Season of the Lost

How To Level Up To 1330 Power Quickly In Season Of The Lost (Fast & Easy Power Levels Destiny 2)

Season of the Lost is here, and with it comes a new power level climb to 1330. The good news is, just like Season of the Splicer, the level cap has only increased by 10, so if you maxed power last season, then the climb won’t take too long. If you are new, then don’t worry, levelling has never been easier in Destiny 2. Today I am going to run through how leveling works, plus explain the different caps and the sources for leveling up in Season of the Lost.

The benefits of reaching 1330 power mean you can jump into the endgame content – for example, Legend and Master Lost Sectors and Nightfalls, plus Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris have power level enabled, meaning the higher power you are, the more effective you are going to be.

I’m going to do a quick recap for power level, but if you are a veteran player, then there’s no need to check out this section, just skip onto the next section for the caps and power sources.

How Power Level Works in Destiny 2

Power level determines a couple of things in Destiny 2; how much damage you can dish out and how much damage you can take. The higher your power level, then the greater these benefits.

To increase your power you need to get new weapons and armor with a higher power level score. Your overall power level will be determined by the score of your weapons, armor plus your artifact.

General Leveling tips

While you are leveling, pick up bounties and complete them during activities. This will help you boost artifact power. Also, complete seasonal challenges for XP. The more XP you get, the more power you will receive.

If you have more than one Guardian, then you can transfer gear around via the vault allow you to level your second and third Guardians much faster than the first.

Soft Cap – 1270

The current soft cap in the game is 1270. This means any loot will help you get to the soft cap. Loot from Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Public events, Lost sectors, Nightfalls. Everything‚Ķ it will all help you get 1270 as soon as possible. The soft cap changes each season (recently it changed in increments of 10, but for major expansions, this may be bigger). Get out there, play the game and once you are at 1270, you’ll notice things slow down, so you have to push through the barrier. One quick and easy way to get to the soft cap is to play Competitive PVP. These drops are very rewarding and will push you to the soft cap quickly.

Hard Cap – 1320

The hard cap is now 1320, meaning you have to get from 1270 to 1320 with the help of Powerful Rewards from Weekly Milestone and activities. Check out the Director in-game to see a list of Powerful rewards. You will see yellow icons on the Director, and checking these out further on the locations you’ll see powerful rewards.

You’ll want to obtain powerful rewards that offer the largest power jump. One or two pinnacles isn’t a bad idea, as even out power level across the board does slow down. A pinnacle here and there can boost up your power level. For example, Override is a good place to get gear with high power.

Once you have done this complete weekly objectives to grant minor power level increases and then even out gear through the Glory playlist. To get to 1320 you’ll want to do something like this:

  • Get a Pinnacle reward
  • Complete 2-3 Powerful gear weeklies
  • Claim a powerful reward
  • Complete 2-3 Powerful gear weeklies
  • Claim a powerful reward
  • Complete 2-3 Powerful gear weeklies
  • Claim a powerful reward
  • Play Glory to get loot in all slots to even out gear

Examples of powerful reward sources include:

  • Prime Engrams – Decrypt Prime Engrams
  • Vendor Weeklies – Complete 8 bounties for a given vendor in the Tower
  • Core Playlists – Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit can drop powerful gear on completion
  • Nightfall Playlist – Clear 3 Nightfalls. Higher difficulties grant more progress
  • Competitive PvP – Complete 3 Survival games
  • Glory Rank Ups – Increase your Glory rank in competitve PVP
  • Exo Stranger – Defeat 100 enemies with Stasis
  • Variks – Complete 8 bounties for Variks
  • Empire Hunts – Clear 3 Empire Hunts. Higher difficulties grant more progress
  • The Crow (Tangled Shore) – Clear 3 Wrathborn Hunts
  • Battlegrounds – Clear 3 Battlegrounds
  • Astral Alignment – Open Wayfinder’s Troves
  • Wayward Compass – Complete 8 Bounties for the H.E.L.M.’s Wayward Compass
  • Trials of Osiris – Win 3 Trials matches on the same card
  • Trials of Osiris – Win 5 Trials matches on the same card
  • Override – Complete 3 Override missions in the Override playlist

Check out the Yellow markers on the map and look out for the Powerful rewards to help you level up to the hard cap of 1320.

Pinnacle Cap – 1330

1330 is the new pinnacle cap, but the climb from 1320 to 1330 is probably going to be the slowest climb as it’s very focused on RNG. Look out for Pinnacle rewards on the director. These include:

  • Hawthorne – Earn 5,000 Clan XP
  • Strike Playlist – Complete 3 strikes using the same subclass as the weekly burn
  • Crucible Playlist – Complete 3 games in any Valor Crucible playlist
  • Gambit Playlist – Complete 3 Gambit matches
  • Override – Open 3 Conflux Chests
  • Nightfall Playlist – Clear a Nightfall with a score of 100,000
  • Trials of Osiris – Win 7 games on the same card
  • The Lighthouse – Win 7 games with no losses on a Trials Passage
  • Iron Banner – Complete Lord Saladin’s Iron Banner weekly bounties
  • Exo Challenge – Complete the Exo Challenge on Europa
  • Empire Hunts – Clear an Empire Hunt on Master difficulty
  • Prophecy – Clear the Prophecy dungeon
  • Vault of Glass – Complete encounters in the Vault of Glass raid
  • Harbinger – Clear the Harbinger mission
  • Presage – Clear the Presage mission on the Tangled Shore
  • Shattered Realm – Defeat Champions in the Shattered Realm activity

Here are some tips on how to get to 1330 quickly:

Level up alt guardians first – By doing this you can transfer your higher gear to your main guardian, leaving all the pinnacles to be more effective.

Vault of Glass – This raid is free for all players and has 5 encounters dropping pinnacle gear. This is one of the best ways to get started with leveling each season (and each week if you are interested in a high power level).

Seasonal Challenges – This will get you a massive amount of XP, and will help you get to 1330 quickly. This is using the artifact power, which isn’t going to count in Trials of Iron Banner, but it’s going to help you get loot drops of a higher power, plus you won’t be penalized for Grandmaster Nightfalls or Master Lost Sectors.

Artifact power

It’s worth mentioning your artifact power, as this isn’t tied to your gear power level score. As you get XP you’ll earn extra power levels, however, these are disabled in Trials and Iron Banner. If you are a PVE focused Guardian then this is likely to be good news as you can chase down bounties and seasonal challenge content for XP, and this is going to get your potentially infinite power levels gains. All you really need is time. But if you are a PVP-focused player then this isn’t going to help too much.

Let me know down in the comments your tips for leveling quickly in Destiny 2.

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