New World – The Best Build To Level Up Fast

The endgame in New World is where the game really opens up including Expeditions, massive PVP battles, and great loot. As you level up you’re going to discover new weapons and combinations which make up different builds. Today I am going to go through a really good early-game build, plus some other leveling tips that are going to help you level up nice and fast, so you can get stuck into that endgame content as fast as possible.

This guide is aimed at new players jumping into New World. The game has been in Closed Beta for a final test ahead of the full launch coming on 31st of August 2021, and whether you’re jumping into the final few days of the beta, or you are checking out this guide on the full release, this is going to help you level up nice and quickly in the early game.

There’s plenty of benefits to leveling up quickly and getting to that endgame content. Expeditions, New World’s Dungeons, which offer up great loot are great fun, as well as the huge 50vs50 PVP wars. Of course, you can play at your own pace, but today I am going to go through a build to help you level up nice and quickly, as well as some other leveling tips too.

How To Level Up In New World

Much like other MMOs, you’ll want to gather as much XP as possible to level up in New World. Quests are a huge source of XP, but you can also gain XP from gathering, crafting, and battling, although the most efficient way of leveling up is going to be through quests.

When you first start out in the game you’ll want to run through the tutorial quests, learn the ropes and then end up at your Settlement. Check out the main story questline to get some XP, however, you are going to want to supplement this with other quests from Factions and Town Projects

At roughly Level 9 or 10 you’ll be directed to sign up to a Faction, and then you can start getting Faction Quests from your Faction Quest giver in the Settlement. Town Projects are also a great source of XP, these can be found from the Town Projects Board.

Keep an eye on your location, and try to pick up overlapping quests that are in close proximity to each other. The map in New World is big and fast travel is limited, so trying to keep quests close to each other is a decent idea.

The key to fast leveling is mobility, moving around fast, and completing quests quickly. You’ll want to pick up quests, try to knock them out as fast as possible, then pick up more quests and repeat over and over.

Best Build For Fast Leveling In New World

There are plenty of weapons in New World, meaning you can mix and match playstyles and find one that suits you. There’s the Sword, Sheild, Fire Staff, Life Staff (for Healers), Ice Gauntlet, Spear, Bow and Arrow, Hatchet, Hammer, lots of weapons. You can hold two weapons at the same time, and each weapon has a skill tree, which you can open up different abilities and perks for your character. New World is classless, meaning you don’t have traditional Tanks, Healers, DPS, etc. Although you will want to spec into this type of build later in the game, early on you can mix and match.

There is one combination of weapons though that will help you in the early game. We want to build for speed, mobility, and range in the early game so we can complete quests nice and quickly, to knock out as many quests as possible. Aeternum, the landmass in New World, is massive, and being able to move about the map quickly and easily is going to shave off minutes and overtime, hours too.

Let’s have a look at the build.


The hatchet provides you some great mobility through the Berserk tree. You are going to be running a lot from point A to point B, and this speed boost can help a lot. As well as the speed boost you get health regeneration from the Berserk skill tree. While Berserk is active you’ll get a small amount of health regeneration, which is going to help you out a bunch when you’re getting attacked by wolves and zombie-like dead things.


Using the Bow will give you the Archer’s Speed mastery, meaning every time you switch to the Bow you’ll get a little speed boost. Using this in combination with the Hatchet is going to save you a bunch of time when you are running around New World. The Bow is also useful for health regeneration, but you’re going to have to work for it as it’s lower down in the tree. Check out the Hawkeye mastery and this will heal you 10% of the damage you deal on headshots. This is a tricky one to pull off, but if you get skilled with the bow, then this is going to help out a ton too.

Where To Invest Attribute Points

As you level up in New World you will earn points, which you can invest back into your character in attributes like Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc. DIfferent weapons respond to different attributes, so it’s worth keeping an eye on where you are investing to get the most out of your weapons. For example, the Hatchet scales off Strength and the Bow scales off Dexterity.

Depending on which weapon you like to use most, focus on that attribute. One method could be to open up the fight with a shot from the Bow, then run in there with the Hatchet to finish the job. In this case, then you will want to focus more on Strength because you’ll be running in close and doing a lot of work with the Hatchet. If you prefer to sit back and use the Bow, then it’s worth putting more points in Dexterity, as this is more suited to ranged Bow attacked.

Check out the points, have a play around, and see what works for you.

That’s a quick look at the Bow and the Hatchet build for fast leveling in New World, but let’s also have a look at some general leveling tips.

More Tips For Fast Leveling In New World

Leveling fast is all about getting around the map quickly, and this is where fast travel comes into play.

Find the Azoth Shrines dotted around the map for fast travel points. These can be found as little white question marks on the map, or as beacons of light shining into the sky. You have to discover these to use them and then pay through a currency called Azoth which you can earn throughout the game.

You can also fast travel using the Inn at your Settlement, or another Settlement. Be aware though, you can only have one Settlement active at any one time. Also, if you own a house you can fast travel that way too.

Let me know what you think about New World, plus share your tips for fast leveling in Aeternum.

That’s it for this guide for the Best Build to level up fast. For more New World content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.