Ghost Of Tsushima Directors Cut review

Ghost Of Tsushima Directors Cut is an improvement on one of the best games of 2020 providing PS5 upgrades plus a new Ike Island location where we find out more about Jin’s relationship with his father. If you enjoyed Ghost of Tsushima, then this is more of the same in all its glory, if you didn’t play Ghost of Tsushima and you have a PlayStation… get on it immediately.

Ghost Of Tsushima came along towards the end of the lifecycle of the PlayStation 4 and demonstrated beautiful graphics, excellent combat and was one of the best open-world adventures of last generation consoles. Sucker Punch has gone away and provided not only an expansion in terms of content on Ike Island but also a PS5 suite of upgrades, bringing it up to standard with other current-gen games including 60fps, haptic feedback, and enhanced audio. This makes Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut the definitive way to play Ghost Of Tsushima. If you don’t have a PS5, not to worry because the expansion is available on PS4 too, just without the quality of life PS5 upgrades.

The PlayStation 5 upgrades include 4k resolution at 60 frames per second. There’s the haptic feedback on the controller and some nice audio enhancements where the sound of the sword fights emanates from the controller. The haptic feedback comes into play when you are galloping on your horse, you can feel the ground below the horse’s feet. It’s also great to see developers embrace this technology as it does make a difference for immersion. The game did have a 60 fps upgrade before but this suite of improvements take it to the next level. The platform upgrades are great, but it’s the content expansion I am most interested in.

Ike Island is the new location for the expansion which is a smaller island off the mainland. You can access Ike Island and its storyline once you finish the first act of the main game. The structure is very similar to the main game, there’s a load of story missions, exploration, armor upgrades, new skills, and more. The story itself is very good and you learn much more about the relationship with Jins Father. The main game focused on the relationship with Jin’s Uncle, however, Jin’s father was killed on Ike Island.

The story plays with perspectives also, as Jin is seen as a Samurai invader compared to the raiders of Ike Island. The new antagonist, The Eagle, poisons Jin early on in the expansion, which leads him to see visions of friends and family. These visions are a great way to expand the story, and Sucker Punch has done a great job with it. My only criticism of the expansion is that it’s fairly short and can be completed in a few hours. I love this world, and I’d like to spend more time here.

If you played on PS4 and want to upgrade to PS5, then save transfers are available and nice and easy. One of the pain points I had personally, relates to upgrading and the packages available. I’m playing on PS5, and played through the original on the PS5 too. The PS5 upgrade and Directors Cut Expansion weren’t available until launch day, plus I had to have the disk in the PS5 itself for the right version to be revealed to me. Then when I started playing the game, I selected continue and it started me fresh. Thinking I’d lost everything, I immediately quit out and transferred my save and picked up from where I left off. If I had to boil it down, the upgrade and save transfer system is a little too complicated from PS4 to PS5, and it’d be great to see something easier.

As well as the single-player expansion there’s also new Legends content available. From September 3rd, 2020 a Legends Rival mode is being added, where two teams compete to take out hordes of enemies, plus you can spend currency to make things hard for your opponents. The Legends mode adds an incredible amount of value to Ghost of Tsushima in terms of replayability, especially if you have already been through the main campaign and work your way through the expansion.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is THE way to play Ghost of Tsushima. The new story content is great, albeit a little short. The new Legends mode is going to bring a bunch more replayability to the game and the PlayStation 5 upgrades make a beautiful game even more stunning than it was before. Sucker Punch has set the bar very high with Ghost of Tsushima. First, you should definitely play this, plus the expansion, then it’s going to be exciting to see what Sucker Punch do next. If you have a PlayStation 5 this is a must-play.