New World – How to get Iron Ore and Iron Ingots

Iron Ore and Iron Ingots are very useful materials in New World – they help you make tools, weapons, armor, and also ammo too. As you progress through New World you’re going to need a bunch of this material, so today I am going to go through how to get Iron Ore from Iron Ore Veins plus how to turn Ore into Iron Ingots. The following is a guide for how to get Iron in New World.

As you are leveling up in New World it’s worth investing some of your time collecting. valuable material called Iron Ore. This is going to be needed if you want to craft weapons, armor, and ammo in the early game. You may also come across some Town Projects that require the gathering of Iron Ore too.

How to harvest Iron Ore

Before you can start mining Iron Ore in New World, you are going to need a Pickaxe to allow you to gather this material from the ground. There are various levels of Pickaxe, but you can start with a basic Flint Pickaxe, and these are very easy to make. To be able to craft this item you need one Flint and one Wood, which you can find outside your settlement. Simply chop down a tree to gather the materials for the wood and pick up flint off the floor.

How to find Iron Ore

Now you have a Pickaxe you’ll want to head out in Aeternum to find Iron Ore Veins, these are key to harvesting Iron ore. Iron Ore Veins can be found on rocks in higher locations. That’s not to say you can’t come across Iron Ore anywhere else, it’s just this resource is more plentiful the higher up you go. As you are wandering around, look for hills and higher locations, and then you’ll start to spot Iron Ore Veins. Iron Ore Veins are greyish brown rocks that stick out of the ground, so keep an eye out for them.

Once you find Iron Ore then you’ll be able to interact with it by pressing E. If nothing happens at this point, make sure your Pickaxe is equipped, then it should work just fine.

How to convert Iron Ore into Iron Ingots (Smelting)

The next thing to do is turn your raw Iron Ore into Iron Ingots. For this, head back to your Settlement and you’ll want to find a Smelting Station. Each Settlement should have a smelting station, however, the Tier you can access will be influenced by the number of Town Projects completed by the inhabitants of the Settlement.

Tier 2 Smelting Station – Iron, Steel, Silver, and Gold ingots, also Charcoal
Tier 3 Smelting Station – Starmetal and Platinum ingots
Tier 4 Smelting Station – Orichalcum ingots

The Smelting Station should be raised to Tier 2, and then you’ll be able to turn Iron Ore into Iron Ingots – this is then ready for making weapons and armor, and other useful items in New World.

Keep leveling up your Smelting Stations because this is going to lead to more Ingots from the same amount of Iron Ore. Ideally you want to be creating the maximum number of Ingots from the least amount of Ore to be very efficient. This isn’t only down to you, it’s down to the people of your Settlement, so try and complete Town Projects to reap the benefits of better Smelting.

Good luck on the hunt for Iron Ore out there in New World. Let me know down in the comments if you have any tips or tricks to get more Iron Ore, and share with the New World community.

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