Destiny 2 – What’s going on with Osiris in Season of the Splicer?

Osiris has been acting pretty strangely in recent weeks and today I wanted to take a look at what’s going on with our time-hopping Warlock. This is going to be pretty heavy on speculation and potential (but not confirmed) spoilers, so if you want to avoid anything like that then I would stop right now and check out something else. However, if you want to find out why Osiris has been acting out of character, then this is the right place for you.

As I mentioned in the intro, this is a speculative video based on lore. Consider this your spoiler warning, and turn away now if you don’t want to get involved. Still with me? Good stuff. Let’s dive into the theories and speculation about Osiris in Season of the Splicer.

There is a popular theory out there at the moment that Osiris is no longer Osiris, with the REAL Osiris being dead or in prison. The Osiris we’ve been interacting with for the past 3 seasons is in fact Savathun disguised as Osiris.

There’s plenty of evidence to support the theory that Savathun is already attacking the Last City. Not in the way perhaps The Canal might attack the city with ships, and missiles, and force. This is much more of a sneaky, manipulative attack – driving a wedge between the people of the Last City and causing a fracture right down the middle. We could be on the verge of Civil War in the City, and Savathun may be standing there to watch with front row seats.

Osiris has been an active character in all 3 seasons since Beyond Light dropped back in November taking leading roles in Season of the Hunt, Season of the Chosen, and then still an active role in Season of the Splicer. This is a little strange, given he’s been on the periphery of the cast of characters before.

Looking back at Season of the Hunt we had a lore drop right before the start of the Season, which explained Osiris had been on the tail of Xivu Arath. Osiris entered the ascendant plane and his ghost, Sagira was killed by the Hive, leaving Osiris without his ghost and his light and demoted to just a human, rather than one of the most powerful Guardians in the Solar System.

It’s here, when Osiris entered the Ascendant Plane, Savathun could have captured him or killed him, then simply replaced him with a version-controlled by Savanthun. In the lore released on Bungie’s website just before Beyond Light, Osiris has an encounter with the Hive and Cabal, with something whispering to Osiris… Could this have been the moment he was taken?


“It’s full of soulfire veins.” Sagira’s voice is wind to Osiris. She nudges him.


“Do you hear the whispers?” Osiris’s words slur.


“You’re hearing something?” Sagira floats near him.


“Whispers.” His mind clouds.

One of the Cabal stands and turns to Osiris.

“Snap out of it; they’re waking up,” Sagira says and decompiles out of danger.


Later, Sagira asks Osiris

“You ready to tell me what that was all about?” Sagira asks. She hovers just above the jumpship’s control deck, piloting.

“I wish I could. I remember tracking Caiatl’s emissary. Finding the Cabal. The night sky. Then… flame and rage. It took everything in me to push those thoughts from my mind.” Osiris slumps in his seat. “There is one clear memory. I felt the Dark whisper that we’ve been chasing. Like a needle in my spine. It must be at the root of all this.”

There we have Osiris having an encounter with ‘something’ whispering to him, while he’s chasing the Hive. Plus Osiris’ ghost has been killed, and light removed could be a good albi for Savanthun, and an easy explanation without raising too many eyebrows in the Last City.

In Season of the Hunt Osiris then looks after Crow. This would make sense given he’s the brother of Mara Sov, potentially one of Savathun’s most powerful enemies. We’ve also heard Crow whistling Savathun’s Song in the HELM, which he could have picked up from interactions with Osiris. Crow appears to be having an internal struggle at the moment. While he’s been doing fairly heroic things as of late; saving Zavala from the assassination attempt and stealing supplies from Spider to deliver to House Light, he’s also been fighting off fairly violent thoughts. Crow recently helped chased off humans destroying the Eliksni’s belongings, only to be spat at and insulted.

Beneath the Endless Night V – Sabotage

“The Hunter narrowed his eyes. He watched as the young man slinked past him and spat at his feet. Something old and terrible rose up inside of the Hunter; it took all of his focus to steady his hand.”

In just a few minutes, the block was deserted except for the Hunter, who stood alone in the street until his Ghost complied over his shoulder.

It chirped with concern. “You wouldn’t really have shot them, right?”

The Hunter hesitated as he holstered his weapon. “They needed to know I was serious, Glint.”

“But you weren’t,” his Ghost insisted. Wordlessly, the Hunter began making his way through the destruction. Someone would sound the alarm soon—he didn’t want to be there when they did.

“Tell me you weren’t serious,” his Ghost said again, lagging behind, “…were you?”

Back to Osiris.

In Season of the Chosen, he manages to work his way up the ranks of the Vanguard as Zavala’s right-hand man, leading the negotiations with Caital. Zavala manages to survive 2 assassination attempts in Season of the Chosen, one from a Psion inside the Last City, then another when meeting Caital. It’s never really explained why this happened, only that there’s a rogue bunch of Psions. It could be the work of Savathun, setting this up to remove the leader of the Vanguard by force.

In Season of the Splicer, Osiris has been acting ever more strangely as the weeks go by. The leading characters this season are Lakshmi, Mithrax, Saint-14, and Ikora, although Osiris has been playing a supporting role. Lakshmi has taken on the role of antagonist for the Season, spouting racist language towards the Eliksni and broadcasting propaganda across the airwaves.

In a lore entry earlier this Season, Lakshmi-2 has been openly discussing a coup against Zavala and the Vanguard, and she states she has someone on the inside. Let’s have a look at the lore.

Beneath the endless night – IV Conspirators

Jalaal raised an eyebrow. “Who else is committed to your little coup?”

“We have somebody in a position of influence. Someone who can ensure an orderly transfer of power,” Lakshmi answered.

All signals point to Osiris being the person of influence. There’s another good example of Osiris acting strangely in the lore entry for a weapon this season called Empty Vessel, which is an apt name for the weapon, and could be referring to Osiris himself being the empty vessel. Lord Saladin wants to speak to Zavala about the behavior of the FWC, but Osiris stops him, making Saladin doubt his actions. Let’s take a look.

“When was the last time you—to put it as you did earlier—eavesdropped?”

Saladin rankles. “I do not eavesdrop,” he growls.

“Then perhaps that is why you do not realize what the overall opinion of your actions are in the eyes of other Guardians.” Osiris’s tone is gentle, apologetic, measured. It conveys an obvious tone: this news is bad, and he hates to be the bearer of bad news.

Saladin is quiet; Osiris sees the lack of outward defiance as a foothold. He digs in.

“Many without our shared convictions have questioned your leadership decisions during the recent crisis with Empress Caiatl.” Osiris dips his head in close to Saladin, voice hushed as if to share a secret. “Others suggest that it was you who ordered the assassination attempt on the commander.”

Then we have the biggest red flag of them all. This past week at the end of the Expunge II, Mithrax and Osiris are having a converation. Let’s check it out.

Mithrax wants to help, but Osiris clearly there is worried what the Eliksni may find if they start to poke around inside the device.

All of this adds to up the potential for Savanthun to be Osiris, and manipulating the City from within, causing factures in the Last City and a potental Civil war. Either Osiris is Savanthun, or perhaps being controlled by Savanthun. The likely scenario is this is all leading to chaos, which would leave the Last City totally unprepared for a Hive invasion by Savathun and Xivu Arath… perhaps right around the end of the year, ready for the Witch Queen coming in early 2022.

Let me know down in the comment what you think of the Osiris Savathun theory. I know there’s datamined stuff out there, I won’t be looing at that, but it’s fun to speculate where this is all going.