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How to get The Comedian (Legendary Shotgun) in Destiny 2

The Comedian is a returning shotgun from Destiny 1, come back as one of the nightfall weapons this season. It’s a great shotgun and can roll with some great perks, good for both PVP and PVE content. Today I am going to check out the weapon, its stats, and perks, plus look at how to get The Comedian in Destiny 2.

The Comedian is a Legendary Energy Shotgun with an Aggressive Frame meaning this one is Hard-hitting, with high recoil. Increases rate of fire after a kill. Looking at the stats we have Weapon Stats Impact 80, Range 35, Stability 31, Handling 37, Reload Speed 42, Rounds Per Minute 55, and Magazine 4.

The Comedian God Rolls

For PvP Rifled Barrel, Assualt Mag, Subsistence, and Vorpal Weapon would be good. Rifled Barrel gives you that increase in range, Assualt mag gives you more stability and increases the rate of fire. Subsistence reloads from reserves after a kill and Vorpal Weapon is good for killing Guardians in their Super.

For PVE Smoothbore, Accurized Rounds, Hip-fire Grip, and Trench Barrel would be good. Smoothbore gives you increased range, Accurized Rounds again more range. Hip-Fire Grip increases accuracy, stability and precision hit targeting when firing from the hip, and Trench Barrel gives you increased damage after a melee hit.

How to get The Comedian

To get this one it’s a random drop from the end of Nightfalls. The higher the difficulty the nightfall, the more likely this is to drop. For example, I was running Legend Nightfalls and I got this on my 3rd try, so it wasn’t too much of a problem to get.

One thing that’s changed this season is there are pairs of weapons available in Nightfalls rather than just one. We are going to get a newer weapon paired with an older one. For example, this week we have The Comedian and Shadowprice on offer in the Nightfalls. Next week you might have Hothead and Hung Jury, something like that. The advantage here is we get more loot, however, the drawback is it’s slightly harder to target farm Nightfall weapons now.

Builds (All Classes)

The Comedian would be pretty good in void-focused builds, let’s have a look at some examples for each class. Each build is going to focus on The Comedian in the Energy slot for the weapon, then other void elements for each class.


Subclass – Bottom Tree Sentinel
Exotic – Doom Fang Pauldron
Weapons – Anything (Kinetic), Crown-Splitter (Power)
Mods – Elemental Well, Elemental Ordnance, Font of Wisdom, Lucent Blade

Bottom-Tree Sentinel and Doom Fang has been a popular build for a long time. Doom Fang allows you to run around replenishing your super, extended it’s duration, making you massively effective in PVE. Add The Comedian, Crown-Splitter and some Elemental Well Mods then you’re going to be creating elemental wells from the void kills. Pick them up and through Font of Wisom you’re going to get super energy nice and quickly, allowing for more Doom Fang Super fun.


Subclass – Bottom Tree Voidwalker
Exotic – Nezarec’s Sin
Weapons – Anything (Kinetic), Deathbringer (Power)
Mods – Elemental Well, Elemental Ordnance, Font of Wisdom, Argent Ordnance

Bottom Tree Void Warlocks and Nezarec’s Sin again is a classic combo, which will imrpove your time in PVE no end. Argent Ordnance makes rockets even more powerful, plus Deathbringer + catalyst is a very destructive combo.


Subclass – Top-tree void
Exotic – Orpheus Rig
Weapons – Anything (Kinetic), Quickfang
Mods – Elemental Well, Elemental Ordnance, Font of Wisdom, Lucent Blade

Top tree void Hunter and Orpheus Rig is another great PVE combo. Add in Qucikfang and Lucent Blade to that combo with The Comedian, then you will be laughing at how easy PVE is.

Finally, let’s look at the lore.

The Comedian Lore

A. A ha. A ha ha ha. A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Zavala stared dully at the papers on his desk.

Reports splayed out in front of him: Sightings of Osiris moving toward the Dreaming City. Dispatches for Saint-14 and Crow. Reams of dire investigations from Ikora.

On page after page, the name “Osiris” jumped out at him. And then the name “Savathûn.”

He reached for an older report; something simpler, buried beneath the damage assessments from the Vex incursion in the Botza District—the smoke from the attack had barely cleared, but it felt like so long ago.

He found Rahool’s analysis of the Endless Night. It detailed how the Vex energies pouring from their network blocked the sun, drained the resources of the City; how the pulsing of their particular frequencies made the citizenry paranoid and susceptible to suggestion…

Zavala resisted the urge to crumple the report in his fist. Instead, he stood and turned to rest his forehead against the tall window as he closed his eyes.

He remembered when he ended Osiris’s exile from the City and allowed him to stay in the Annex. He remembered when he spoke with him about the death of Sagira. When he consulted with him on what to do with Crow. When he brought him as counsel to meet with Caiatl.

And he remembered how, each time, the sun had been shining.

Let me know down in the comments what you think about The Comedian, plus let me know what rolls you got and which ones you are chasing.

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