Destiny 2 – How to get Shattered Cipher (Legendary Machine Gun) plus God Roll Guide and Lore

Shattered Cipher is a decent new machine gun added to Destiny 2 in Season of the Splicer. This is a deadly new heavy machine gun in the power slot, dealing void damage and it great for clearing out a whole load of enemies whether you’re in PVP or PVE. Today I am going to look at the weapon, its stats, the god rolls to chase for PVP and PVE plus how to get Shattered Cipher in Destiny 2.

Shattered Cipher is a Legendary Power Void Machine Gun with a Rapid-Fire Frame meaning deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when the magazine is empty. Looking at the stats we have Impact 25, Range 28, Stability 40, Handling 41, Reload Speed 68, Rounds Per Minute 900, and Magazine 75.

Shattered Cipher God Rolls for PVE and PVP

For PVE I’d go for Chambered Compensator, Alloy Magazine, Under Pressure, and Adrenaline Junkie. Chambered Compensator will give you more stability and controls recoil, always good with a machine gun. Alloy Magazine means faster reloading when the magazine is empty. under pressure means more stability and accuracy when the magazine gets lower and Adrenaline Junkie is a new perk, where grenade final blows grant bonus damage and handling for a moderate duration. So make sure you get a grenade off, before shooting this weapon. Heating up and Rampage are also good perks for PVE.

For PVP Field Prep and Snapshot Sights would be a good roll, plus Fluted Barrel and Extended Mag. I don’t really use Machine Guns in PVP though, something like Rockets or a Sword tends to serve me much better, however, then if you like using them then go ahead. Let me know in the comments what rolls you like to take into PVP.

How to get Shattered Cipher

To get Shattered Cipher it’s a random drop from the seasonal activity in Season of the Splicer. There are two chests at the end of the Override activity, and the one on the right provides seasonal loot. This is where you’ll get the drop. Also, if you level up the Splicer Servitor, you’ll get a chance for a drop of some seasonal loot.

You can also focus umbral engrams via the prismatic recaster to get Splicer loot. Given this is a seasonal weapon, you’ll likely need the season pass for Season of the Splicer unless you get lucky on your first run. Shattered Cipher is also available on the Season Pass for Season of the Splicer.

Shattered Cipher Lore

All doors open before you

Helena looked suspiciously at the broken windows in the abandoned building and checked her datapad coordinates again. She’d never been to this corner of the City before.

“Mom?” she called doubtfully, hearing her voice echo in the empty space.

“Back here,” answered her mother, and Helena’s stomach dropped.

She pulled open a rusty door and found her mother in a low concrete room, frantically packing the contents of a long table into duffel bags. Along the far wall, another woman was balling up a plastic tarp. The room smelled like chemicals.

A man shouldering a large black bag pushed his way past her in a cloud of cologne, alcohol, and sour sweat.

Helena noticed a small signal jammer blinking orange on the table. Behind it, an Exo was waist-deep in a rebar-lined fracture in the floor.

“Tight fit,” he grunted as he wriggled his way deeper into the gap, “but I’m guessing he didn’t get far. I’ll find him.” He vanished into the hole.

“What’s going on?” Helena asked.

“Don’t ask questions,” her mother said as she shrugged a damp strand of blonde hair out of her face. “We need to get moving.” She nodded toward the far corner of the room. “You take that pile.”

Helena crossed her arms warily. “Mom, what are you doing out here?”

“I don’t have time to talk about this now,” her mother snapped. “You don’t know what’s going on. You didn’t see them looking through the windows. You didn’t hear what this one said in the ramen shop.”

For the first time, her mother looked up. Dangerous intensity burned in her eyes. “They’re using the dark to blind us, and we’re not going to let it happen. Now help me.”

Helena walked slowly to the trash piled in the corner. Towels soaked with blue fluid. Rubbery tubes, strange scraps of metal. A laminated card that read “TEMPORARY.”

Her voice was small. “Mama, what did you do?”