Season of the Lost

Iron Banner Guide For Season Of The Lost Including For The War To Come Quest

Iron Banner is back in Season of the Lost, meaning Lord Saladin is back in the Tower. This time he’s brought with him new weapons and, for the first time in a few years, new armour too. Today I am going to go through how to get started with Iron Banner in Season of the Lost, how to complete the introduction quest, plus check out the loot too.

Lors Saladin has arrived in the Tower once again, and he’s going to be dishing out the loot this season. Iron Banner is free for all players, but it’s worth remembering that power level is enabled, meaning the higher the power level you are, the more damage you can dish and also can take too. Therefore, you want to equip your highest power level gear to ensure your time in Iron Banner is nice and easy.

How to complete For The War To Come quest

Step 1 – Speak to Lord Saladin

First of all this season, you want to go and speak to Lord Saladin in the Tower. You can find him on the top of the roof. Land in the Courtyard in the Tower and head up the stairs, just to the left of Rahool and to the right of Banshee-44 in the Tower. Speak to Saladin, pick up the quest, and then while you are there pick up the bounties too. Each of the bounties is pinnacle drops, so they are very good for leveling up in Season of the Lost, especially at the early stage.

Next, it’s time to head into Iron Banner. You can select this from the director, under the Crucible section and then select Iron Banner. You can select either regular or solo/freelance. If you play solo I’d recommend going into freelance, as everyone is matchmade and you’re less likely to run into fully stacked teams that may have played together before.

Step 2 – Forewarned, Forearmed

At any time during Season of the Lost, defeat opponents, capture zones, and get Energy weapon final blows in the Iron Banner.

The best thing to do is pick your highest level energy weapon and then get those final blows. Try and cap as many zones as possible as quickly as you can, that’s definitely going to help. At the end of this step of the quest, you’ll get the new Iron Banner Pulse Rifle called Forge’s Pledge.

Step 3 – Clustered Shots

At any time during Season of the Lost, complete matches, capture zones, and get Pulse Rifle final blows in the Iron Banner.

For this step of the quest, you can use the Forge’s Pledge you just received to get the Pulse Rifle final blows, or you can use something else – whatever the highest power level is. As you play more matches you will naturally capture zones and complete matches. Therefore, get the Pulse Rifle Kills, and then it’s onto the next step of the quest.

Step 4 – Antipode

At any time during Season of the Lost, defeat opponents, capture zones, and get Solar or Stasis ability final blows in the Iron Banner.

For this step of the quest, you’ll want to put on either stasis or solar subclass and get the ability final blows. At the end of the step, you’ll get the new Sidearm called Peacebond, which is a new Stasis Sidearm.

Step 5 – The Final Lesson

At any time during Season of the Lost, get Super final-blows, capture zones, and get Sidearm final blows in the Iron Banner.

For this step, you may want to put on a roaming super, which means you can run around and get as many super kills during a single super. By this time hopefully, you will have captured all the zones required, if not jump into a few matches and finish them off. Once you finish this step,

Step 6 – A Finely Tuned Instrument

Return to Lord Saladin in the Tower. Once you’ve done that you can continue to farm Iron Banner for loot. There’s plenty of great loot in Iron Banner these days including armor and weapons.

Let’s have a look at the loot for Iron Banner this season.


Peacebond is a Legendary Kinetic Sidearm with an Adaptive Frame meaning it has a well-rounded grip, is reliable, fires a 3-round burst. Looking at the stats we have Impact 75, Range 40, Stability 81, Handling 55, Reload Speed 36, Rounds Per Minute 491, and Magazine 30.

For PVE Rangefinder and Headstone would be a decent roll. Rangefinder gives you more range and Headstone is a new stasis perk that says precision final blows spawn a stasis crystal at the victim’s location.

For PVP Tunnel Vision and Snapshot, Sights would be a good roll. Tunnel Vision increases target acquisition and aim down sight speed after defeating a target. Snapshot Sights provide a faster time to aim down sights.

Forge’s Pledge

Forge’s Pledge is a legendary energy pulse rifle with an adaptive frame, meaning it has a well-rounded grip, it’s reliable and sturdy. This one has 29 for impact, 44 for range, 57 for stability, 45 for handling, 48 for reload speed, it’s a 390 rounds per minute pulse rifle with 36 in the magazine.

For PVE Heating Up and Rampage would be a decent roll, where Heating Up gives more accuracy and stability which improving vertical recoil. Rampage stacks damage up to 3 times.

For PVP Zen Moment and Snapshot Sights would be a good roll. Zen Moment increases stability when you deal damage and Snapshot Sights get the weapon in your hand nice and fast.

New Armour and perks

The new Iron Forerunner set is going to be available for us this season. Bungie said about this armor “Pulled from the depths of forgotten seas, these pieces worn by warriors of the past are ready for battle once more”.

Plus Bungie is adding a new perk called Iron Lord’s Pride. Wearing a piece of this armor grants a small chance of an Enhancement Prism dropping at the end of an Iron Banner match. Each additional piece worn increases the chance, capping out at four pieces total. Defeat your foes with the fury of an Iron Forge. Show no mercy.

We also have some other great weapons in the loot pool for the season, here’s a couple of picks.


Riiswalker is a Legendary Kinetic Shotgun with a Lightweight Frame meaning it has superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped.

For PVP Quickdraw and Iron Reach would be good. Iron Reach is one of the Iron Banner exclusive perks, which massively improves the range at the cost of stability. So if you happen to have Iron reach, plus a stability masterwork then that would be very good!

For PVE Surplus and Vorpal Weapon would be good. Slideways and Swashbuckler would also be a decent roll for PVE. Swashbuckler is always good for PVE focused builds.

Occluded Finality

Occluded Finality is a Legendary Energy Sniper Rifle that deals arc damage and is an Aggressive Frame meaning it has High damage, high recoil.

For PVP Snapshot Sights and Opening Shot would be a good roll, also Auto-Loading Holster and Iron Reach would be decent for PVP. For PVE No Distractions and Vorpal Weapon would be good and also Under Pressure and Demolitionist.

Let me know what you think of Iron Banner in Season of the Lost, plus let me know more about your loot.

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