Destiny 2 – Ikora confronts Lakshmi-2 and Saint-14 feels remorse

The excellent story continued this week in Destiny 2, although with less explosive developments. Today I am going to look at all the narrative pieces from week 5 of Season of the Splicer and we’ll hear from Mithrax, Ikora, Saint-14, Lakshmi-2 and also Osiris.

To access the story content in Season of the Splicer, head down to the HELM and interact with The Path of the Splicer V quest. First of all, have a chat with Mithrax through the Splicer Servitor.

He’s clearly looking to put the events of last week behind him. There’s been no more attacks on the Eliksni, plus he’s been preaching peace to everyone and focus should return to the Vex. Mithrax is keen to continue the work to end the endless night, and help us with our Splicer training.

Next we get some story content after the Expunge Mission. Ikora is questioning why nothing is happening with the endless night and questions Mithrax. Ikora wants to focus on the Vex Mind at the source of the endless night. Osiris says progress is going slow and he continues to work with Lakshmi-2 on the data provided by the Guardian. Ikora seems more frustrated than usual, but Mithrax’s intentions seem good. Osiris is still acting strangely, but he’s turned it down a notch from last week.

Next we go and see Saint-14. Saint is clearly shaken by the story from Mithrax last week, where he told a story from the perspective of the Eliksni with Saint painted as a monster (I’ll play that cutscene at the end if you missed it). Saint acknowledges things have changed, and we need to see the Eliksni as they see themselves. Saint even corrects himself from calling them Fallen, to Eliksni. he ends with the quote ‘We must be more than the enemies of our enemies’.

This change of heart could be a blow to Lakshmi-2 as she was looking to Saint-14 as being a potential replacement for Zavala in their coup attemp. Finally we go and speak to Mithrax, who tells a story of a child running and crying away from Saint-14. Saint seemed hurt by the encounter, emotionally rather than physically.

Finally this week, we had a lore entry. This one is focused on the confrontation between Lakshmi-2 and Ikora. This is from Beneath the endless Night VI – Understanding.

Ikora Rey strode into the Future War Cult headquarters. It had the air of a church—hushed and reverent, but the air of sanctity was undercut by the intrusion of Vex technology. Wires climbed like vines across the ceiling, and the air was filled with the faint smell of ozone. In the middle of the room, reclining on a seat reminiscent of both throne and operating table, was Lakshmi-2. Her face was obscured by a helmet that connected to the mess of wiring above.

Studious Cultists shuffled about with their heads bowed, glancing suspiciously at Ikora. As the Warlock advanced, a Cultist held up a single finger, commanding both silence and patience. Ikora’s eyes narrowed. The Cultist whispered into a small microphone next to the Device. Its subaudible hum had been inconspicuous, but once it powered down, the quiet felt overwhelming to Ikora.

Lakshmi sat in repose, presumably orienting herself in the current timeline. “Leave us,” she said without opening her eyes. “We’ll resume at 14:25.” Her subordinates filtered from the room, looking past Ikora as if she were invisible.

Lakshmi finally opened her eyes, and fixed them on the Warlock. “I assume you’re here to bargain.”

“I’m not.” Ikora’s tone was calm and cold. “I’m here to issue a warning of my own.”

“Warn me?” Lakshmi laughed, her voice thin.

“If we have any further incidents on account of your incitement, I will personally find a remote, icy moon to leave you on.”

Lakshmi tutted. “Only small minds classify prophecy as provocation.” She stood up and smoothed her garments.

“Certainty in the face of the unknown is the provenance of zealots.” Ikora eyed the Device. “And the insane. This isn’t a debate.”

“And yet, you are still here. Come, Ikora, you’ve not seen what I have.” Lakshmi gestured to the Device. “The Botza District under assault for a second time. Saint-14, pinned down by gunfire. And you…” she trailed off, “screaming for help over the comms.”

“How many of your prophecies have gone unfulfilled, Lakshmi?” Ikora snapped. “I wish you could hear yourself; how afraid you sound.”

“All those years studying under Osiris, and you’re still so naïve,” Lakshmi replied.

Ikora’s anger flared. She advanced on the Cult leader. “Cut the B.S., or suffer the consequences. Understand?”

Undaunted, Lakshmi’s artificial eyes shone bright. “Understood.”

Ikora stepped back and let her anger pass out of her with a sigh. “Then we’re done here.” She turned on her heels and strode out.

As she left, Ikora wondered whose prophecy she had just fulfilled—Lakshmi’s or her own.

Well, it’s a much quieter week this week, with Saint-14 reflecting on the story from Mithrax last week. It’ll be interesting to see how Lakshmi reacts to the dressing down from Ikora next week, and if she decides to approach Saint-14. We’re still moving towards some big moves within the Last City, and there’s going to be a confrontation. This week Lakshmi is quite specific in her predictions mentioning “The Botza District under assault…”, which is the area where the Elikni quarters are at the moment. This is the former boss area from the Scourge of the Past Raid, so we could be leading up to a battle there at some point in the season. For now, we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of week 5’s story content, and what you think is going to happen next.