Destiny 2 – How to get Boots of the Assembler (Exotic Warlock Boots) plus Healer Warlock PvE Build

Boots of the Assembler are Exotic Warlock Boots added to Destiny 2 in Season 14. They open up whole new options for support builds in Destiny 2. Today I am going to check out the Boots of the Assembler, what they do, how to get them plus put together an example build which is going to make you the MVP of any team for PvE content in Destiny 2.

Boots of the Assembler are Exotic Warlock Leg Armor that comes with the perk

Blessing of Order – Standing in a healing rift creates Noble Seekers that seek out allies that are not in a rift and heal them. Standing in an empowering rift creates Noble Seekers that grant both you and your ally a damage bonus. Each time a Noble Seeker finds one of your allies, the duration of your rift is briefly extended while you are standing in it.

Boots of the Assembler pair really well with Lumina, one of the exotic hand cannons from the Forsaken Expansion. Boots of the Assembler can help heal teammates, then Lumina can buff teammates’ damage abilities. This means you can run around, healing and enhancing teammates all day long. Everyone is going to want to have you on their team!

How to get Boots of the Assembler

Boots of the Assembler are one of the newer Exotic pieces of armour introduced in the Beyond Light update (specifically Season 14). Previous to Beyond Light and these newer armour pieces being introduced, Exotic armour was acquired at random through Exotic engrams or campaign story content.

Now, there’s a way to target farm Exotic armour pieces through Legend and Master Lost Sectors. If you complete these activities solo, then there’s a chance at the Exotic armour to drop for you. Every day the Legend (1310) and Master (1340) Lost Sectors rotate, with two available each day across Europa, Cosmodrome, Moon, and Tangled Shore.

As well as the location for Legend and Master Lost Sectors rotating, the rewards rotate too with different armour pieces for the head, arms, chest, and legs. If you want to check the location and the rewards, then you can do so in-game by completing the Lost Sectors on the regular difficulty, and then check on the map. The Legend and Master Lost sectors are indicated as a blue shield icon. Another good way to check is a great tool called This will quickly tell you what the location is, plus what the reward is.

To get Boots of the Assembler, you want to look out for the Exotic Legs Reward. Then if you complete the Legend or Master Lost Sector Solo, you’ll have a chance for that reward. If you don’t get it the first time, keep trying and you’ll get it after a few tries.

Boots of the Assembler Warlock PVE Build

This is a support-focused build for Warlocks.

Subclass – The Attunement of Grace

The Attunement of Grace is the middle ability tree for the Dawnblade subclass of the Warlock class.


Divine Protection — Convert your grenade into a Blessing that heals ally targets and drops over shields you and your allies can pick up. Activate Divine Protection while Gliding to hover in midair.

Guiding Flame — Strike an enemy with this melee ability to inflict burn damage and empower yourself and nearby allies.

Benevolent Dawn — Healing or empowering your allies regenerates your grenade, melee and Rift energy.

Well of Radiance — Thrusts your Daybreak sword into the ground. The sword continuously projects a powerful aura that heals and empowers nearby allies. Replaces Daybreak as subclass Super.

In combination with this Divine Protection goes really well with this as you can turn your grenade into a Blessing, which you can throw like a grenade and heal teammates. You melee also empowers those around you. You may be sacrificing your damage output on this subclass, but by empowering and supporting others it’s really going to help you tear through PVE, especially if your teammates are kitted out for max damage.

Next up, lets have a look at the weapons.


I am going to be using a combination of weapons that with further support the healing motif of the build.

Lumina is an Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon.

Noble Rounds – Kills with this weapon leave behind Remnants. Absorbing a Remnant converts your next hip fired shot into an ally-seeking Noble Round and partially refills the magazine.

Blessing of the Sky – Using a Noble Round on an ally heals them and grants both you and them a weapon damage bonus for a short duration.

Lumina is a pretty good hand cannon, and you have to run through an exotic quest to get it. You can check out a guide for that quest here. Again, this goes great with the support these as once you collect remnants you then fire a healing shot as your teammates.

You can get this one from the Monuments to Lost Lights in the Tower.

Energy – Salvager’s Salvo

Salvager’s Salvo is a Legendary Energy Arc Grenade Launcher that has a Lightweight Frame. This is great for the Arc theme, but also because of the perk combination.

Demolitionist – Kill with this weapon give grenade energy
Chain Reaction – Each final blow with this weapon creates an elemental damage explosion

Heavy – Code Duello

This works great with Argent Ordnance for firepower.


Breach and Clear – When using a Grenade Launcher, damaging a boss, damaging a Champion, or breaking a combatant’s shield reloads your stowed weapons and causes the combatant to take increased damage for a short duration.

Taking Charge – Get Charged with Light by picking up orbs or power.

Protective Light – While Charged with Light, you gain significant damage resistance against combatants when your shields are destroyed. This effect consumes all stacks of Charged with Light. The more stacks consumed, the longer the damage resistance lasts.

Stat Penalty
-10 Strength

Powerful Friends – When you become Charged with Light, nearby allies also become Charged with Light, if they are not already.

Stat Increase
+20 Mobility

Argent Ordnance – While Charged with Light, readying or firing a Rocket Launcher grants it increased damage and reload speed. Damaging a combatant with a rocket consumes one stack of Charged with Light.

Let me know what you think of Boots of the Assembler down in the comments and if you could improve the build, share with the community.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Boots of the Assembler in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out This Week In Video Games on YouTube and subscribe today.