Destiny 2 – How to get Finite Impactor (Legendary Hand Cannon)

Finite Impactor is a returning hand cannon that has come back to us in Iron Banner in Season of the Splicer. This is a useful 140 rpm energy hand cannon, which can pack a punch in PVE and PVP. Today I am going to go through the weapon stats, the god rolls to chase for PVP and PVP plus how to get the weapon in Destiny 2.

Finite Impactor is a Legendary Energy Hand Cannon that deals arc damage and jas an adaptive frame, meaning it has a well-rounded grip and it’s reliable and sturdy. This is a 140 hand cannon, so similar to Fatebringer, Ace of Spades, etc – but in the Energy Slot.

Finite Impactor God Roll Guide

For PVP Killing Wind, Iron Reach, Fastdraw HCS, and Richochet Rounds would be a good roll. Fast draw HCS gives you more handling and also stability and aim assist, very useful for Hand Cannons in PVP. Ricochet Rounds increase stability and range, plus Killing Wind gives you that boost to mobility, range, and handling for a short duration after a kill. Finally, Iron Reach gives you a massive boost to the range, but it penalizes you in the stability department (which is why it’s good to pair with ricochet rounds).

For PVE Heating Up, Multi kill Clip, High Caliber Rounds, and Steadyhand HCS would be a decent roll. Steadyhand gives you more stable handling and aim assist and High Caliber Rounds gives you more range. Heating Up is a new perk and final blows with the weapon increase accuracy and stability while improving vertical recoil. Finally, multi-kill clip is where reloading grants increased damage based on the number of rapid kills made before.

How to get Finite Impactor

To get this hand cannon you’ll get it as part of the Iron Banner quest in Season of the Splicer, but it’s also a random drop from the end of Iron Banner matches and when you hand in tokens to Lord Saladin. If you haven’t dipped into Iron Banner yet this season, then simply go and see Lord Saladin in the Tower when Iron Banner is on (ad it is at the time of making this guide from 8-15th June). If you missed it, don’t worry there’s plenty of other opportunities to get your hands on Finite Impactor this season with Iron Banner being held on June 29th, 2021.

Iron Banner offers up some good loot this season with returning weapons like the Finite Impactor that I’ve talked about today, plus there’s the Occluded Finality (Sniper) and crucially, two new weapons with the Riiswalker (Shotgun) and Archon’s Thunder (Machine Gun). All of the weapons are pretty good choices for PVP, with the standout probably being the Riiswalker lightweight frame shotgun. Check out the guide I made for Iron Banner God Rolls on the channel too.

Let me know what you think down in the comments of Finite Impactor and let me know which rolls you got.

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