New World – How To Level Up Quickly

New World is out in Closed Beta now until 2nd August, then we have the full launch to look forward to coming on August 31st, 2021. The following is a guide for how to level up quickly in New World, so you can enjoy that endgame content and all the benefits that come with that.

You don’t have to rush through the levelling process, you can take your time and do things at your own pace. However, there are a bunch of benefits of getting to the max level and getting into the endgame content quickly.

  • Expeditions (Dungeons) – Level 25 and above
  • Outpost Rush – Level 60
  • Invasions – Level 50 to defend settlements

As with many games like New World, the game really begins when you get to the level cap, if you want to get there quickly, then I am here to help you with a few tactics and tips.


When you first start out in New World you’ll land on the shore of Aeternum in a random location, and you’ll want to get through the introduction quests as soon as you possibly can. This will take you through the basics of fighting, hunting, gathering and you’ll find your way to your local Settlement. Levels 0-10 you’ll be killing the Drowned, hunting Wolves, and learning the basics about crafting. It shouldn’t take too long to get to Level 10, and this is where things start to get interesting.


Questing is one of the best ways to earn XP to level up in the New World. The main quest is where you are going to pick up the big chunks of XP, and that’s going to help you level up as fast as possible.

Once you reach Level 9 or 10 you’ll be able to pick a faction – The Marauders, The Syndicate, or The Covenant. Pick the one you like or the one your friends are in, but it’s important to pick one as the Faction Quest giver is going to give you a lot of quests and potential to level up. As well as Faction Quests you have the main story quest, which you should progress as soon as you can, as well as Side Quests too.

If you can try and get quests that overlap in terms of objectives. For example, you may need to gather a certain amount of a resource in an area, and this could double up with killing a number of enemies in the same area. One of the best ways to level fast in New World is being aware of what’s going on around you and linking objectives together, so ideally you can knock off two birds with one stone.

Faction quests are great as for the first 3 each day you will get a 200% XP bonus incentive, so try and get to level 10 as fast as you can to take advantage of that XP levelling bonus.

Town Projects

While you are in the Town you’ll want to check the Town Projects Board, as this is a great source of objectives and you can gain a bunch of XP from doing tasks that improve the Town. Again, try and group together similar objectives and tick off many things at once if that’s possible. It’s not going to be feasible all the time, but check out your Town Project Objectives and also your Faction or Story Mission quests and look out for any overlapping opportunities and take advantage of every little thing. The Town Projects board offers up a good amount of XP with some missions going into 4 figures worth of XP, between 1000-1500 XP per mission. This is great compared to Faction missions which can be 200-300 XP each.

Mobility and range

While you are levelling you are going to be running around a lot, and therefore you want to build out your character with weapons to help with mobility. For example, quests and objectives are going to go by much quicker, if you can do things at range. Therefore, something like the Hatchet is really good for ranged attacks, or the Bow & Arrow. If you have to run up to everything, be it a Wolf or an enemy target, and whack them with a Sword each time, then this is going to slow down your progress and slow down your levelling. Keep mobile, keep your distance and you’ll be able to knock off quests and objectives for XP quickly, helping you level up faster.

Watch out for mobility bonuses on weapons too. The Hatchet, again, is very good for this because it has a buff to movement speed. Check your weapon mastery and prioritise movement speed and mobility, because if you can move faster then quests will be done quicker.

Fast Travel Means Faster Quests

In the early stages of the game, you are going to be walking and running a lot. New World has a very big map, and without a mount it’s going to take plenty of time to get where you need to go for quests. There are Fast Travel Shrines dotted about the place. You do have to find them, which you can do by exploring the local area. They are big, bright and you can’t really miss them if you are up close. Get out there, explore and try and add as many of these Azoth Shrines to your map, as they are really going to come in handy for fast travel in Aeternum.

Another way to fast travel early in the game is to Respawn. There are some drawbacks to doing this, however, if you are early in the game and levelling then the benefits outweigh the cost. For example, say you pick up a quest in the Settlement and you have to travel on foot for 15 mins or so, then once you have completed that quest at the location, you then have to travel back for the same amount of time. You can use a camp to respawn near the quest giver or travel back to the Settlement via a Respawn from the menu. This does damage your weapons a little, however, because you are early in the game it doesn’t really matter that much and you can always repair


Once you reach level 10 and join a faction, you’ll be able to take part in PVP. This is worth it from an XP point of view as PVP gives you a nice bunch of XP each time you win a PVP battle. Factions have PVP quests, so keep your eyes peeled for those from the Faction Quest Giver in your Settlement.


Simple crafting does give you XP for levelling up, although it’s not the most efficient way. You could in theory craft your way to level 60, but it’s going to be slow going if you don’t engage with quests and other methods I’ve talked about here. However, there is one aspect of crafting that is pretty good on the XP gains and that’s Skinning. Once you kill an animal, then you have the option to skin it, which you’ll then level up attributes for your main character. There are quests that require higher skinning levels, so it’s worth going that extra mile and skinning animals when you have the chance.


Expeditions are the Dungeons in New World, and you have quests related to Objectives in the Dungeons. Your faction quest giver will give you the chance to take part in Expeditions when you get to Level 25, so you’ll have to use other techniques to get to level 25 as we’ve already talked about in this guide. When you do have the opportunity to get into Expeditions it’s well worth it. Once you have access to Expeditions, travel around to different towns and pick up as many Expedition quests as you can.

New World Tools & websites

There’s some great websites out there which are going to help you out a lot, they include New World Forge, New World Fans and New World Map. All of these exteral sites offer great tips and tricks, and the maps are very useful if you are looking for something specific. I’d recommend checking them out.

There are a few tips for levelling up. It’s worth saying that the Closed Beta is out right now, however, progress is going to be wiped at the end of the Beta so do bear that in mind. But we don’t have long to wait until the full game is released on 31st August 2021. These tips are good for the beta as well as the full release, and I’ll be sure to update you further in the future if we find out more efficient tips and tricks to level up nice and quickly in New World.

Let me know in the comments what you think of New World and levelling, plus if you have any techniques to share, share with the community down there in the comments.

That’s it for this guide for how to level up quickly in New World. For more New World content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.