Season of the Splicer

Destiny 2 – Witch Queen Tease, Fashion Show, Plus Hotfix Details

Bungie was back this week with their weekly news dump. We have an exciting teaser for Witch Queen, Iron Banner coming back next week, a new Fashion competition coming plus details of Hotfix

First up, let’s check out the Witch Queen tease.


DMG said in the TWAB:

“Even outside of seasonal content, there’s a lot to get excited about for the future of Destiny. A few of us have said our best days are ahead. With every playtest, shot of gear, or piece of concept art that passes by my desk, I can’t help but agree… That was a quick tease, and we are eager to show you more about The Witch Queen. Expect to hear from us again with more details later in the summer.”

That’s pretty exciting stuff. Witch Queen is currently scheduled for early 2022. Normally a big expansion comes out in September, although Beyond Light shifted to November due to the pandemic, but Witch Queen is further out. We have E3 and the summer programme of hype coming soon, and it slipped my mind that Bungie


This week at Bungie, Mithrax told the legend of The Saint. Over the last few weeks, the Tower has been bathed in darkness due to the Endless Night. Guardians have been exploring the Vex Network in search of solutions to this chilling predicament. With each Override, we’re one step closer to our goals. Expunge. Mithrax has been with us from the start but took a moment this week to share what it’s like as a member of the House of Light.

If you haven’t seen the cutscene yet, finish your weekly quest to get a good dose of lore.


Lord Saladin returns next week for a renewed round of Iron Banner. Things might feel a little different, as we released a new round of Stasis tuning earlier this morning. If you’re aiming to get a little higher in the Pinnacle Power band, make sure to complete some Iron Banner bounties as they’ll provide Pinnacle-powered rewards.

Last Iron Banner, the Riiswalker Shotgun and Archon’s Thunder Machine Gun were introduced through a Seasonal quest. We quickly identified an issue where these new tools of destruction weren’t available through alternate means. If you’ve been holding tokens for future loot, it’s almost time to sell. I could make a joke about diamond hands here, but I think you’ve already connected those dots.

Iron Banner starts at 10 AM on Tuesday, 6/8, ending the following week on Tuesday, 6/15.


Some say fashion is the true endgame of Destiny, and I’m somewhat inclined to agree. With the addition of the Guardian Appearance screen in Season of the Splicer, we’ve been seeing countless Guardians mixing and matching their armor to build wonderful creations. It’s about time we put your skills to the test with a fashion show. Think you’ve got the best look in the community? Let’s see if you can prove it and earn yourself this eye-catching fashion emblem.

So, how do you enter?

  • Dress up!
  • Throw together a mix of awesome armor and sweet shaders to create a set that you believe is a winner.
  • Submit a screenshot!
  • Snag a photo of your Guardian in the Guardian Appearance screen showing your armor set and shader selections.
  • Providing an additional picture of your Guardian in the wild is not required but may get you some bonus points.
  • Submit your photo on Twitter or Instagram with #SplicerFashionShow to enter.

We’ll be sharing winners from June 7 through June 12 from @DestinyTheGame. If you win, one of our community managers will reach out so we can hook you up with a sweet emblem.

If you need some help getting the creative thoughts flowing, we have some fun armor combos from a few developers who worked on the Guardian Appearance system!




Added an energy barrier to the Scavenger’s Den Lost Sector on EDZ, while on Legend or Master difficulty, to prevent skipping most of the encounters.
The Empty Tank Lost Sector on Tangled Shore now rewards the correct Exotic gear, in line with the other Lost Sectors’ reward rotation.


Vault of Glass armor mods now appear in the Collections tab.
Fixed an issue where players could kill Atheon by tethering Supplicants as they self-destruct.
Fixed an issue where players could kill Atheon in the Future Venus portal before starting the encounter.
Fixed an issue where players could break Minotaur shields in the Gatekeeper encounter by using Prometheus Lens.
Fixed an issue where Aegis Relic blocking ability was not continuously blocking damage.



Path of the Burning Steps no longer grants a stack of its buff on becoming slowed by Stasis, only when becoming encased.
Star-Eater Scales
Now correctly grants its damage bonus while the player is standing in a Well of Radiance.
The status icon for Feast of Light now correctly scales up to x8, gaining one stack per Orb picked up.
Fixed an issue when calculating Super bonus damage. Having 4 stacks of Feast of Light will grant a 55% bonus to Super damage, and having a full 8 stacks will grant a 70% bonus to Super damage. For context, the original formula at the start of the Season was a 60% bonus to damage at 4 stacks.


Fixed an issue where the Roar of the Wyrm ornament for Whisper of the Worm Exotic’s geometry would disappear when walking against walls.


Seasonal reward sources (including locked Override chests and the weekly vendor challenge) now correctly contain Seasonal class armor items and have been updated to reduce the frequency of getting duplicate items in succession.
The Iron Banner Machine Gun and Shotgun now drop from the Iron Banner engram.
Vault of Glass director tooltip will retain its Pinnacle drop notification for classes that have not yet cleared it each week, as drops will still be available.
Vault of Glass secret chests are now properly dropping Titan and Warlock armor.
Vault of Glass vendor purchase of the Templar package no longer occasionally grants incorrect weapons or armor.
Vault of Glass vendor purchase of the Templar package is no longer locking itself out due to incorrectly detecting if the player has obtained all of its possible results for the current character class.
Vault of Glass vendor purchases of Conflux, Gatekeeper, and Atheon packages now correctly grant armor when such a result is rolled, instead of nothing.