Destiny 2 – How to get Witherhoard (Exotic Grenade Launcher) After Beyond Light

Witherhoard is one of the best Exotic weapons in the game. With a combination of damage over time and big DPS making it very valuable in Raids and other endgame PVE content like Legend and Master Lost Sectors plus Nightfalls too. Today I am going to have a look at the weapon, why it’s one of the best in the game, plus how to get all of the materials you need to buy this exotic weapon and how to get Witherhoard in Beyond Light.

Witherhoard is an Exotic Kinetic Grenade Launcher originally introduced in Season of Arrivals. It’s perks make it pretty devastating and they include:

  • Primeval’s Torment – Projectiles fired by this weapon blight the target or nearby area on impact.
  • Break the Bank – Blighted targets take damage over time and blight the nearby area on death.

Looking at the stats we have Impact 60, Stability 67, Handling 53, Reload Speed 40, Velocity 21, Rounds Per Minute 90 and Magazine 6.

Witherhoard is an Exotic Grenade Launcher in the Kinetic Slot and it uses special ammo. This is one of the only Exotic Grenade Launchers in the Kinetic Slot, so by that measure, it’s pretty unique. The design is very cool, I think it’s supposed to be a gift from the Darkness as per Season of Arrivals (when the Pyramids first landed on the outskirts of the Solar System).

When it was first introduced into the game Witherhord absolutely destroyed Raid bosses due to the damage over time and various buffs that were working with each other. Bungie has since tweaked Witherhoard, but it’s still very potent and useful to take into a raid. For example, if you can find the spawn point for enemies then it’s great to throw down a few Witherhoard shots. Plus you can use this with Breach and Clear, the great mods introduced as part of Season of the Splicer, meaning you can weaken even the toughest boss or roaming mini-boss.

How to get Witherhoard

To get Witherhoard you can buy this from the Tower from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower, which you can find next to the Vault and it’s called Monument to Lost Lights.

Witherhoard will cost you:

1 x Exotic Cipher
100,000 Glimmer
150 x Glacial Starworts
1 x Ascendant Shards

You can get an Exotic Cipher from the Season Pass, or you can complete the quest from Xur – he’s around from Friday until Tuesday. I do a guide on Xur’s location each week, so make sure you subscribe and hit the notifications bell to never miss an update.

Glimmer can be acquired from pretty much any activity – strikes, gambit, crucible, public events, patrols, etc. You can also go to Spider and trade in materials for Glimmer, but don’t trade in Dusklight Shards as you’re going to need those for Outbreak Perfected.

For the Ascendant Shards you can purchase these from Banshee-44 in the Tower, or you can get them from high-level nightfalls as random drops from the final chest.

Finally, there’s the Glacial Starworts. This is a little more in depth so I will get into how to farm Glacial Starworts next.

How to farm for Glacial Starworts

Glacial Starworts are the planetary material found on Europa and there’s a couple of ways to get them. Before you head down onto Europa you’ll want to prepare, in particular with your ghost shell. There’s a mod called Wombo Detector which helps you detect caches and resources within a 50m range. Put this on your ghost as this is going to come in use.

Once you’ve done this head down to Europa. There are a few farming methods we’re going to combine here. Pick up all the bounties from Variks, he’s near the Charon’s Crossing landing zone in the building. His bounties will reward you with a bunch of Glacial Starworts.

Next, you’ll find to find the caches hidden on Europa, you’ll be able to see these on your map and they will reward you with Glacial Starworts. Finally, you can find individual Glacial Starworts on the ground. If you get your ghost out your Wombo Detector Ghost mod will be able to help you find them nice and fast.

It also worth checking out Spider on the Tangled Shore as he may be selling or trading Glacial Starworts. His inventory rotates daily. Do be careful with Spider though. I would wait for the 5 x Glacial Starworts to be sold for 1 Legendary Shard, rather than 5000 Glimmer. Unless you have loads of Glimmer and Shards, as SPider will fleece you of everything you’ve got.

Once you have all the materials then head back to the Monuments to Lost Lights in the Tower and purchase Witherhoard.

Witherhoard is very powerful, plus it’s been disabled a few times, including just after Beyond Light released. One of the first things Bungie had to do post release of Beyond Light was disabled the weapon.

It’s great in PvE. For example if you can get direct shots into a target the DPS is very high, or you can pepper the ground around enemies and they’ll walk through the pools, picking up damage over time. It’s also useful in PvP too, but it’s very annoying if you come up against a 6 stack team all using Witherhoard, so do what you will with that information!

Witherhoard Catalyst

Regarding the Catalyst there’s a couple of benefits:

  • Drops orbs on multikills
  • Tracks kills
  • Silent Alarm perk

With Silent Alarm you get increased handling, allowing the weapon to be drawn faster and shooting it sooner than your opponents. Also, when you holster the weapon you’ll get an automatic reload. This is great because you can swap weapons, fire, then swap back and you’ll find Witherhoard has been reloaded, which is very useful indeed.

How to get the Witherhoard Catalyst

To get the Catalyst, you simply need to buy the weapon from the Monuments to Lost Lights and then Banshe-44 will offer you a quest called The Bank Job, and there’s 4 parts to complete.

One Last Job, High-Stakes Heist, Crime Spree and Clean Getaway. You can use Witherhoard but you can actually complete the quest with any kinetic or special grenade launcher.

One Last Job

Go and have a chat with Banshee-44 in the Tower. You’ll need the Witherhoard to get this, so make sure it’s in your inventory before going to speak to him, otherwise he’s not going to have it. After speaking to him for a bit you’ll get the next part of the quest.

High-Stakes Heist

For the second part of the quest to get the Witherhoard Catalyst players will need to acquire 50 Vault Keys. Vault Keys have a chance to drop from enemies that are killed with either a Kinetic or Special Grenade Launcher. Head into an activity that full of enemies and you should pick thes eup in no time at all, Altars of Sorrow or Blind Well would be a good option, or you could run Strikes or Gambit.

Crime Spree

To complete Crime Spree players will need to do three things:

  • 100 Guardian kills during Eliminations with a Grenade Launcher
  • 200 Multikills with a Grenade Launcher
  • Obtain 300 Filthy Lucre

Eliminations can be either in Crucible or Gambit. It doesn’t really matter which, but there’s more opportunities in Crucible. The Multikills must be against PVE enemies and can be done anywhere.

Filthy Lucre can be acquired from Strikes, Nightfalls, Gambit and Crucible. Strikes and Nightfalls are probabl the best option for PVE players.

Clean Getaway

Once you have finished have a chat to Banshee-44 in the Tower and he’ll hand over the Witherhoard Catalyst and will finish The Bank Job questline.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Witherhoard and let me know your top Witherhoard loadouts down there in the comments.

That’s it for this guide on how to get Witherhoard in Beyond Light. For more Destiny 2 Beyond Light content check out the full guide and subscribe on YouTube to This Week In Video Games today.