Destiny 2 – Mithrax Searches For Quria and Osiris Stirs The Pot… (Week 7 Story Recap)

This week is the penultimate week of the story beats in Season of the Splicer, and Savathun looks like she’s closing her vice-like grip on the Last City. This week was all about whispers, Politics, and setting up the finale and today I am going to run through all the major story beats.

We start off the week as always by having a chat with Mithrax at the Splicer Servitor, so let’s check out what he had to say.

Quria is siphoning the energy from the Last City. The worrying sentence here is “It may seek the destruction of your City, or your Vanguard… or something even greater may be at stake.”

Once we finish up the latest Corrupted Expunge, Mithrax informs us he’s found a route to Quria.

The lore page that opened up this week is called Beneath the Endless Night VIII – Gilded Knives, and it acts as a good primer for the net cutscene we see with Saint-14 and Osiris.

Beneath the Endless Night VIII – Gilded Knives

They say the promenade of the Core District never sleeps. In times of celebration, it was a parade ground meant to extol the virtues of the Guardians and show the people of the City the faces of their often-distant defenders. To see it empty was almost unheard of since the Red War.

Executor Hideo of New Monarchy walked alongside Lakshmi-2 of Future War Cult, observing vendor stalls decorated in neon lights that flickered intermittently as they passed. But there were no vendors, no proprietors. Hideo glanced over his shoulder at the four Future War Cult security officers that followed behind them at a respectful distance.

“Do you remember the last time this street was empty?” he asked.

“Yes,” Lakshmi said with a heavy heart. “They called me a fool then as well.” She did nothing to hide the contempt in her voice. “We make mistakes in circles, Hideo. Walking in a loop of our own self-made despair.”

Before he could formulate a response, Hideo spotted the reason for their walk through the Endless Night: a towering behemoth of chrome and lavender cloth, hunched over in an abandoned plaza.

Saint-14 focused on the birds underfoot, scattering a handmade mix of seed on the ground while he cooed contentedly at the pigeons. “You have chosen poor night for walk,” he observed as Hideo and Lakshmi approached. “Do you need escort back to Tower?”

Hideo shook his head. “No, Saint. We went to find you in the Hangar, and Ms. Holliday informed us that you had come here to…” He eyed the birds. “…contemplate.”

“Birds are uncomplicated. Good conversationalists. They give me room to think,” Saint said with a smile in his voice. “How can I help?”

“The Consensus has struggled, as of late, with some of the Vanguard’s decisions regarding the City’s security. We wanted to expand that conversation to include you,” Lakshmi said.

“But not Arach Jalaal?” Saint asked, a more pointed and cunning response than either Hideo or Lakshmi anticipated.

“No,” Hideo quickly confirmed.

Lakshmi verbally maneuvered around Hideo’s answer like water around a stone. “This is about ensuring that the best interests of the City are at the forefront of the Vanguard’s mind.”

Saint fixed his helmed visage on Lakshmi. “The Eliksni.” A statement, not a question.

“The Vanguard are a military force, and the Consensus does not doubt their commitment to defending the City beyond its borders.” Lakshmi carefully worded her approach. “But we have come to doubt that a military force is the best governance for the City inside of its walls.”

Saint squared his shoulders as if presented a challenge and looked between Hideo and Lakshmi. His stoicism twisted Hideo’s stomach into knots.

“We would like to propose a restructuring of the City’s leadership. Placing the Vanguard as the authority for what goes on outside the walls…” Hideo gestured toward the mountains. “And respective leadership here inside the City.” He motioned to Saint.

“This is bad plan,” Saint said without any attempt at obfuscating his feelings.

“Surely you understand that tactical options in the field do not always apply unilaterally in a civilian quarter,” Hideo pleaded. “On top of that, the Vanguard is stretched too thin. They cannot be the leadership they need to be.”

Saint balked. “Then why come to me? I am no politician.”

“But you are a leader,” Lakshmi countered as she placed a hand over her chest. “A hero. A symbol to the people.”

Saint drew in a steady breath and grew silent.

“It may not feel like the right choice because of your personal feelings toward Commander Zavala and Ikora. Change can sometimes feel distasteful. But I know you aren’t one to ignore your sense of duty.”

Saint looked down at his feet, at the birds, at the seed. “I must speak with Osiris,” he asserted.

Lakshmi briefly regarded Hideo and nodded. “Give your partner our regards.”

“I will,” Saint said stiffly, scattering the last of the seed in his hand to the birds before departing the plaza.

Hideo and Lakshmi waited under the watchful eye of the Traveler until Saint was gone.

“If he tells Zavala or Ikora…” Hideo said through clenched teeth.

“Osiris will stop him from doing anything so stupid,” Lakshmi said, the softness in her voice gone. “And if he is so shortsighted as to refuse us as Saladin did…”

Hideo’s stomach twisted again.

Next up we’re directed to the H.E.L.M. to observe a chat between Saint-14 and Osiris, let’s have a look.

Saint-14 clearly sounds guilty even mentioning it. Osiris is playing coy, complimenting Saint-14 on his leadership skills. At times Saint-14 even sounds tempted, saying he’s imagined a new Vanguard “led by us”. Osiris quickly retorts “Led by you, I don’t have the temperament for leadership”. Saint sounds like he’s interested in dropping it all together stating the words felt like “treason in his mouth”, but Osiris pushes to let Lakshmi think he is considering it.

The final chat is with Mithrax back at the Splicer Servitor and Mithrax has a warning for us all.

Things are being set up for what looks like to be an explosive ending to the story for the season next week. The stakes are high and getting higher as the weeks have gone by. Now the Tower has been overcome with Taken Blights, with Savathun exerting her influence. Much like Mithrax says “Death surrounds this place – the true death, which always starts from within”.

I’m looking forward to next week. Will we battle Quria in the final Corrupted Expunge? Will Savathun reveal herself inside the Last City, and will the Vanguard be over thrown? Which side will Saint-14 choose, and what’s going to happen with the Eliskni? It’ll be interesting to see if Lakshmi’s predictions come to pass, with Mithrax standing in smoke in the rubble remains of the Last City, with Ikora screaming for help over the comms. We’ll have to wait and see!

Let me know what you think of the latest story content, plus let me know what you think is going to happen next week.

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