Destiny 2 – Witch Queen, Season Of The Lost Revealed Plus Trials Rework and Bungie 30th Anniversary

Wow. We’ve just had the Destiny 2 Showcase stream from Bungie where they detailed the Witch Queen reveal, gave us a look at some gameplay, detailed Season of the Lost plus talked more about year 5 and the upcoming 30th-anniversary event. There’s a whole lot to go through today, so let’s jump right in.

Before we get into the details, let’s check out the reveal trailer for the Witch Queen.

Savathun is the central character and we were given more details about Savathun’s Throne World, plus we have Guardians walking through a forest. The big reveal here is Savathun has stolen the light and given it to the Hive to create Hive Guardians, so we’re going to be facing off against hive with supers now.

Quickly following up the reveal trailer was a gameplay trailer, so let’s get into that one.

We have a release date of 22.2.22, so mark the calendars for 2nd February 2022. We have a new weapon in the form of the Glaive, plus we’re also going to be crafting weapons for the first time in Destiny. We’re going to start off with weapons in the Witch queen but then more weapons are going to be added over time. This is a feature that’s been asked for many, many times, so this is good news. Looking forward to finding out more about craftable weapons.

The team said they want to provide the campaign fantasies of the past – for example, storming a castle, and it sounds like they are adding a hard mode campaign, which can be done solo or with friends. For the collector’s edition we’re going to be getting a physical Hive Ghost, that looks fantastic and I’m heading off to buy that right after this!

In year 5 of Destiny 2 the Light subclasses are going to get the aspects and fragments treatment starting with Void. We’re going to have 4 seasons starting from February 2022, which will lead us up to Lightfall, but no mention of when that will be just yet. We have 2 new Dungeons coming, plus another Destiny 1 raid is going to come out of the vault (they didn’t confirm which one, but you would imagine it’s going to be Kings Fall – I hope so anyway). Bungie is also going to be adding legacy rotations for raids and dungeons in 2022.

The Light and the Dark saga is going to end, not with Lightfall as originally planned, but there’s a new expansion after called Destiny 2 – The Final shape.

Trials is getting a rework. Anticheat is coming and matchmaking is being added for teams and also solo queuing. Winning rounds and completing matches for loot, so no more jumping off the edges for that 3 win rewards. Flawless hasn’t changed, and we’re going to find out more later this week.

Then we have Season of the Lost which is launching in a few minute’s time, today!

Let’s check out the trailer.

We’re going back to the Dreaming City with Mara Sov to rescue her lost witches. Crossplay launches today. Xivu Arath features, plus we see an awesome showdown with Petra and Crow… I can’t wait for Mara to see her former brother turned Guardian, that is going to be one hell of a moment. We have new armor, new weapons, a new activity. It looks like we’re going to be headed into the shattered realm, but I’ll bring you more news and guides after the season launches. There are new exotic weapons too, one rifle, in particular, looked devastating!

Finally, we have details on Bungie’s 30th celebration. Dares of Eternity is going to be released in the game where we can earn loot from other games. Gjallarhorn is coming back! We’re getting Thorn armor, which looks great, plus Eysluna and a Claymore from Myth. I didn’t catch Halo weapons, but I am sure they are in there somewhere. There was also a mention of a dungeon too, so look forward to all that come December.

It’s been a big day for Destiny 2 fans. Season of the Lost launches rigut about now, and preorders for Witch Queen are live.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the reveal stream, and I’ll see you in-game.