Season of the Lost

Astral Alignment Guide – How to do the new Season of the Lost activity in Destiny 2

Astral Alignment is the new activity in Season of the Lost. This is a new six-person matchmade activity, which takes us back to the Blind Well and the Dreaming City to face off against Scorn and Taken in a series of challenges. Today, I am going to check out the activity, plus give you a step-by-step guide for how to complete it easily and quickly, so you can get that seasonal loot as fast as possible.

Astral Alignment can be accessed from the Director from The Dreaming City. You’ll have to complete the intro mission for Season of the Lost, which will take you through once and teach you the mechanics. You will need the Season Pass for Season of the Lost to access the new activity, although I believe you do get a free taster, and this should reward you with the new fusion rifle at the end.

This activity does have Champions, so it’s worth putting on some champion mods. These can be acquired from the Seasonal Artifact. During my runs, I have seen Unstoppable and Overload Champions. This most likely rotates each week, so it’s worth checking out which champions are going to be there through the Astral Alignment node on the director before you go in. Add the mods to your armor and pick the weapons that work for you. I’ve been running with the new sword mod Disrupting Blade, which is great for Overload Champions and Unstoppable Sidearm for the Unstoppable Champions.

Let’s check out Astral Alignment in more detail, running through each encounter and what you have to do. First things first, launch the activity from the Dreaming City.

Phase 1 – Crush The Intruders

In the first encounter, you will be back in the Blind Well where you’ll be defending the Oracle Engine. This is the same location for the start of the Blind Well activity, however, here you can simply launch into the activity and not have to ride on your sparrow to get there each time, which is a nice quality of life improvement. Scorn will spawn in, plus champions too. Keep an eye out for the Scorn with Stasis weapons as they tend to pose a little more danger. Warmind Cell mods and weapons are great for this encounter, as the AOE damage will kill them nice and quickly. Kill the Scorn and then interact with the Wayward Compass in the middle to move onto the next phase.

Phase 2 – Collapse Taken Rifts

YOu and your Fireteam will be teleported to the next location somewhere on the Dreaming City called Ley Line Pallas. The objective here is to purge the TaKen Rifts. Throughout the area, you have spawned into there’s going to be plated. A Taken Captain will spawn called Eye of Xivu Arath, and their location will be marked on the screen. Kill them and they will drop something called Taken Essence. Pick this up and take it to the plate to purge them.

Taken and Champions are going to be constantly spawning all around you, so you could assign someone to grab the orbs and other team members for add clearing duties. Keep your eyes open for the marked Taken with icons and repeat this process until you have purged all of the plates.

The first time through this might seem a little confusing. Keep an eye out for the Taken, marked by the icon on the screen, kill them, pick up the buff, and purge the plates. Try and work with your team to do this as quickly as possible to move onto the next step.

Phase 3 – Install the Batteries / Prevent the Ether Harvest

The next encounter offers up a couple of variations. You will be doing one of two activities:

Ley Line Vesta – Install the Batteries
Ley Line Ceres – Prevent the Ether Harvest

Both have slightly different mechanics, but they are not too tricky.

Install the Batteries

For this encounter, you have to install the batteries to the beacon. Right at the other end of the area from where you spawn there will be a sphere guarded by taken. Shoot the sphere to break it open, revealing the batteries. You have to pick up the batteries and bring them back to the beacon. However, these batteries are heavy and you will be slowed while carrying them. All the while Taken are going to be trying to kill you, so it might be worth going in pairs and taking turns in carrying them.

As you are carrying the batteries you will be Emcumbered, and this is going to last for 15 seconds. This is the time allowed for carrying the battery. Once this runs out you will drop the battery, and be Exhasuted for 10 seconds. During this time you won’t be able to pick up the battery. You probbaly won’t be able to carry the battery in one go, so going with a pair, or sending out battery carriers is a good idea and then swapping with your fireteam members. You can leave the batteries lying on the ground. This is similar to light-raid mechanics.

Once you have installed the 3 batteries then two Lost Knights become vulnerable to attack. Finish them off with a power weapon or super and kill them both. Killing the Knights will make the second structure vulnerable, allowing you to move the batteries once again to their final place. This is essentially a repeat of the last phase. Then kill the Knights, and it’s time to move onto the final encounter.

Prevent the Ether Harvest

If you don’t get the batteries encounter then you’ll get the ether harvest encounter. The objective here is to stop the Ether orbs from getting to the scrapped Servitors around the arena.

Scorn will spawn in and you’ll want to try and kill them as soon as you can. Be on the lookout for Ether orbs the whole time, and if you see them, shoot them. Shoot the Ether orbs and when you have destroyed enough Ether, you’ll be teleported back to the Blind Well for the final encounter.

Phase 4 – Defeat Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath

For the final encounter, you’ll face off against Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath. This is a huge Taken Ogre. There are 3 phases to this encounter. Coordinate with your team to take out his health, and once he’s down a 3rd then he’ll go immune. Once he goes immune a Taken Blight will Spawn. Destroy the Blight and a Taken Knight will appear, kill them and they will drop a Taken Essence. Use this to bring down Kholks shield and then repeat the damage. Do this 3 times to complete the encounter and then collect your loot!

It’s worth mentioning that at the time of creating this guide, Astral Alignment is a little buggy. Hopefully, Bungie will come out with a fix soon. Given it’s a new season with plenty of moving parts I am sure a hotfix will be coming ASAP. I’ve not run into too many bugs just yet, and hopefully you won’t either.

Let me know what you think of the new Astral Alignment activity down there in the comments and if you have any tips or tricks, share them with the community.

That’s it for this Astral Alignment Guide and how to do Season of the Lost Activity. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.