Savathun Revealed Ahead Of The Witch Queen Showcase in Destiny 2

Bungie has sent Destiny 2 fans into orbit today by revealing Savathun ahead of the Witch Queen reveal during the Destiny 2 showcase tomorrow. This is the first time fans have set eyes on Savathun in her true, Hive-god form, having previously only appeared as a symbol in the game. The teaser trailer is just that, very short, but it’s designed to get you hyped for tomorrow… and I have to say it’s worked 100%.

Before we get into it, let’s check out the trailer itself.

As I mentioned it’s a very short trailer, but it does show off a few key details. First of all, we see Savathun for the first time, walking through a flooded and dead wasteland filled. A steamy mist has shrouded this location, and there are things floating in the water as Savathun walks forward. As she’s walking she simply says “Truth is a funny thing”, and then the trailer cuts out.

This does confirm the leaked imagery of Savathun a few weeks ago, with the crown designed right into her head. It’s also the first time we have heard Savathun speak. What isn’t clear at the moment is what’s in the background. Is this the Dreaming City, or is this Mara’s Throneworld?

We can’t gleam too many details at the moment, as its job is to get us to tune in tomorrow for the Destiny 2 reveal stream, where we’re going to find out more about The Witch Queen. We also have Season of the Lost dropping tomorrow, and we’ll find out more about the Trials rework amongst other things.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Savathun’s design, and where do you think she is?

That’s it for this look at the teaser trailer for