New World – Best Weapons Plus Weapon Combinations For Builds

There’s plenty of weapons to get your hands on in New World, and there’s a lot of viable combinations. But which weapons should you choose? Today I am going to go through some of the best weapons and combinations, so you know where to get started and invest those points into, to get you right into the thick of battle. The following is a guide for the best weapons in New World.

New World is in Closed Beta right now and the full release is set for the end of August 2021. We’ve got the chance to test and experiment with the weapons that are in the game right now, with the sandbox we have right now. As you use weapons in New World you’ll gain mastery points and you’ll want to use their mastery points to invest in your weapons and abilities, so you can create devastating combinations on the battlefield.

General Weapon Tips

Different weapons scale off the various class attributes, like Dexterity or Intelligence. As you are leveling up, you’ll want to keep an eye on your points and where you are investing them if you want to create a specific build for certain weapons. For example, The Bow and the Rapier rely on higher Dexterity, whereas the Life Staff requires more Focus.

There are 5 tiers of weapons in New World. Higher tier weapons come with more Gem slots, and Gems are going to open up more skills or enhance attributes. There are loads of gems that will allow you to infuse into weapons and armor. There are specific gems that work with traits, or you can find gems that work well with one specific skill on a weapon. The best thing to do is get out there and start collecting your gems and building up your collection.

Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet

The Life Staff is the go-to weapon if you want to create a support build in New World. The Life staff has two main trees to focus on, Healing and Protector. The nodes in these skill trees are going to be full of things to help keep you and your teammates alive rather than dishing out the damage to your enemies.

The Life Staff goes well with the Ice Gauntlet for a decent support build due to attributes like Sacred Protection (this boosts healing by 10 percent while you are holding the Life Staff).

Invest mastery points into: Sacred Ground, Orb of Protection, Ice Pylon.

Sword and Shield

This is your classic combination of Sword and Shield. This combination of weapons is designed for the tanks out there and you have a couple of trees including Swordmaster and Defender. There’s plenty of skills in there for taunting, defense and this combination has quite low DPS when compared to other DPS builds.

Tanks are more likely to invest points in the Defender tree rather than Swordmaster. For example, Recuperation is very handy in big battles. Taunt gems are good for leveling up this build, for example the Carnelian Gems with your Sword to bring aggro towards you in battle.

The advantages of the simple sword and shield are that it’s pretty easy for new players to get to grips with, and it’s a combination that everyone knows about.

Invest mastery points into Shield Bash and Shield Rush.

Rapier and Bow

This is a great combination for damage over time effects and you’ll be swapping between the two here. This is very good for expdition combat as well as PVP. The damage over time effects (Poison and Bleed) can be a very deadly combination of skills on these weapons.

The Rapier skill trees, Blood and Grace, allow to you apply Bleed damage via the first Tondo skill, plus you have dodges and movement from the Evade Skill. With the Bow it’s a good idea to pick up Splinter shot and Evade shot, this is going to help you apply a small AOE. The combination of Bleed, Poison, and movement plus the range will give you a great PVP build for the future.

Musket and Rapier

This is a fairly popular PVP build at the moment in the meta of New World. There’s a good few combinations here for The Musket with the Trapper tree with skills like Stopping Power and Traps. The Musket is one to watch for PVP going into the full version of the game, having enjoyed a lot of success in the beta so far.

Supporting the Musket you want to look for a weapon that allows you to get out of sticky situations. You don’t want to be stuck up close to an enemy with nothing, so this is where the rapier comes into play. The Rapier is great because of your movement speed, ability to strike quickly and the attack speed with Evade. It’s a very good complement to The Musket.

Check out this combination in PVP, Traps are very good in the thick of the battle. Specifically look for the mobility with the combination of the Musket and the Rapier.

Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet

These two are a great combination for PVP, much like the previous pairing. The damage output of the Fire Staff is massive. The only major drawback of this build is the amount of Mana it’s going to use up, so this is where the Ice Gauntlet comes into play.

The Entombed skill in the Builder tree for the Gauntlet boosts mana for a short duration. This is great for recouping the mana required to run around with the Fire Gauntlet fairly constantly. The Ice Gauntlet also fills in the gaps where the Fire Staff lacks defense.

The big damage output of the Fire Staff is one worth getting to grips with, but make sure you keep an eye on Mana levels. Entombed mastery from the Ice Gauntlet is a must-have skill for this combination.

Spear and Bow

This is a very good combination of weapons in New World right now, given the huge damage output potential of both. When used in combination with each other, the Spear and the Bow are very deadly. The other minor drawback here is the lack of defensive capability, so getting out of a tight spot can be tricky.

Regarding the bow you want to be focusing on Penetrating Shot and the follow up skills here for the bow (looking at the Hunter tree). The Zoner skill tree on the spear is the one to look out for. This deals huge damage but does rely on Evade Shot and Evasive Maneuvers. This is going to be great for Expeditions and also could come in some use for PVP. It’s a build with big damage but lacks defense, so worth bearing that in mind.

Let me know down in the comments your top weapon combinations.

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