Season of the Lost as part of Astral Alignment. It’s just one of the new seasonal weapons, which have been making a big impact this season. Bows are also back in fashion, give the artefact mods this season. Today I am going to check out the bow, the stats, the god rolls to chase for PVE and PVP plus how to get Wolftone Draw in Destiny 2.

Wolftone Draw is a Legendary Energy Combat Bow with a Precision Frame meaning longer draw time optimized for damage. Looking at the stats we have Impact 76, Accuracy 78, Stability 39, Handling 60, Reload Speed 46, and a Draw Time 684.

Wolftone Draw God Rolls Guide

For PVE Agile Bowstring, Carbon Arrowshaft, Impulse Amplifier, and Dragonfly would be a decent roll. AGile Bowstring greatly increases handling speed and slightly improves stability, Carbon Arrowshaft increases stability. Impulse Amplifier increases projectile speed and reloads speed and finally, Dragonfly creates elemental damage explosions. This is like a mini Trinity Ghoul with Dragonfly.

For PVP Archers Tempo and Adagio would be good. Archers Temo decreases draw time for every precision hit, and Adagio increases damage after defeating an enemy.

How to get Wolftone Draw

To get this bow it’s a random reward from the seasonal activity in Season of the Lost called Astral Alignment. You can get Wolftone Draw as a reward from the chest at the end, the chest on the right which you’ll need Parallax Trajectory to open. You can also get this one from focusing Umbral Engrams in the Prismastic Recaster via the H.E.L.M.

Wolftone Draw Lore

“Keep the string a little loose. It’s supposed to sound like that.” —Petra Venj

The slithering dark is cold against my face.

I cannot speak, cannot breathe, I reach for Sagira but then I remember… I form a fist but feel nothing, I am bound, and as I thrash the images cut fissures through my mind—

Someone… the Awoken prince? He helps me to my feet… but still I struggle in the dark, and now SHE is standing, thanking him, but she uses my voice, MY voice—

She has stolen my form, my voice, but someone will see my failure and cast her out… they MUST—

A glimmer of sunlight… how long has it been? Zavala looks at me—at her, considers her words, poison cloaked in wisdom. I cry out, he must know. Zavala, listen, LISTEN, you KNOW me, you know not to—

The smell of night flowers… I am walking—SHE is walking through a moonlit garden, and there is Ikora, speaking, laughing, nodding… Look, Ikora, LOOK AT ME, DON’T YOU SEE IT—

Pay attention, pay ATTENTION, I taught you better than this—

A woman—an Exo—sits before me and sways, eyes vacant, but inside she is sinking as well… now her voice, her TRUE voice, humming, a gyre of sound, and the Exo sways faster and faster—

I hear his voice and push to the surface. Saint. No no NO I scream but there is no sound. He looks into her eyes, he smiles, he reaches for me but it is not me, Saint, that is not ME, PLEASE, please—

I am weeping but I cannot weep. I am nothing, only heat and hate, only sickness and shame.

“Trust me,” I hear my voice say, and I drown again.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Wolftone Draw and let me know what rolls you got.

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