New World – How To Fast Travel

New World is a big game, the sheer landmass of Aeternum is going to take a while to cross on foot, and we don’t have mounts in the game at this time. Therefore you are going to want to find out different methods of fast travel in the game, so you can shave off time from getting back from quests, or getting from A to B. Today I am going to look at the different methods of fast travel in New World, so you can get around quickly.

There are a few ways to fast travel in New World:

Fast travel to a Settlement Inn
Fast travel using Azoth
Fast travel to your House

Let’s have a look at all the methods one by one.

Fast travel to a Settlement Inn

When you find a Settlement in New World, make sure to visit the local Inn. Have a chat with the Innkeeper and then you’ll get the option to make the Inn a fast travel point. The drawback of this method is you can only have one active Inn at any given time. Therefore is you go to another settlement, and set your fast travel to the new Inn, this will overwrite the old Inn fast travel point.

Once you’ve decided on your Inn fast travel point, option up the map with the M key and then select the Settlement. There’s an option to “Recall to Inn”, select that and off you go. There is a 1-hour cooldown on this option.

Fast travel using Azoth

Next, you can fast travel using a resource called Azoth. Open up your map and select the Settlement you want to go to. Below the “Recall to Inn” option you should see “Fast Travel”. The cost is dependant on a number of factors.

Base Cost – 50 Azoth
Distance – 5 Azoth per 100 meters
Encumbrance Amount – 4 Azoth per 10 weight
Faction Discounts
Company Discounts

To be able to use this option you will have to have visited a Settlement before using the fast travel option. Plus you can only use this option if you are at another fast travel location, much like the Azoth Shrines dotted about the place.

How to find Azoth Shrines

Azoth Shrines or Spirit Shrines can be found dotted about the map. They are normally indicated by a question mark if you haven’t visited them before. Also, if you zoom into the map, you can tell it’s going to be an Azoth Shrine by its shape. It looks like a square with a little rectangle poking out of it. Look out for these shapes on the map, and you’ll find the fast travel points. Watch out for the little white question marks on the map, plus a beacon of light is often shining in the air from these shrines. If you see any of these signs, then you should be able to find the Azoth Shrines nice and easy.

Another way to find them is through the website newworld-map.com. This is a great resource for finding things in New World. Go to the website than through the menu clear everything by hitting Filters > Hide All. Then show the shrines by selecting Filters > Cities and Others > Select Regions and Spirit Shrines. If you can’t find the little white question marks or the beacons of light in the sky, then this map should help you find them.

Fast travel to your House

The final method of fast travel is to buy a house. Once you own a house then you’ll be able to teleport back to it. To be able to buy a house you’ll need a territory standing of 10 or higher, depending on where you want to buy the house. Buying a house costs a decent amount of gold too, so you’d best start saving up now if you want to get one to help you fast travel.

There’s also a cooldown on fast travel to your home, but it depends on what tier your house is:

Tier 1 – 4 Hours
Tier 2 – 3 Hours
Tier 3 – 2.5 Hours
Tier 4 – 2 Hours

Hopefully, in the future, we’ll get mounts, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon. For now, just remember if you want to fast travel:

  • Check in at the Inns in Settlements for fast travel
  • Find the Azoth Shrines out there in the wild, either through the map markers, beacons of light or newworld-map website
  • Buy a House

Let me know down in the comments what you think of fast travel in New World. Do you want to see mounts or do you enjoy the journey on foot?

That’s it for this guide for how to fast travel in New World. For more New World content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.