New World – Top Beginner Tips To Get Ahead (Fast Progression, Builds, Crafting and More)

New World has arrived and you are probably getting started in the world of Aeternum. There’s plenty to do in this new MMO including crafting, gathering, questing, and also plenty of PVP opportunities. Today I am going to go through my top beginner tips for New World, so you can get ahead of your Company and be the best in class.

I’m going to cover a few topics today including leveling up, quest guides, crafting, selecting the right build, and combat too. This is beginner information, so useful if you’re fresh to the game or wondering what New World is all about… this is a good place to start. We’re currently in Closed Beta ahead of the full launch on August 31st, 2021, although I doubt things are going to change much between now and then.

Let’s dive into the tips

Tip 1 – Level Up Fast

Much like other MMOs, you are going to want to get familiar with the leveling system and start climbing those levels nice and quickly, so you can access the best parts of the game and get the best loot as quickly as possible. I did do a guide on how to level up quickly, and you can check out that full guide here, but here are the basics of fast leveling in New World.

Build for mobility and range – Something like the Hatchet and the Bow is going to be really useful in the game as the Hatchet has mobility bonuses and keeping things at the range is going to help you knock out quests quicker.

Fast travel – Use your camp and respawn to help you complete quests nice and fast. Cut down on the amount of time you have to travel by using the respawn functionality, and don’t worry too much about your gear in the early game as it’s going to be replaced anyway. Use the fast travel points from the Inns in the Settlements and also discover as many Azoth Shrines as you can by hunting around.

Tip 2 – Level Up Your Crafting Skills

Crafting is one of the main gameplay loops in New World. Ideally during the opening few hours and days of New World, you want to be leveling up your crafting skill trees as much as possible, as later on, this is going to help you out as you’ll be able to sell your crafted gear for gold (the main currency in New World). If you can specialize in a craft early in the game, and then the market goes your way, then you could hit the big time and get rich off some sales by trading your crafted goods.

Crafting skill trees include things like Weaving, Smelting, Logging, and Mining. While you are doing these early quests and leveling up nice and fast, try to level up your crafting skills alongside your regular level, and then you’ll reap the benefits later on in the game.

Tip 3 – Complete The Right Quests

When you first start out in the game you are going to be starting in one of four starting locations and that includes First Light, Windsward, Monarch’s Bluff, or Everfall. Finishing up the early quests to get a nice boost of XP. Unfortunately, the starter areas have a disproportionate level of enemies. The easiest enemies can be found down neat First Light, so it’s a good idea to go down there and do quests there.

As well as the main story quests, Town Project quests are very good for XP and this is going to help you level up faster. This includes tasks like killing 15 Wolves or Sheep or gathering some materials. Faction quests are also useful to pick up and these can be knocked out very quickly. Look for combinations of faction quests and town project quests and try to do overlapping objectives as this is going to help you get more XP, then combine with the fast travel to cut down on the time taken needed to go back and turn in the quests.

Ideally, you should be working towards getting into Expeditions as soon as you can. Expeditions are New World’s Dungeons. The first one is Amrine Expedition and this can be accessed around level 24.

Tip 4 – Understanding Factions And Territory

There are three factions in New World – The Marauders, The Covenant, and The Syndicate. There’s not that much of a difference between them, other than the cosmetic features and the lore.

Selecting a faction is an important step in New World though and you’ll want to pick the one that’s right for you. If you have friends who play, then you’ll want to be in the same faction. Factions have the ability to govern, increase taxes, and also dominate the smaller factions on any given server. Amazon has said in the past they have mechanics in place to make sure one faction doesn’t dominate too much on a particular server, so it’ll be interesting to see that play out and how that works exactly.

Most of the land in the New World can be fought over and captured by a faction. This is one of the main components of the game and that’s the PVP aspect. Factions will go to war over land, territory, and control to try and be the dominant faction on Aeternum. If a faction wins a war and then go on to own the land then tax rates, rewards, and projects can be set up by the winning faction.

Understanding the mechanics of factions and getting involved is a fun part of New World, with PVP being a massive component of the game. This is going to lead to better loot, so it’s worth teaming up with a few friends, or joining a Discord Server with folks from your server and getting stuck in there.

Tip 5 – Understanding Combat, Weapons, and Builds

New World is classless, meaning you don’t have to be a certain specialty like a healer or a tank. Later on, in the endgame, you will likely want to specialize, however in the early game when you are leveling it’s good to keep things open and try out a few styles of combat. Given the lack of pure MMO classes, that means you can experiment with builds by putting together a combination of weapons and armor.

In the early game, it’s good to optimize for speed, as you’ll want to be gathering, killing, crafting, and traveling quickly to make sure quests are getting done fast. As you progress you’ll want to level up your weapons and items to make sure you can take on the Expedition content as soon as possible.

As you use weapons you are going to get points that you can use on your weapon skill trees to unlock various upgrades and bonuses. Again, the Hatchet is great because you can optimize for speed, as well as range too. The Fire Staff on the other hand will give you good range and AOE damage.

You can actively use 2 weapons in New World while carrying many more in your inventory. You have a primary and a secondary slot, for example, you can use a combination of Sword and Musket or Bow and Hatchet. There’s plenty of combinations and you’ll want to try out what feels good for you, and then level up those weapons so you can take them into the endgame. As you progress through the game you’ll be able to improve your weapons with gems. Gems either enhance a specific mastery skill or give you other benefits. Higher tier weapons later in the game come with more Gem slots, allowing for more powerful bonuses.

Let me know down in the comments your top tips for beginners and share them with the community.

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